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How to block ads on FirstRowSports in 2024

FirstRowSports is a popular free online sports streaming site with a wide sports stream selection. Like most free streaming services, it displays plenty of ads and annoying pop-ups that can make the matches far less enjoyable. Luckily, there are two easy methods to watch FirstRowSports without ads.

While watching your preferred sports live stream on FirstRowSports, you can encounter pop-ups that can freeze the game. More so, some ads may redirect you to dubious websites that might collect user data or even spread malware. To provide you with a safe and lag-free streaming experience, we'll explain how to block ads on FirstRow Sports using an ad blocker or browser developer tools.

How to block ads on FirstRowSports with an ad blocker

How to block ads on FirstRowSports
  1. Pick a reputable ad blocker service. Our top recommendation is Total Adblock
  2. Add the ad blocker extension to your web browser or download the application on your device
  3. Go to its settings and turn on ad blocking for all websites
  4. You can now enjoy FirstRowSports with no ads!

Why you might want to block ads on FirstRowSports

We see thousands of ads every day, spending a lot of time watching things that aren’t even relevant to us. Watching FirstRowSports with no ads can not only save you time but also significantly enhance your streaming experience. Here's a full list of reasons why you should block ads on FirstRowSports:

  • Streaming without interruption. Some FirstRowSports pop-ups can interrupt the sports live stream at the worst possible moment. Blocking them allows you to enjoy the best sports moments without disturbance.
  • Faster page loading times. Ads and pop-ups consume additional data while the web page is loading. Websites will load faster if you block them using a reliable ad blocker, like Total AdBlock.
  • Privacy. Some malicious ads are designed to collect user's browsing activities, which is an online privacy violation. More so, a good ad blocker will disable numerous trackers at the same time, protecting you from unwanted attention.
  • Unrestricted FirstRowSports access. Due to copyright laws and licensing agreements, free streaming sites are sometimes inaccessible in some countries. If you use an ad blocker that also offers VPN services, you can bypass geographical restrictions and access FirstRowSports from anywhere.
  • Cybersecurity. Cybercriminals occasionally place scammy ads on popular streaming websites that can infect your device with malware if you click on them. Blocking such ads contributes to your online cybersecurity and reduces the chances of catching a virus.

How to block FirstRowSports ads: a detailed guide

There's no need to take unnecessary risks or waste mobile data by allowing all ads on the display. Especially when blocking all ads on FirstRow Sports takes very little effort or technical know-how.

Below are instructions on how to close ads on FirstRow Sports automatically with an ad blocker or using web browser developer's tools – the choice is yours!

How to block FirstRow Sports ads with an ad blocker

To provide you with a clear step-by-step guide on how to watch FirstRowSports without ads, we'll use Total AdBlock as an example:

  1. Go to the Total AdBlock website and subscribe to the service Total AdBlock website
  2. Click on the button to add Total AdBlock to your browser, like Google Chrome
  3. It will redirect to its browser extension web page. Click on the option to add it to your browser Total AdBlock extension website
  4. Open the browser's drop-down menu in the upper right corner and go to the extensions manager
  5. Find the Total AdBlock in the extensions list and turn it on if it is not done automatically Total AdBlock in the extensions list
  6. This will add the Total AdBlock icon to your list of extensions right to the search bar
  7. Click on it and log in with your credentials Click on it and log in with your credentials
  8. Click on the Total AdBlock icon again, go to its settings, and turn on the Pop-Up Blocker turn on the Pop-Up Blocker
  9. Now you can enjoy FirstSportsRow with no ads!

Block FirstRowSports ads by editing page HTML code

There is also an efficient way to get rid of ads on FirstRowSports manually. But we must warn you that this method will disable only selected ads and will not automatically block trackers.

Furthermore, you will have to repeat the whole process every time you visit or refresh this streaming platform. Here's how to block ads on FirstRowSports using browser developer tools. This method applies to all web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

  1. Go to the FirstRowSports website
  2. Right-click on an ad or pop-up you want to remove
  3. Select the Inspect option
  4. On the right side, click on the selected element that starts with and press delete
  5. You can go through the list of elements using up and down arrows and delete all other unwanted ads

What ads are there on FirstRowSports?

Like most free streaming websites, FirstRowSports displays ads and pop-ups to promote third-party services or redirect the user to other websites. For example, it sometimes displays the "This is high-quality video, requires HD Player" error message. In reality, this is an ad that, once clicked, will ask you to download and install additional services and will prevent live stream access.

If you encounter this problem, right-click on the error message and inspect it, as explained in the example above. Search for the "adv11" element, which should begin something like this: Total AdBlock, to block all ads and pop-ups, every time you stream.


Free sports streaming sites like FirstRowSports are a good way to watch sports matches that aren't broadcast on your local TV channels or subscription-based services. However, they do have to make money somewhere, often by displaying plenty of annoying ads and pop-ups that can interrupt the live stream.

The best way to block ads on FirstRowSports is by using a reliable ad blocker like Total AdBlock. This useful extension will automatically disable most advertisements and pop-ups and block online trackers simultaneously.

You can also use the browser developers' tools to get rid of FirstRowSports ads one by one, but you will have to repeat the process for each sports live stream. Although it will not neutralize online trackers, it is an efficient way to block ads until you find a suitable ad blocker service.

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