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Best VPNs for Iceland in 2024

Although Iceland is considered a country that ensures great Internet neutrality, the privacy aspect could be improved. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country are required to collect user data for up to 6 months. Also, Iceland is a third-party contributor for the 5-Eyes surveillance alliance.

If you’re a privacy-conscious person, a high-quality VPN, such as NordVPN, is a great solution. It hides your IP address and helps you stay protected and avoid surveillance by your ISP or the government. Not to mention that you also gain access to various geo-restricted platforms and content.

While not every VPN is suitable for Icelanders or travelers, this article will help you choose the right one for your needs. We tested the performance, usability, privacy, and streaming capabilities of dozens of VPNs. Continue reading to find out our results and the list of the best VPNs for Iceland in 2024.

Top 5 best Iceland VPNs

What to look for in a VPN for Iceland?

When looking for a VPN, what to look for depends on your personal needs. But for Icelanders or people traveling to the country, the main deciding factors are privacy, security, and streaming capabilities.

Therefore, here’s what you should pay attention to when picking the right one for you:

  1. Strong security features. Protection features can help secure your data from your ISP or malicious actors. For instance, strong encryption protocols, such as AES, ensure your data is unreadable to third parties. Meanwhile, a kill switch, which most (if not all) reputable VPNs include, helps prevent accidental data leaks.
  2. Streaming capabilities. There are plenty of streaming services and content that are geo-restricted due to licensing agreements. Look for a VPN that would help you bypass blocks, letting you enjoy content from all over the world.
  3. Clear and strict no-logging policy. Trustworthy VPN providers have to have a concise privacy policy. More importantly, it has to clearly state how your data is handled. And while it’s hard to determine whether a VPN really sticks to its policy, make sure you choose providers with a clear reputation.
  4. Server network. The more servers you’re given, the less likely they’re going to be overcrowded. This is one of the factors which guarantee that your speeds aren’t compromised because of the overloaded servers. Plus, you can access more content libraries of streaming services.
  5. Fast tunneling protocols. Tunneling protocols encapsulate communication between public and private networks. Currently, the WireGuard protocol ensures very high speeds while maintaining high-level security. So you should keep an eye on VPNs that offer it.

The best VPNs for Iceland – our detailed list

After testing dozens of VPN services, we ranked the top ones in terms of their privacy, security features, streaming capabilities, performance, and other factors. Here are the final results of the best VPNs for Iceland:

1. NordVPN – the most reliable and best VPN for Iceland overall

nordvpn banner
Based in:Panama
Servers/countries:6400+ servers in 111 countries
Streaming services:Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more
Current deal:🔥Get NordVPN, now up to 72% OFF + free travel data!🔥

Our best pick for Iceland is NordVPN as it ensures first-class privacy standards and huge speed retention rates. It has over 6400 servers in 111 countries, with 15 of them in 1 Iceland location.

Unblocked content libraries: We bought access to various streaming platforms and tried unblocking their libraries. NordVPN successfully accessed the Icelandic library of Netflix and even Hulu and Peacock TV which are only available in the US.

Security and privacy: NordVPN’s kill switch worked without issues – we found no data leaks. As for its threat protection feature, it ensures your device is malware-proof. There’s also a Smart DNS feature for unlocking streaming services on devices that don’t support VPNs.

According to NordVPN’s audited no-logging policy, they don't collect, store, or log your personal data. We found that the app does collect information related to crash errors and application diagnostics. However, you can easily opt out of it. This way, you become a completely anonymous Icelander online.

Speed test results: Our speed test tool constantly shows NordVPN as one of the fastest VPNs on the market. One of the reasons is the proprietary NordLynx protocol that ensures an average of around 95% speed retention rate and great ping results. This will let you browse and watch high-quality content without buffering.

Compatibility: The apps of NordVPN are very simple to navigate. The main screen lets you quickly connect to anywhere, while the settings section includes all other features. You can get this VPN on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Price: The prices of NordVPN are flexible – you can get it for as little as $3.39/month on up to 6 devices. Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee available.

You can learn more in our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – inexpensive VPN for Iceland

Surfshark banner
Based in:The Netherlands
Servers/countries:3200+ servers in 100 countries
Streaming services:Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more
Current deal:🔥Get 83% OFF Surfshark + 3 months FREE🔥

If you’re privacy-conscious but are looking for a VPN on a budget, Surfshark is the ideal and beginner-friendly choice for Iceland. It has over 3200 servers in 100 countries, including some in one Iceland location.

Unblocked content libraries: We effortlessly accessed the Icelandic library of Netflix and various other streaming sites. This includes Hulu which is only available in the US, HBO Max, YouTube, and others.

