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Kristina Jarusevičiūtė

Kristina Jarusevičiūtė

Kristina is a writer at Cybernews. Prior to that, she worked at a website hosting company and got a chance to see what effects having a poor cybersecurity posture can have on regular unsuspecting users. Now she uses her voice to educate others about the importance of securing your online identity and hopes that her writing will change the reader’s mindset regarding the topic.

Kristina teaches about various products, mainly VPNs, antivirus software, and password managers. She spends her time on in-depth research and hands-on product testing, so that every reader, regardless of their background, will comprehend the value of cybersecurity.

Kristina’s after-work hours are dedicated to teleporting to fictional worlds of other writers, music composition, singing, and playing the guitar, ukulele, or keyboard.