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Best ad blockers for Hulu in 2024

It’s reasonable to expect an ad-free experience when paying for Hulu or another streaming service. However, expectations cross with reality, as even a paid Hulu subscription is ad-supported. Luckily, an ad blocker can help you avoid ads effortlessly.

With a reputable ad blocker, not only you can remove ads on Hulu but on other websites as well. Moreso, it’s a reliable tool to block trackers and avoid malware. And yet, not all ad blockers manage the job equally.

With that in mind, we have tested and selected the top Hulu ad blockers of 2024 in terms of features, performance, security, price, and more. So, read on, and learn how to block ads on Hulu with one of the 3 best Hulu ad blockers.

Top 3 best Hulu ad blockers for 2024


What to look for in the best ad blocker for Hulu?

Since you’re here, you know that prior research before getting an ad blocker for Hulu is necessary. But what aspects should be considered when choosing the best ad blocker for your needs? Find your answers below:

Compatibility:App, browser extensions
Types of ads blocked: In-video, pop-ups, banners, etc.
Features:Filters, tracker blocker, whitelisting
Security:VPN, antivirus
  • Performance. A reputable ad blocker shouldn’t be limited to blocking Hulu ads only. The more comprehensively it blocks various cyber threats (pop-ups, cookie consent requests, blacklisted links, etc.), the better your online experience will be.
  • Extra features. Ad blocker itself is a good starting point toward a secure online experience. However, additional features, like a robust antivirus, VPN, and more, guarantee all-around protection.
  • Clean reputation. The service that should protect you from intrusive snoopers, infections, and other threats shouldn’t be the ones that can also harm you. Ensure your selected ad blocker has no dark spots regarding customers’ privacy or security.
  • Compatibility. Before hitting the “Pay” button, make sure that your chosen ad blocker supports your used devices and browsers.
  • Price. Look for the best price-to-quality ratio when selecting a Hulu ad blocker. The most optimal options are those that come with additional services like a VPN.

Best ad blockers for Hulu: our detailed list

Before listing you these 3 best Hulu ad blockers in 2024, we have thoroughly tested their ad blocking capabilities, feature suites, reputation, and more critical aspects.

Continue reading and find our insights about each ad blocker that works on Hulu.

1. Total Adblock – best and most effective ad blocker for Hulu

Total Adblock banner
Free version:Yes (Free 7-day trial)
Hulu ad blocking:
Supported platforms:Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge
Current deal:🔥Get 80% OFF Total Adblock!🔥

Total Adblock offers a functional Hulu ad blocker extension for popular browsers.

Ad blocking results: with Total Adblock, removing ads on Hulu was as smooth as expected from a provider that comes from one of the best antiviruses on the market – TotalAV. But Hulu isn’t the only space where it helped. Total AdBlock could also block Facebook ads and trackers, YouTube video ads, and other intrusive adware.

Features: Total Adblock by itself doesn’t shine as a feature-rich service. Yet, you get the Script-blocking feature that removes ads right before you enter the website, the whitelisting feature, and a panel to review what ads or trackers have been blocked while browsing and how much data has been saved. If you’re after more features, we recommend choosing the TotalAV Total Security package. It includes all available antivirus features that can protect you from multiple cyber threats, like malware, breached accounts, snoopers, and more.

Compatibility: for those who need the ad blocker only, Total Adblock has a browser extension that perfectly works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. But the TotalAV app itself is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Total Adblock is one of the best-performing ad blockers overall. Therefore, it won’t disappoint you on Hulu as well. Another great news, it has a 7-day free version to try out the service. Nevertheless, a starting price is flattering too – $1.59/month, and there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee as well.

Dig in deeper with our Total Adblock review.

2. Surfshark CleanWeb – reliable Hulu ad blocker in 2024

Surfshark cleanweb banner
Free version:Yes (Free 7-day trial)
Hulu ad blocking:
Supported platforms:Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, FireTV, Android TV
Current deal:🔥86% OFF Surfshark CleanWeb 2.0 + 3 months FREE!🔥

Surfshark CleanWeb is a reliable and simple ad blocker to remove ads on Hulu. Coming from a cybersecurity giant, this provider ensures completely ad-free streaming experience.