Security and privacy: The kill switch passed our test and showed no data leaks, so your data is safe from any Icelandic ISP. What makes this VPN stand out is the premium add-on – Surfshark antivirus with 100% malware detection rates.

We read the privacy policy of Surfshark and found that it collects no data related to your online activities, such as IP addresses, browsing history, etc. The only information the provider gathers is for improving their website and app. Yet, you can opt out of it.

Speed test results: The famous WireGuard protocol often guarantees high VPN speeds, and Surfshark is no exception. Our speed test tool shows a monthly average of around 88% speed retention rate and great ping results. This lets you stream HD content without issues.

Compatibility: Surfshark has apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Its interface is very organized and sectioned. Even if you’ve never had a VPN before, you’ll definitely get a hang of it with zero issues.

Price: Surfshark’s $2.19/month looks even cheaper when you know you get to connect as many devices on one account as you want. Also, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t meet your expectations.

You can find more information in our Surfshark review. If that's not enough, consider the Surfshark vs NordVPN comparison.

3. IPVanish – secure VPN for Icelanders

IPVanish banner
Based in:United States
Servers/countries:2400+ servers in 55 locations
Streaming services:Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Disney+, and more
Current deal:🔥Get 83% OFF IPVanish + 3 months FREE!🔥

IPVanish is a very simple-to-use VPN for Iceland that you can use on multiple devices. It includes 2400 servers in 55 countries, including some in one Iceland location.

Unblocked content libraries: This VPN is a reliable option for streaming – accessing Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and HBO Max was a piece of cake. However, we weren’t successful at accessing Hulu.

Security and privacy: IPVanish has a leak-proof kill switch available, which ensures privacy 100% of the time. And for the most sensitive information that you want to keep for yourself, you can get the encrypted storage feature called SugarSync for an additional dollar. It provides you with up to 500GB worth of space.

After reading the privacy policy, we found that IPVanish only collects your email address and billing information. They don’t log your online activities, only anonymous data for improving website performance.

Speed test results: The speeds of IPVanish are amazing – it’s certainly one of the fastest providers on the market. When using the WireGuard protocol, you can expect a flawless streaming experience. That’s because the VPN retains around 80% of the baseline speed.

Compatibility: IPVanish has apps for all major OS – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can connect your account to an unlimited number of devices and enjoy the dark-themed, modern-looking, and easy-to-navigate apps.

Price: This VPN’s prices start from $2.19/month – a good price considering what you get. You can try it out without instant long-term commitments thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can learn more in our IPVanish review.

4. ExpressVPN – a fast premium Iceland VPN

ExpressVPN banner
Based in:British Virgin Islands
Servers/countries:Thousands of servers in 105 countries
Streaming services:Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more
Current deal:🔥Get ExpressVPN, now 49% OFF + 3 months FREE!🔥

ExpressVPN is a solid choice for fast and secure connections. Aside from available servers in Iceland, the provider stretches to x locations to deliver premium VPN services.

Unlocked content libraries: Wide global coverage, obfuscation features, and optional dedicated IPs make ExpressVPN a robust choice for streaming. For our in-house tests, it unlocked the Icelandic Netflix library, as well as BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Paramount+, and other major platforms.

Security and privacy: ExpressVPN follows industry standards with its essential safety tools: a kill switch, DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leak protection. Even more, the company follows an independently-audited no logs policy, to guarantee that nobody can see your data. ExpressVPN protects connections with industry-standard AES-256 encryption or ChaCha20/Poly1305 for its custom Lightway protocol.

Speed test results: The speed of ExpressVPN across its tunneling protocols is solid, and its fastest option is Lightway. While it is not as fast as NordVPN’s Nordlynx protocol, Lightway kept 66% of its baseline speed on downloads and 51% on uploads.

Compatibility: ExpressVPN works on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. However, the app feels limited on iOS, where the app is missing a kill switch.

Price: The price of ExpressVPN is a bit steep. For [x], you get a fast premium VPN, but it is the most expensive service on our list. However, if you buy the service and end up unsatisfied with the results, you can get a refund via a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, read our ExpressVPN review or dive into the NordVPN vs ExpressVPN analysis.

5. CyberGhost – a robust VPN with servers in Iceland

CyberGhost VPN banner
Based in:Romania
Servers/countries:11500+ servers in 100 countries
Streaming services:Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+
Current deal:🔥Get CyberGhost VPN, now 83% + 2 months FREE!🔥

CyberGhost is a robust Iceland VPN with a massive server fleet. With 24 servers in Reykjavik, Iceland alone, you get many options without the fear of overcrowding. The whole subscription grants access to x countries and x servers, which makes CyberGhost one of the biggest VPNs on the market.

