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How to stop ads on MX Player in 2024

MX Player is one of the most popular video streaming and video-on-demand platform that also uses quite an amount of advertisement. Initially, a free OTT (over-the-top) service primarily released in India uses ads to make an income that paid users would bring instead. However, for the viewer, advertisement isn’t only annoying but also dangerous.

While enjoying a movie or a TV show via MX Player, you may have encountered video, display, and audio ads, among other types of commercials. To provide you with those targeted ads, the platform must collect some of your private information, which can also be sold to third parties. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of MX Player ads.

In this article, you will learn how to stop ads on MX Player using one of the 3 tested effective methods, for instance, a reputable ad blocker. Continue reading, learn more about MX Player commercials, and select your top solution.

How to stop ads on MX Player with an ad blocker

Removing ads on MX Player
  1. Select an ad blocker that removes various ads. We recommend Total Adblock
  2. Download and install the browser extension
  3. Set up Total Adblock on your browser
  4. Go to settings and enable the ad-blocking features
  5. Open MX Player and enjoy ad-free streaming

Why you might want to block ads on MX Player

If you’re having second thoughts about removing ads on MX Player, check the list below and find out why doing it’s a good idea:

  • Prevent data leaks. To offer you relevant ads, MX Player and other platforms must collect your specific data. The information may also be passed to third-party companies. Hence, it’s easy for you to get exposed.
  • Avoid cyber threats. Some ads on MX Player may be infected with malware. Clicking on a single bogus advertisement may be enough to allow the virus to settle onto your device.
  • Improve streaming performance. Ads may put loads of strain on your device’s resources. Removing them will help you have better streaming and overall device performance.
  • Save data usage. To present ads onto your screen, they are downloaded automatically first using your cellular data. Blocking ads can help you save loads of mobile data and, of course, money.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted content. Finally, ads can be very frustrating, interfering with your time watching a long-awaited movie. Additionally, some ads may be inappropriate, causing damage to children.

How to stop ads in MX Player – 3 methods

The good news is that you don’t have to put up with MX Player ads interrupting your time while enjoying movies or TV series. In fact, removing these ads is effortless when going the right way.

Below, you will find the best 3 ways of blocking ads on MX Player that we tested and picked ourselves. We also must admit that using a robust ad blocker is our top option due to additional online security. Read on and see yourself.

1. Block MX Player ads with an ad blocker: detailed guide

Ad blockers often come as a part of an all-around security service, for example, a reputable VPN. Therefore, choosing to block ads on MX Player with an ad blocker, like NordVPN Threat Protection, will not only prevent advertisements from showing up, but it will also help you stop online tracking, mask your browsing activity, and avoid malicious websites.

Here’s how to use an ad blocker to block ads on MX Player:

  1. Find Total Adblock in the extension store find-total-adblock-in-extension-store
  2. Click to add Total Adblock to your browser add-total-adblock
  3. Set up Total Adblock on your browser finish-setting-up-total-adblock
  4. Go through the settings and enable the key features go-through-setting-up-total-adblock
  5. Open the MX player and start streaming without ads!

2. Get the MX Player Gold version

MX Player Gold version is an upgraded version of the service that gives early access to content, allows simultaneous use on up to 5 devices, supports content downloads, and, most importantly, offers an ad-free experience. All this comes for either a $6.09 (INR 499) yearly or a $3.65 (INR 299) quarterly payment.

While ad blockers may cost around $4.39/month, the MX Player Gold version seems like a more budget-friendly option. Nevertheless, a reputable ad blocker brings extra value to your online experience, as it works not only with MX Player but also with various other streaming services and websites. For instance, you can even remove ads on Peacock TV.

3. Get MX Player Pro Mod

MX Player Pro Mod is an unauthorized modified version of the MX Player app. While this way, you can access all premium MX Player features without spending a penny, this method may be illegal in certain regions and even risky regarding your online safety.

First, you may be penalized for pirating, as you would be downloading content without official approval. Modded apps are also threatful to your online privacy and safety, as they may contain malware and track your online activity. Therefore, we strongly advise using a secure ad blocker, like Total Adblock, that effectively blocks ads and boosts your online privacy.


You have learned that you can block ads on MX Player and that it’s relatively easy if choosing the correct method. Removing ads on this streaming service isn’t only a matter of comfort – it also includes your online safety.

Considering that, our top recommendation for blocking MX Player ads is using an ad blocker, such as Total Adblock. This way, you will be able to get rid of video and display ads, pop-ups, as well as other types of commercials. Moreover, a robust ad blocker includes additional security features, like a VPN or an antivirus, helping you to stay protected online at all times.

If not an ad blocker, you may also subscribe to the MX Player Gold version or give it a try to the unauthorized MX Player Pro Mod.

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