Ad blocking results: when testing Surfshark CleanWeb on Hulu’s all premium plans. The same success applied to other websites, where we blocked pop-ups, cookie consent requests, malicious links, and more.

Features: this ad blocker comes as a part of a next-gen VPN security suite or a robust antivirus. Meaning, either way, you receive quite a bunch of security features, like a safe search engine, Cookie pop-up blocker to avoid cookie consent requests, and dark web monitoring. Not to mention an ad or tracker blocker and the Incogni feature that removes your personal information from databases.

Compatibility: in general, Surfshark CleanWeb ad blocker is available on all major operating systems. However, to block ads on Hulu, you would need to use Surfshark’s browser extension, which is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Overall, Surfshark CleanWeb is a simple but strong Hulu ad blocker. Plus, it offers the best price-to-quality ratio with a starting price of $2.19/month and unlimited simultaneous connections. And if you’re still not convinced, you can use a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the service risk-free!

Learn more about this feature in our Surfshark CleanWeb review.

3. Ghostery – forever free ad blocker for Hulu

Ghostery banner
Free version:Yes
Hulu ad blocking:
Supported platforms:Windows, macOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
Current deal:🔥Get Ghostery Ad Blocker for free🔥

Ghostery is a completely free ad blocker that can help you enjoy Hulu and overall browsing ad-free.

Ad blocking results: Hulu ads for the Ghostery browser extension were child’s play. We could seamlessly enjoy streaming without a single video ad or having to wait out a 30-second black screen. Moreover, this ad blocker has also successfully blocked Facebook and other trackers, pop-ups, cookies. Yet, YouTube was unbreakable when trying to block its ads with Ghostery.

Features: although only a few features come with this browser extension, they are quite a game changer in your daily browsing. That being said, you can customize tracker blocking, remove never-ending cookie consent requests, and even track what ads or trackers have been blocked using Ghostery. But remember that this ad blocker doesn’t do well when a VPN tool is enabled, so to use one, you would have to sacrifice another.

Compatibility: for some, it can be a downside, but Ghostery works on browsers only. Fortunately, it’s available not only on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge but also on Safari, so Mac users can stay in their comfort zone.

By choosing Ghostery, you will not kill two birds with one stone. After all, it’s an ad blocker extension only and not some VPN with a built-in ad blocking tool. Nevertheless, it’s a completely free service, which makes it a perfect alternative to a Hulu No Ads subscription.

Best Hulu ad blockers compared

Total AdblockSurfshark CleanwebGhostery Ad Blocker
BrandTotal AdblockSurfsharkGhostery
Free versionYes (Free 7-day trial)Yes (Free 7-day trial)Yes
Hulu ad blockingYesYesYes
YouTube ad blockingYesYesYes
Passed ad blocking testsYesYesYes
AppsAndroid, iOSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, FireTV, Android TVWindows, macOS
BrowsersChrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and EdgeChrome, Firefox, EdgeChrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
Comes withStand alone or antivirusVPN or VPN+antivirus bundleStand alone

How we selected and tested Hulu ad blockers

To root out weak or even dysfunctional ad blockers for Hulu, we have completed a thorough test. These are the aspects that weighted the most:

  • Performance results. Plenty of ad blockers brag about being able to block various ads, trackers, and other cyber threats. However, based on our in-house tests and independent tests, like AdBlock Test, only our top 3 ad blockers could successfully remove multiple ads from Hulu and block other cyber threats while browsing.
  • Security suite. A cyber threat never walks alone. Hence, we looked for ad blockers with additional security features, like dark web and data breach monitoring, anti-malware, VPN, and more.
  • Supported platforms. Some ad blockers work as extensions only, and others are more flexible. Either way, we made sure that each selected Hulu ad blocker would work on all popular operating systems and commonly used browsers.
  • Price. Whenever testing a cybersecurity tool, we make sure that its quality fulfills the price. After all, not always paying more is equal to a high-quality service.

Why block Hulu ads?

Ads have become one of the most powerful tools for companies to boost their sales, and streaming platforms like Hulu are excellent for placing ads. It’s crystal clear that a person who’s already paid for the service won’t stop watching the show over some annoying ad. Consequently, marketers can make a deal with a streaming service to display video ads that can’t be skipped.

