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Best adult web hosting: providers worth the risk

Adult website hosting is a service for hosting mature content, which can be different products or entertainment content. This isn’t only pornographic material, but all content that is only available to users of a certain age. That includes gambling, tobacco or alcohol content, firearms, and others. Depending on your location that age can either be 18 or 21.

Not all hosting providers allow adult content on their sites. You need to check their ToS rules to really know what kind of content you can publish on their platforms. So if you accidentally pick a provider that doesn’t allow adult web hosting, then your site can be easily banned.

For this article, we tested a variety of different adult content hosting sites to present you only the top choices. We based the results on the providers’ interfaces, features, performance results, customer support simplicity, and, of course, the price.

So, read on and find out the best adult sites hosting services for you.

5 best adult web hosting providers: ranked

  1. Hostinger – best adult hosting provider overall
  2. DreamHost – best WordPress-focused adult hosting
  3. HostGator – best beginner-friendly adult hosting
  4. Liquid Web – best business-oriented provider
  5. InterServer – best month-to-month adult hosting provider

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How to choose adult website hosting?

Picking the best web hosting solution for adult content is a difficult task. Not every platform will willingly allow hosts to host websites that target adults, even if the content is not explicit. Additionally, you should seek out providers that will also provide good performance, so your visitors could access your site easily.

Here are the points that we believe to be the most important:

  • Terms of service. When selecting an adult hosting provider, make sure to check out the terms of services. Not all hosting sites allow for adult content, therefore it’s important to check before purchasing your plan. Additionally, check the ToS directly instead of just googling for the answer. Each provider's ToS rules can change often, so looking at it on the host’s website is more reliable.
  • Privacy. When you register a domain, all of your private details can be accessed by anyone via the WHOIS database. That includes your name and even address. So it’s best to seek out hosting providers that provide a domain privacy service. Most providers charge $5 to $10 a year for such service, while some include it for free.
  • Performance. Uptime should never be lower than 99.9%, that’s a standard guarantee, and as close to 100% is the goal. The average response time, ideally, shouldn’t exceed 450ms, as this shows good server responsiveness. Lastly, page loading time should remain under 3s, as anything longer might significantly increase the bounce-off rate.
  • Ease of use. For a fast website installation process, consider providers that have automatic or guided setups for their websites. More so, the control panel should be intuitive and include all the necessary features to manage a site effectively.
  • Customer support. The live chat option is the most useful when it comes to web hosting customer service. Providers with 24/7 live chat support, fast response times, and professional agents are the best options.

Best adult web hosting – our detailed list:

Finding the best web hosting provider for adult content can be really difficult. So, we tested the best hosting providers to present you with the list of top 5 hosts that not only allow adult content, but have great performance results, and are easy to use.

1. Hostinger – best adult hosting provider overall

Features:Free SSL, easy-to-use control panel, cheap domain privacy
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Hostinger is one of the best adult web hosting providers that is budget-friendly, doesn’t cut corners with performance, and provides the best uptime results on the market. So, as long as your website content is legal and not copyrighted, Hostinger will have no issues with adult content.

ToS: Hostinger’s ToS mentions no restrictions on mature content. The main requirements are that the content complies with all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations. As well won’t break the copyright laws.

Interface: Hostinger offers a very easy-to-use interface called hPanel, which was built with beginners in mind. Your WordPress website, domain, and SSL will be set up automatically. Also, through the hPanel, you’ll be able to control your entire site, set up new features, and manage them.

Features: All plans can host at least 100 websites, includes up to 100 professional email accounts, a free SSL certificate, a custom domain name, unlimited bandwidth, free CDN, and weekly backups. Also, if you pick WHOIS domain privacy protection, which is free with your domain purchase, all your contact details are masked and safe.

Performance: Hostinger is among the most reliable hosting providers we tested. This provider is living proof that you don’t have to give an arm and a leg for steady and reliable performance. It’s also worth mentioning that Hostinger has 7 server locations based in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Average response time511ms
Fully built website loading time936ms

Customer support: You can reach Hostinger customer support through the 24/7 available live chat option. The agents there are not only well trained but very friendly as well, and quick to solve any issues you may encounter.

Pricing: When it comes to shared hosting, Hostinger has 2 shared and 1 cloud plan. The prices start as low as $2.99/month with a 4-year billing cycle. Additionally, there’s a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, Hostinger is an excellent choice for adult hosting. While it has low prices, the performance is great. It’s also easy to use and has good customer support. No matter how big or small your adult site will be, it’s the best option overall.

To learn more, visit our in-depth Hostinger review.

2. DreamHost – best WordPress-focused adult hosting

Features:Free SSL, domain, domain privacy, backups
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DreamHost is a privately owned provider that allows adult content on its servers. This is an affordable, easy-to-use, secure, and feature-rich web hosting provider.

ToS: There is no mention on DreamHost’s ToS about adult content being disallowed. However, the requirements stay that your content cannot break copyright laws or other applicable laws.

Interface: DreamHost’s interface was designed with beginners in mind. All tools and functions have tutorials on how to use them. Additionally, the WordPress website can be set up quickly, with a single click.

