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How to block ads on Roku TV in 2024

The number of ads you encounter on Roku TV doesn't really differ from what you'd get with cable TV, right? And you have probably noticed that the ads you're getting are also user-targeted, which indicates user activity tracking. Besides privacy violations, ads are also irritating; removing them is an understandable wish.

Fortunately, you can easily eliminate all Roku TV ads and stop their cross-site tracking. While our go-to choice is to use a robust ad blocker, there are more ways to get rid of Roku TV ads.

In this quick guide, you will learn how Roku advertisement actually works and how to block ads on Roku TV as well as Roku devices. Read on, and choose the solution that suits your needs best.

How to block ads on Roku TV

Block Roku TV ads with an ad blocker
  1. Get an ad blocker. We recommend Surfshark CleanWeb, now 86% OFF
  2. Download and install the Surfshark app on your desktop or smartphone
  3. Enable the CleanWeb feature
  4. Open Roku TV and start streaming ad-free

Why you might want to block ads on Roku TV

On average, a person spends 40 minutes a day watching TV ads. Meanwhile, we see up to 10000 ads online daily. The numbers speak for themselves – Roku ads, first of all, are time and attention-consuming.

Nevertheless, there are more reasons to highlight why blocking Roku TV ads is a good idea. Find them below:

  • Prevent online tracking. To offer users effective targeted ads, Roku must base on cross-site tracking. Meaning, the streaming provider analyzes your browsing habits by checking your browser’s cookies and cache to learn what ads would be relevant to you. By using a robust ad blocker, you can avoid online tracking effortlessly, either on Roku TV or other websites.
  • Avoid content interruptions. Ads consume viewers’ time and attention. But what’s also frustrating is that ads interfere with your Roku TV streaming experience. You may get 5-10 ads during a movie and around 4 ads in a single TV show episode.
  • Inappropriate content. It’s been reported by Roku TV users that some ads are unsuitable for children. What’s worse, you can neither skip nor regulate them enough to protect your kids from ads that include sexual, violative, and similar types of content unless you use an ad blocker. User comment from rokucommunity
  • Save mobile data. If you’re streaming on your smartphone, you should be aware of how severely ads consume your mobile data. The research has found that online ads can take up to 79% of cellular data. By getting rid of Roku ads, you can effectively save not only your mobile data but also money.

How to block Roku TV ads with an ad blocker: detailed guide

Roku TV ads aren't simply annoying; users also speak of them being inappropriate.

And putting all the downsides together these ads deliver, blocking them is the only way to improve your Roku TV experience. Luckily, getting rid of Roku TV ads is an easy process that we will walk you through right now:

  1. Select a reputable ad blocker. Surfshark CleanWeb worked great for us
  2. Subscribe to Surfshark and create an account
  3. Download and install the application on your device download surfshark from website
  4. Log in to your account Log in to Surfshark
  5. Head to the Settings section and enable the CleanWeb feature Enable Surfshark adblock
  6. Open the Roku TV platform and start watching content ad-free Roku TV with Surfshark adblock

Limit ads on Roku device

Unfortunately, you can’t use ad blocking applications on Roku devices yet. Nevertheless, there’s still an effective way to get rid of UI ads on different Roku gadgets. What’s great is that the method is free and doesn’t require extra tools.

Here’s how you can limit ads on Roku devices:

  1. Head to your Roku device’s Settings section
  2. Select Privacy options
  3. Select Advertising and choose the Limit ad tracking option. You can also reset the advertising identifier
  4. Restart your Roku device
  5. Launch the streaming platform you want and enjoy an ad-free experience.

Subscribe to paid streaming services

Roku is abundant with different streaming platforms and TV channels. Of course, each service is stuffed with ads. However, some of them offer you a legitimate workaround for bypassing those ads.

The legitimate option is subscribing to a no-ads plan of a particular streaming provider. It may not be as budget-friendly as getting an ad blocker, but it can definitely boost your streaming experience. Yet, subscribing to one of the streaming service’s ad-free subscriptions doesn’t apply to other TV channels or streaming services that you have on Roku.

Let’s explore several Roku channels and apps that offer ad-free subscriptions:

Streaming servicePrice per month for plans without ads
NetflixFrom $9.99 to $19.99
Peacock TV $9.99

To compare, let’s put our top Roku TV ad blocker’s starting price next to the no-ads subscription prices of streaming services. While Surfshark CleanWeb can cost as low as $2.19/month, for instance, Netflix’s basic plan without ads will cost you $9.99 a month. That’s nearly five times more expensive than getting an ad blocker. Moreover, unlike no-ads streaming services subscriptions, an ad blocker works on multiple websites.

Block ad domains via router

A straightforward but also technically challenging method of reducing ads on Roku devices is by adjusting the router settings. To avoid repeating the process several times, ensure you thoroughly read the guide below or ask someone tech-savvy to help you out.

  1. Log in to your router’s settings
  2. Find the IP address on the router and type it in the search bar
  3. Login with your credentials
  4. Look for the Advanced tab or anything similar to Additional settings
  5. In Advanced settings, look for Security, Filtering, or Control options and click on the one you found
  6. Find an option to block domains and keywords
  7. In the found fields, paste these addresses:
  8. Save settings and restart the router together with the Roku device

How does advertising work on Roku?

Like the majority of broadcasters, Roku also makes income from allowing third parties to present their ads on Roku TV. To do so, the outside organization can use the Roku Ad Manager and buy the license to implement 15-30 second long mid-roll video ads and banners.

Roku itself collects users’ browsing data to help the partners come up to the viewers with targeted ads. In exchange, Roku receives an agreed affiliate payment, while the channels, agencies, and other contributors retain 100% revenue.

Even though Roku itself is a free service, allowing partners to add various types of ads allows the company to make a generous amount of income. One of the reasons is the potential purchase from a viewer that has just seen a commercial.


Roku TV and devices allow us to take a step toward next-gen broadcasting. While the streaming service is natively free, as a remuneration, you must face advertisement. Due to ads, your streaming experience is interrupted, you waste loads of time, and possibly mobile data. Moreso, to offer you relevant ads, the company uses cross-site trackers and violates your online privacy.

Luckily, you can get rid of ads on Roku TV in several ways. It can be done through the privacy settings, router settings, subscribing to paid no-ad plans of different streaming services, or simply getting a robust ad blocker. In fact, ad blockers, like Surfshark CleanWeb, are the most effective and budget-friendly ways to block Roku TV ads. With them, you can remove ads on different streaming platforms and block trackers on websites within a single subscription.

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