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How to block ads on Android in 2023

Ads are a permanent fixture of our online lives, and your Samsung phone or other Android device is likely full of them, too. Ads are in games, on browsers, and even on some OS apps – getting rid of them may seem impossible.

Luckily, there is a way to block ads on Android and enjoy a totally new, ad-less experience. The easiest solution for annoying ads is a quality ad blocker for Android. You can also tinker with your browser and phone settings, but an ad blocker will be far more effective.

In this article, we give you a detailed guide on how to block ads on Android, as well as suggest some of the best ad blockers for the job.

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  1. Download an ad blocker. NordVPN Threat Protection is the standout provider.
  2. Install the app on your Android.
  3. Switch on the Threat Protection feature in the app.
  4. All done. No more ads!

Why you might want to block ads on Android

Apart from just being a pain, ads can have a detrimental effect on your Android use. Read these reasons to block ads and see what you think:

  • Minimal distractions: Adverts get in the way of videos, games, browsing, and more. Block ads, and you can enjoy your favorite content without annoying interruptions.
  • Preserve battery: Adverts are a drain on your Android’s resources. Every little ad that appears will chip away at your battery. An ad blocker will help your phone operate for longer.
  • Save your mobile data: The more ads you're forced to watch, the more mobile data allowance you’ll use up. Don’t waste data on unwanted content – block ads instead.
  • Block malware: Adverts can have malicious motivations. Some banners, pop-ups, and websites could secretly be attempting to steal your data or con you out of money. With an ad blocker in place, you’ll have a shield to protect you from threats.

How to stop ads on Android with an ad blocker: a detailed guide

An ad blocker can block ads with ease. Equip your Android with a top provider, like NordVPN Threat Protection, and irritating adverts will be a thing of the past:

  • Download an ad blocker. We suggest NordVPN Threat Protection. download NordVPN TP for Android
  • Install the app on your Android device.
  • Click on the Profile icon and go to settings NordVPN TP profile settings on Android
  • Turn on Threat Protection. enable NordVPN TP on Android
  • That’s it – ads will be gone!


Other methods of blocking ads on Android devices

If you’re hesitating about getting an ad blocker, there are other ways to block ads on Android. Below are some things you can try to get rid of Android ads:

Block ads on Chrome

You can manually set your Chrome browser to block ads. However, note that this will get rid of ads only on the browser, and not elsewhere on your Android.

  1. Open Chrome and click on three dots in the top right corner
  2. Select Settings
  3. Go to Advanced and press Site settings
  4. Enable blocking pop-ups and redirects
  5. Do the same for Ads

Use the Brave web browser

Alternatively, you could use an entirely different browser. For example, Brave is a privacy and security focus browser that blocks most ads and trackers automatically. However, some ads might still appear, so to avoid that, we recommend getting a quality ad blocker extension, such as NordVPN Threat Protection.

You can download the Brave browser onto your Android from the Google Play Store.

Disable the internet

Some games and apps won’t show ads if you disable your internet connection. However, there’s also a chance the game will stop running. Turn off mobile data and wifi in your Android settings to see if it works.

Protect your device from adware

Android devices are susceptible to malware, including adware and potentially unwanted applications (PUA). To avoid infecting your device, make sure to always follow these steps:

  • Get a quality antivirus for Android.
  • Get an ad blocker to block malicious ads.
  • Don't click on ads, especially the ones that invoke a sense of urgency.
  • Be extra careful when downloading and opening files.
  • Don't download anything from untrustworthy sources.
  • Always be wary of phishing attempts.

How to block ads on Android apps?

If in-app ads are getting on your nerves, equip yourself with an ad blocker to enjoy Android games without ads:

  1. Download an ad-blocker app. Total Adblock is the best available for Samsung devices.
  2. Launch the app and create an account
  3. Enable all the ad-block settings.
  4. Your Android apps should now be ad-free!

How to choose an ad blocker to block Android ads

Choosing the right ad blocker for your Android is important. Of course, blocking Android ads is the main feature, but there are other factors to look for:

  • Compatibility with Android devices. Make sure that your chosen ad blocker has an app for Android devices, and is as easy to use as you like.
  • Blocking filters. Not all ad blockers have this feature, but it is useful if you still want to see some specific ads, and block others. With blocking filters, you can configure your preferences for ads.
  • Privacy features. Make sure that the privacy settings and policies of your chosen provider match your preferences. A lot of free ad blockers are known to collect user data and sell it to third parties. If you value your privacy, get an ad blocker that has a no-logs policy.
  • Additional features. A simple ad blocker will block ads, but a truly excellent ad blocker will take care of your online privacy and security on another level. Look for an ad blocker with a built-in VPN, antivirus, and malware scanner. It’s always better to have one app for your personal security.


Adverts get in the way of games, articles, websites, streaming content, songs, and pretty much everything you like doing on your Android.

Adverts drain your battery and eat up your mobile data. Blocking ads won’t just make browsing better – it can save you money too.

An ad blocker like NordVPN Threat Protection is the tool you need to block ads for good. With a capable provider on your device, you can block ads and enjoy a browsing and gaming experience with no interruptions.

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