Even though it’s possible to live with Hulu ads, the experience is undeniably frustrating. Watching your favorite series and facing a 30 seconds length commercial several times per episode is ridiculous. Moreso, there have been complaints that due to video ads, some movies or TV series must be resumed, as there appear lags.

What’s great is that these ads aren’t dangerous (except to your wallet). However, getting an ad blocker for Hulu can help you not with this streaming site only. Robust ad blockers, like Total Adblock, come with feature-rich security suites and help you avoid adware, malware, and other threats on other websites as well.

Best Hulu ad blocker based on your needs

Each device might require you to take different steps to remove ads from Hulu. Consequently, a different ad blocker should be chosen depending on the gadget you will use for streaming.

During our tests, we have concluded that Total Adblock is the best Hulu ad blocker on the market today. You receive all-around protection and a better online experience in one place. Plus, it has apps for all major operating systems and extensions for favorite browsers.

But let’s dig deeper and out how to block Hulu ads on specific devices:

  • How to block Hulu ads on Smart TV? Since Smart TVs have operating systems like Android, you can easily get an ad blocker from the Google Play Store. In this case, download the Surfshark VPN application on your Smart TV and enjoy an ad-free experience.
  • How to block ads on the Hulu Android app? Ad blockers for Android devices are known for their great ad blocking capabilities. However, to remove Hulu ads, we recommend choosing Total AdBlock, which successfully blocks video ads, trackers, and more.
  • How to block Hulu ads on Firestick? You can block Hulu ads on Firestick with ease if you select Surfshark CleanWeb. For this, you only need to download the Surfshark VPN application, and the CleanWeb ad blocker will already be enabled.

Is Hulu No Ads worth it?

No, we don’t think that the Hulu No Ads plan is worth it. This No Ads plan is nearly two times pricier than a regular plan, which makes us think that there should be zero ads while we enjoy our favorite show. Yet, only specific Hulu content can be enjoyed ad-free.

Hulu library is scattered across multiple film and entertainment studios, for example, Disney or Fox. This means, the majority of content belongs to actual TV shows and movie developers, not Hulu itself. Hence, Hulu can’t avoid specific requests to continue co-working with the film industry.

One of the requests is playing video ads during your favorite movies or series. And you might already think that the No Ads plan should work here, but the truth is that it doesn’t. Hulu No Ads subscription disables ads on that content only, which belongs to Hulu itself. So, it’s crystal clear that you’re kind of paying more for only teeny tiny moments of pleasure.

Now that you’re considering getting an ad blocker for Hulu let’s do some math. One of the best Hulu ad blocker – Surfshark CleanWeb – costs as low as $2.19/month, while Hulu No Ads – $17.99/month. So, a reputable ad blocker comes out several times cheaper option to remove ads on Hulu. But that’s not the only reason why to choose a third-party ad blocker over Hulu No Ads.

With the Surfshark CleanWeb extension, you can eliminate all ads on Hulu, whether the content belongs to Hulu or another company. Moreso, this ad blocking extension works on other websites as well. Meaning, you can avoid all types of adware, phishing scams, malicious websites, and even block video ads on YouTube.

On the other hand, Surfshark CleanWeb could be a part of an all-around security suite instead of an extension only. You could get Surfshark as one of the best Hulu VPNs and enjoy its ad blocker. Or choose Surfshark One and have an antivirus package to have an ad-free and overall secure online experience.


Even though the ad blockers market is rapidly growing, only a few ad blockers can block ads on Hulu. And choosing the Hulu No Ads plan instead is truly not an option, as you still would face numerous ads while trying to enjoy your Friday night with a movie.

Fortunately, those only several ad blockers are both effective and affordable. For example, our favorite, Total Adblock, starting price is as little as $1.59/month. By paying for it 3 times less than for Hulu No Ads, you can connect unlimited devices and remove ads not only on Hulu but also on other sites as well. Not to mention increased protection from viruses or other cyber threats.

And you have our word – choosing a versatile ad blocking service like our listed ones pays off within days. After all, ads aren’t only annoying. They are also threatful to your devices, finances, and your online identity.

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