Features: DreamHost focuses on WordPress, which is why you have access to excellent WordPress tools, like a website builder for WordPress, free email hosting, and others. For security features you’ll get domain privacy for free, it’s included together with automated backups, firewalls, and server monitoring.

Performance: DreamHost’s performance is as steady and reliable as they get. It’s worth mentioning that DreamHost has a 100% uptime guarantee, yet maintenance is not covered. That’s why an occasional minute or 2 of downtime is to be expected and perfectly fine. Another thing is that DreamHost has servers in the US alone, meaning that it’s more suitable for US-based audiences.

Average response time231ms
Fully built website loading time1.6s

Customer support: There is a live chat option available, however, there are established business hours. Fortunately, the email ticketing system is available 24/7.

Pricing: As far as prices go, DreamHost is affordable enough. It has only 2 shared hosting plans, with a starter price of $2.59/month with a 36-month billing. Also, you get a generous 97-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, Dreamhost is yet another good choice for adult content hosting. It focuses on WordPress, yet its resources can cater to so much more. The provider accommodates beginners, and the website builder for WordPress makes web development so much simpler.

Head over to our DreamHost review for more information.

3. HostGator – best beginner-friendly adult hosting

Features:Free SSL, domain, website builder, and cPanel
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HostGator is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an adult site hosting provider. It delivers affordable prices, and its plans are all-inclusive, no extra expenses apart from the plan itself are needed.

ToS: HostGator doesn’t disallow you from hosting adult content, however, you’re not allowed to use the service branding to advertise such content. Additionally, there are requirements to comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including local rules, regarding the content you upload. Also, the copyright laws.

Interface: HostGator uses a mixture of the native user interface and the cPanel for additional configurations. In the main dashboard, you have shortcuts to the WordPress installation, domains, email, and SSL setups. Most of which is done automatically.

Features: You’re given access to a website builder, Gator Website Builder, but you’re limited to 6 pages. Additionally, there’s a free SSL, a custom domain, unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts. Also, the domain privacy feature isn’t provided for free, it costs $14.95/year.

Performance: HostGator really doesn't disappoint when speed and reliability are considered. With an average response time of 525ms and an uptime of >99.99%, this is definitely a strong contender. At the same time, HostGator hosts all of the websites on the US servers. So the US-based audiences will enjoy fast-loading pages, yet it’s not optimal for other locations across the globe.

Average response time525ms
Fully built website loading time1.2s

Customer support: HostGator provides a 24/7 live chat option and a phone line. Its agents are well-trained and very speedy in replying to and solving any issues at hand.

Pricing: HostGator delivers 3 affordable shared hosting plans. The prices start at $2.75/month with a 3-year billing cycle. Also, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Check out HostGator Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for additional discount.

The general idea about HostGator is that it’s an affordable provider that gives you all that’s needed to start a website. Its native dashboard and control panel are easy to use, and the Gator Website Builder is pretty helpful. It’s a good option for beginner website owners.

Visit our HostGator review to learn more information.

4. Liquid Web – best business-oriented provider

Liquid Web
Features:Managed VPS, backups, control panel
Current deal:🔥 Get up to 75% OFF Liquid Web VPS! 🔥

Liquid Web is a more high-end hosting option, offering managed VPS with top-notch security features and vast server resources. If you’re selling online, creating membership sites, or web-based apps – that’s the guy to go to. And yes, adult content is allowed.

ToS: There are no mentions of adult content not being allowed on Liquid Web hosting sites, however, there are clear requirements regarding laws. The content that you upload must fit with the compliance of all applicable state, federal, or international laws, especially when it’s concerning data protection, privacy, and copyright laws.

Interface: You get to pick from InterWorx, cPanel, or Plesk control panel. So your responsibility will be to take care of application installation and general settings, while Liquid Web will launch the servers, prepare them for use, and take care of the maintenance.

Features: Liquid Web allows for managed VPS service with custom configuration of your needed software, high-level dedicated resources, SSL certificates, constant backups, up to 200GB storage, 40GB SSD, and 10TB bandwidth. For security, you can get a domain privacy feature, but it comes for an additional price of $15.00/year per domain and you’d have to contact customer service to get it.

Performance: VPS is known to be among the most powerful hosting options and Liquid Web proves it. The provider guarantees 100% uptime and delivers on it. It’s also worth mentioning that Liquid Web has servers in the US and the Netherlands.

Average response time521ms
Fully built website loading time1.2s

Customer support: This web hosting provider offers 24/7 live chat availability, and they guarantee a response time that’s up to 59s only.

Pricing: Liquid Web is not too expensive, but not shared-hosting-level cheap. For managed VPS, you have fully configurable plans that start at $15.00/month with a big introductory discount if you agree with a 2-year billing plan. The refund system is quite tricky and only allows for unused VPS services.

What you need to remember about Liquid Web is that while it doesn’t offer shared hosting, you have powerful managed VPS for a change. The prices are not exactly low, but you have access to a ton of resources and top-tier security features. Plus, performance is in the “excellent” range.