Unblocked content libraries: With a large server fleet and stable connections, CyberGhost is great for unblocking streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Paramount+, and more. Wide global coverage lets users access localized content libraries to enjoy movies and TV shows without restrictions.

Security and Privacy: CyberGhost VPN connections use the highly-secure AES-256 encryption. With a kill switch, a base located outside the Fourteen Eyes alliance, and an independently audited no-logs policy, it is a secure Iceland VPN that keeps your connections private.

Speed test results: While CyberGhost supports the beloved WireGuard protocol, it does a poor job of keeping the speeds high. Our in-house tests revealed that on average, its connections only kept 31% of its baseline speed for downloads and 28% for uploads. If you want to have a fast browsing experience, your original connection speed has to be real fast.

Compatibility: CyberGhost offers apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOs, Android TV, and even Amazon Fire TV Stick. Even better, CyberGhost offers a completely free but limited version of a browser extension, which you can use without a subscription.

Price: Despite a few weaknesses, CyberGhost is a solid VPN for its price. Coming in at only [x], it is one of the cheapest VPNs that also comes with a 45-days money-back guarantee.

To learn more, read our CyberGhost review.

How we selected and tested these Iceland VPNs

We carefully handpicked VPNs that are suitable for using in Iceland while performing various tests. It has to be secure, ensure privacy, and have servers in the country. So, here’s exactly how we ranked these Iceland VPNs:

  • No-logging policies. We only included providers that don’t collect too much important personal information and have a good reputation.
  • Geo-restrictions. We tested each VPN with multiple Iceland sites and streaming platforms. We connected to servers in Iceland and checked whether we can see local content on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, YouTube TV, Disney Plus, and more.
  • Server network. We only picked VPNs that have servers in Iceland. Aside from that, we made sure there are plenty of servers around the world. This way, you can explore large global content libraries.
  • Security features. We looked at what kind of encryption the services are using. Encryption protects your data and makes it unreadable to others, and AES is one of the fastest and safest protocols available. We also tested the kill switch feature, checking if no data leaks are present.
  • Data leaks. We connected to each VPN and used testing sites to make sure they don’t leak the IP address or DNS requests. None of the VPNs in this list leak your information.
  • Speeds. It’s important that VPNs don't compromise speed for the sake of security. First, we took into account the tunneling protocols offered. WireGuard is currently one of the fastest protocols out there. We examined the performance using our speed test tool.

Why do you need a VPN in Iceland?

You need a VPN in Iceland for security and entertainment purposes. VPNs can act as a privacy shield from ISPs, governments, and malicious actors. But they can also be helpful when trying to access geo-restricted resources.

So, here’s why it’s beneficial to use a VPN in Iceland:

  1. To ensure privacy online. The ISPs of Iceland are required to keep user data for at least 6 months. This means they log every site you visit, time spent on them, and even your geographical location. While this is only used for investigations, it can be concerning considering Iceland also collaborates with the 5-Eyes surveillance alliance.
  2. To access Icelandic content while traveling. If you’re going abroad for a while, you can use a traveling VPN to trick sites and streaming platforms into thinking you’re still in Iceland. This way, you can access sites in your own language and watch your homeland’s content.
  3. To access global content libraries. Content libraries of streaming platforms often differ by country, and a VPN diminishes this issue. Netflix is a perfect example. The Icelandic library of Netflix offers only around 16-17% of what the US Netflix library consists of.
  4. To protect yourself when connecting to public wifi. You never know who else connects to public wifi hotspots. A VPN encrypts your traffic, so no malicious actor can steal your data. Even government agencies, such as the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), recommend using a VPN on public wifi.

Best Iceland VPNs compared

BrandRatingStreamingLoggingServersSimultaneous conncetionsCountryPrice (lowest price per month)
Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more
No logs, independently audited twice by PwC6400+ servers in 111 countries
Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and moreNo logs, independently audited by Deloitte3200+ servers in 100 countriesUnlimitedThe Netherlands$2.19/month
Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Disney+, and moreNo logs, independently audited by Leviathan2400+ servers in 55 countriesUnlimitedUnited States$2.19/month
Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and moreNo logs, independently audited by PwC3000+ servers in 105 countries8British Virgin Islands$6.67/month
Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+No logs, independently audited by Deloitte11500+ servers in 100 countries

How to get an Iceland IP address with a VPN

Whether it’s your first time hearing about VPNs or you’ve used one before, setting it up won’t be an issue. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick a reliable Iceland VPN. We suggest NordVPN, which is now 72% OFF! It has loads of servers around the world, including Iceland, is great for streaming, and ensures high-class security.
  2. Create an account, download the app, and follow the installation instructions.
  3. Launch the app and connect to a server wherever you want.
NordVPN connected to Iceland

Internet censorship in Iceland

Iceland isn’t a country that is strict with censorship. In fact, the non-profit organization called Freedom House evaluated Iceland’s Internet freedom 96 points out of 100 in 2021.

