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How to get rid of ads on Peacock TV in 2024

While Peacock TV offers a free version, it’s not convenient considering that it’s loaded with ads. Even if you get any of the premium plans, there’s still going to be a substantial amount of ad interruptions.

So if you want to see zero ads on Peacock TV, a high-quality ad blocker, such as Total Adblock, can help you. Not only can you remove ads, but you can also access the platform while traveling. It’s only available in the US, and for Sky and NOW subscribers, in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, and Austria.

Continue reading to learn how to get rid of ads on Peacock TV with an ad blocker. You’ll also find other interruption removal methods, such as upgrading to the Premium Plan, getting the Skipper extension, or using DNS services.

How to get rid of ads on Peacock TV in 3 steps

Peacock TV ad free with Total Adblock
  1. Get a reliable ad blocker – Total Adblock is perfect for this, now 80% OFF
  2. Enable the ad blocker
  3. Launch Peacock TV and enjoy an ad-free experience

What is Peacock TV?

Peacock TV is a streaming platform with loads of popular movies and TV shows available. It’s from NBCUniversal and is only available in the US, while Sky and NOW subscribers can watch it in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.

If you’re wondering how much Peacock TV is, it has three pricing options available – free, Premium, and Premium Plus plans. The free version has loads of ads on the platform and limited content selection. Meanwhile, the Premium ($4.99/month) unlocks the full library of Peacock TV, yet still displays ads.

The provider introduces the Premium Plus version as the one without ads. However, there are exceptions due to streaming rights, so you’ll still have some interruptions.

Why you might want to get rid of ads on Peacock TV

Getting rid of ads on Peacock TV will help you have an interruption-free experience. Here’s why exactly you might want to get rid of ads on this streaming service:

  • Watch Peacock TV free without interruptions. Removing ads on Peacock TV, whether you have a free or paid version, means you can binge-watch your favorite shows smoothly. Peacock TV has different types of ads, including trending, engagement, explore, and other ads. And with an ad blocker, you’ll get to remove them all at once.
  • Preserve your battery. Ads drain battery, so the less you see them, the more you’ll save. This especially applies to mobile devices.
  • Save data. If you’re using your mobile device to watch Peacock TV, you’ll want to save data instead of wasting it on pointless ads.
Block ads on Peacock TV with Total Adblock
Peacock TV ads keep interrupting your viewing experience? There's a solution: use Total Adblock to get rid of all types of ads on Peacock TV and enjoy an interruption-free viewing.
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How to get rid of Peacock TV ads with an ad blocker: detailed guide

The process of getting rid of Peacock TV ads using an ad blocker depends on the device you’re going to watch it on. However, the general process is more or less the same. All you need to do is follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Get a reliable ad blocker. We recommend Total Adblock – it blocks all Peacock TV ads Total Adblock download
  2. Follow the setup instructions Add Total Adblock extension on Chrome
  3. Enable the ad blocker Total Adblock Chrome extension
  4. Launch Peacock TV and enjoy ad-free streaming Peacock TV without ads with Total Adblock

Total Adblock is the best tool to remove ads from Peacock TV and enjoy uninterrupted streaming experience. In addition, this ad blocker won't break the bank, you can get it for $1.99/month and enjoy ad-free browsing.

What makes the right ad blocker to block Peacock TV ads

Choosing the best ad blocker to get rid of Peacock TV ads isn’t difficult, but it shouldn’t be done blindly. Here are some criteria on how to pick an ad blocker for Peacock TV:

  • Ad blocking capabilities. You can use such sites as AdBlock Test or Can You Block It to test ad blockers and whether they’d be able to bypass different kinds of ads.
  • Security features. Check what other features the ad blocker offers, for example, whitelisting or malicious site blocking. The best ad blockers are the ones that come with a VPN or antivirus. Using a Peacock TV VPN, you can even access the streaming service from any country around the world.
  • Compatibility. Before getting an ad blocker, make sure that it’s compatible with the device or browser that you’ll watch Peacock TV on.
  • Price. The only purpose of ad blockers is to remove ads, so check the market prices and don’t pay too much for what you can get cheaper.

Other methods of blocking ads on Peacock TV

Using an ad blocker isn’t the only way to get rid of interruptions on Peacock TV. There are a few other methods you can follow:

1. Get Peacock TV Premium Plus

Ads come with the free and Premium plans of Peacock TV. If you want to get rid of them, you’re encouraged to upgrade to the Premium Plus subscription.

However, there’s one thing to note – the Premium Plus plan still has a limited number of ads displayed due to streaming rights. So, it still isn’t as effective of a solution as it is with an ad blocker.

2. Try the Peacock TV Skipper extension

The Peacock TV skipper extension is available for Chrome users. Not only does it skip all kinds of ads, but it also automatically skips intros, recaps, and goes to the next episode. You can customize the actions of the extension using toggles.

There’s also a disclaimer for the Skipper extension – the automatic skip option doesn’t work if there’s a skip button already available.

3. Ad-blocking DNS services

DNS services are another solution that you can use to get rid of ads on Peacock TV. It’s a great alternative if you’re watching the streaming service on a smart TV that doesn’t support ad blockers. However, while DNS services work on a network level, they’re usually less efficient than ad blockers.


Peacock TV isn’t modest when it comes to displaying ads during movies and shows. Both the free and Premium plans are filled with interruptions, constantly disturbing your streaming experience.

The best solution for this issue is to get an ad blocker, such as Total Adblock. It completely stops all types of Peacock TV ads, letting you have a much smoother streaming experience.

If ad blockers don’t seem for you, you can upgrade to a Premium Plus plan, use DNS services, or try out the Peacock TV Skipper extension.

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