Check our Liquid Web review for more information.

5. InterServer – best month-to-month adult hosting provider

Features:Free SSL, monthly payment, control panel
Current deal:🔥 Get Interserver VPS for just $6.00/month! 🔥

InterServer prides itself on offering high-quality services at affordable prices. This provider is not the easiest when it comes to beginner user experience. Additionally, adult content is permitted only if you opt for cloud VPS hosting.

ToS: Mature content is not allowed with shared hosting plans, as it’s mentioned on the InterServer ToS, however, there are no such restrictions for VPS hosting. Yet you still have to abide by the copyright laws and all other applicable state, federal, or international laws.

Interface: Unlike shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting from InterServer may be more difficult to crack for beginners. You can opt for a DirectAdmin free control panel, it’s not as functional, and the server has to be configured beforehand. This means SSH and a command-line interface. Which is why this is better for experienced users.

Features: Since InterServer allows adult websites only on its VPS and dedicated servers, it’s best suitable for heavy-content websites. You get a 1 core, 2GB RAM, 30GB of SSD storage, and a data transfer limit of 1TB. For more, you need to pick a more expensive plan. Dedicated servers come with the most expensive plan only, you’ll also have to pay an additional $5.00/year for the WHOIS privacy feature.

Performance: InterServer delivered an uptime of 100% and an average response time of 1.01s. The server response time leaves a lot to be desired. Its data centers are in the US alone, which is why this provider is more suitable for US-based audiences.

Average response time1.01s
Fully built website loading time2.3s

Customer support: customer support is rather limited. You can reach them 24/7, but don't expect much help.

Price: The price for VPS hosting starts at $6.00/month, which is among the most affordable in the industry. Also, there’s a price lock guarantee – you will pay the same price for the entire life of your hosting account. Even when you renew.

Overall, InterServer is a decent choice for adult hosting. It allows adult content only on VPS and dedicated servers, which is why we recommend it to more experienced users. The prices are affordable, and the resources are plenty. The performance, on the other hand, needs some work.

Learn more in our InterServer review.

Best adult web hosting compared

Here’s a quick look to compare the best adult web hosting providers:

HostingerDreamHostHostGatorLiquid WebInterServer
Avg. response time:511ms231ms525ms521ms1.01s
Server response time:0.9s1.6s1.2s1.2s2.3s
Data center location:The US, Europe, AsiaThe USThe USThe US and EuropeThe US
Control panel:hPanelNative interfaceNative interface + cPanelEither InterWorx, cPanel, or PlexDirectAdmin
Customer support:24/7 live chat, a ticketing, and emailLive chat, phone, and 24/7 email tickets24/7 phone and live chat support Live chat, phone, and 24/7 ticket system24/7 live chat, phone, and email
Price:From $2.99/monthFrom $2.59/monthFrom $2.75/monthFrom $15.00/monthFrom $6.00/month
Review:Hostinger reviewDreamHost reviewHostGator reviewLiquid Web reviewInterServer review

How is adult hosting different?

Adult hosting differs from regular hosting sites because it requires to fit the ToS of the hosting site you choose. If the terms of services prohibit mature content of the hosting site, then you won’t be able to use the service.

The mature content in adult hosting sites can include tobacco, gambling, alcohol, firearms, and pornographic content, which is often age-restricted due to the laws placed in different regions.

Whether it’s advertising, selling, or for informational purposes, adult-targeted mature content needs to be hosted on sites that permit this content.

Additionally, adult hosting requires higher bandwidth than regular hosting sites. Due to the published mature content consisting of high-quality images, videos, and streaming content.

Another point is privacy and security, so you can enable the online payment option and protect your visitors’ data from possible cyber threats or hacks.

Do all web hosting providers allow adult content?

Not all hosting providers allow for adult content on their platforms. Some providers may shy away from adult content or the laws surrounding it.

One of the main reasons, why some providers don’t support adult content on their hosting sites, is that there are many different laws regarding adult content. These laws differentiate state and country vise, so for some hosting providers, this is too much of a hassle to allow adult content.

Also, since adult hosting requires a lot more bandwidth, not all providers are available to provide that. In turn not being a good option for adult content sites.

So, when picking the best hosting provider for your adult content, make sure that mature content is allowed on their ToS. Additionally, check that you aren’t breaking any of your country’s or state’s laws, and that the provider offers the needed features for adult hosting – enough bandwidth for good quality images, great security, and connection speed.

Adult hosting: final thoughts

Our top suggestions for the best adult web hosting services are Hostinger and DreamHost. Both of them allow mature content hosting on their services. Additionally, both have shown great uptime, server response, and average website loading time. Also, no matter which of them you’ll pick, the price won’t break the bank.

Lastly, both Hostinger and DreamHost are easy to use and navigate for newbies and experienced website creators. The additional features included with each provider plan also sweeten the deal nicely. So, you'll have no issues with creating your website.

4.8 /5
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-75% OFF
4.5 /5
Special deal
-75% OFF
4.3 /5
Special deal
-80% OFF

Adult web hosting FAQs

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