The report showed that the Icelandic government doesn’t restrict connectivity for users or manipulate content at all. Plus, the freedom of speech is protected under the Icelandic constitution.

Unlike countries like Russia or China, Iceland doesn’t block access to websites either. This means you’re free to access any social media, political, or religion-related site. The only websites that do get blocked are the ones that share copyrighted content.

While Iceland is a relatively free country in terms of cyberspace, ISPs are required to store your data for at least 6 months in case the government asks for it. This raises privacy concerns which can be eliminated by simply getting a VPN service like NordVPN that would encrypt all of your traffic.

Torrenting in Iceland

Like in many other countries, the act of torrenting is not illegal. However, if you do use torrenting sites for downloading copyrighted material, it’s considered against the law. Yet again, few have faced consequences for doing so.

To prevent piracy, such sites as The Pirate Bay and a popular Icelandic torrenting site called Deildu are blocked. If you want to access them, you’re going to need a VPN that offers specialized P2P servers , such as NordVPN.

Iceland content you can watch with a VPN

If you’re traveling abroad but still want to access geo-restricted content in your homeland country, there are limitless possibilities with a VPN. Even if you’re not from Iceland but want to explore movies and shows in the said country, a VPN can help you out.

So, here’s what you can expect to watch with an Icelandic VPN:

  • You can access the Icelandic library of Netflix. You’ll be able to watch such movies as A Cowgirl’s Song, The Misfits, For Sarah, The Snow Walker, Casual, The Tracker, The Fast Runner, Prodigal Son, and Forgiven.
  • You can unblock geo-restricted services. It’s possible to not only unlock global content libraries of streaming sites but also to access streaming services that aren’t available where you’re residing. For instance, Peacock TV and Hulu are only available in the US. That is, unless you have a VPN.
  • You can watch Icelandic TV channels. This includes RUV, RUV 2, Nova TV, NENT, and Hringbraut.

Can I use a free VPN in Iceland?

Yes, you can use a free VPN in Iceland, but we don’t recommend it. For starters, unreliable free VPNs are known to keep logs of various information. For instance, Betternet VPN collects session duration, bandwidth, approximate geographical location, and other data.

Because they want to gain access to your information, some free VPN apps may even inject malware to reach their mischievous goals. Also, the servers of free VPNs are most likely already blacklisted by streaming services. All of this defeats the purpose of getting a VPN in the first place.

A better alternative is using a freemium VPN. It’s an introductory free service of premium VPN products. Because they’re reputable and want you to invest in the premium version in the future, you can be sure their free plans are safe.

Yet again, freemium VPNs provide a limited number of servers in a few locations. So you shouldn’t expect servers in Iceland nor great speeds. Plus, there are usually basic security features included only, such as a kill switch that helps prevent data leaks. Streaming services are also out of the question for most freemium VPNs.

The best solution is going for premium VPNs that have money-back guarantees or free trials. For instance, our two top picks for Iceland give out free 7-day trials and money-back guarantees:

  1. NordVPN – you can get a free 7-day trial on Android devices. Create an account and enjoy the free trial on other devices as well! There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee as well, so you can test out the great streaming capabilities and unmatched security features without instantly committing long-term!
  2. Surfshark – you can try it out free for a week on macOS, Android, or iOS devices. Just create an account on these operating systems and download the app on any other device. And since there’s a 30-day refund policy as well, you can enjoy fast speeds and strong security features free for 37 days!

Final thoughts

Iceland isn’t keen on censoring in cyberspace, yet it’s not a very privacy-friendly location. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have to log and keep your data for at least half a year. Also, the country is a contributor to the 5-Eyes surveillance alliance.

While the handling of data in Iceland can sound concerning for regular Internet users, there’s a simple solution – using a VPN. It hides your IP address and encrypts your information, so no one can access it, not even the government or your ISP. Plus, you gain access to various geo-blocked streaming platforms or their content libraries.

Our top VPN pick for Iceland is NordVPN. It has 15 servers in Iceland and guarantees first-class security and privacy thanks to its advanced protection features and clear no-logging policy. Plus, it can easily bypass various geo-restrictions.


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