Fastest hosting for WordPress in 2024

When it comes to WordPress, speed is paramount. Slow-loading websites can lead to frustrated visitors, decreased user engagement, and missed conversion opportunities. Also, not all WordPress hosting providers can ensure the same level of speeds and turn out to be inefficient.

Luckily, you can bid farewell to sluggish load times and embrace a seamless user experience. With our recommended hosting providers, you'll skyrocket your search engine rankings and keep visitors engaged. Speed-accelerating WordPress hosting providers’ tools like caching and modern server technology deliver enhanced speeds and lower latency.

After extensive testing and analysis, we've handpicked the WordPress hosting services that truly deliver unrivaled speed. In this article, we unveil our carefully curated list of the fastest WordPress hosting providers available.

Top 6 fastest WordPress hosting providers

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What makes the fastest WordPress hosting

So, what does fast WordPress hosting mean and what does it involve? To ensure the fastest WordPress hosting, we’ve listed the key factors you should consider before getting onboard:

  • WordPress-specific optimizations. Choose a hosting provider that specializes in WordPress and offers server configurations and optimizations specifically tailored for the platform (multiple PHP versions, caching). This ensures compatibility and improved performance. Each host will have different optimization options.
  • Server infrastructure and hardware. Look for providers with robust server infrastructure, including SSD storage, powerful processors, and ample RAM.
  • Server location and CDN integration. Choose hosting providers with data centers near your target audience and CDN integration for efficient content delivery worldwide.
  • Caching mechanisms. Opt for providers with built-in caching solutions or integration with caching plugins to minimize load on the server and serve frequently accessed data quickly.
  • Scalability and resource allocation. Ensure your chosen provider offers flexible scalability options to accommodate growing traffic and maintain optimal speed.
  • Optimized software stack. Look for providers with optimized configurations for popular web servers, latest PHP and MySQL versions, and performance-enhancing technologies like HTTP/2.

By considering these factors, you can select a WordPress hosting provider that prioritizes speed and delivers a fast and responsive website experience.

Top 6 fastest hosting for WordPress – our detailed list:

To present you with the fastest WordPress hosting solutions, we conducted in-depth research and testing of numerous providers in the market. Based on performance, WordPress-oriented and speed-focused features we shortlisted the 6 best WordPress hosting options for fast site loading.

1. Hostinger – overall fastest WordPress hosting service

Hostinger banner
Features:Free SSL, domain, weekly backups, SSD storage, LiteSpeed web server
Average response time:511ms
Best for:Affordable performance-focused WordPress hosting
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Hostinger tops the list of the fastest WordPress hosting providers. It is laser-focused on performance yet doesn’t slack on the other aspects of WordPress hosting.

WordPress speed optimizations.

  • LiteSpeed Web Server technology and caching – the number one technology for quicker content delivery. It can handle more visitors while saving on resources and is fully capable of tackling sudden spikes in traffic.
  • Multiple server locations in 8 world regions – depending on where most of your audience is based, you can choose the most optimal location (the US, the UK, Netherlands, Lithuania, France, Brazil, India, or Singapore) and make the user experience better by lowering the latency.
  • Numerous PHP versions – the provider allows you to host your website on your own terms – and make it faster by letting you choose the latest PHP version.
  • WordPress core and plugin auto-updates – Hostinger automatically takes care of all WordPress updates, this way getting rid of outdated heavy codes and making your site speedier.

Tested performance. During our 2 months of in-house testing with fully built WordPress site, we’ve recorded a very impressive 100% uptime with an equally good LCP of 849ms and a fully loaded time of just 0.9s, making Hostinger the fastest WordPress hosting on our list. We also compared website loading speeds when tested from different locations.

Average response time:511ms
Fully built site loading time:0.9s
On-site traffic:50VUs

Pricing. Hostinger has 3 WordPress-specific plans, all very speedy and WordPress-suited. Plus, the prices start as low as $2.69/mo. Additionally, if the services are not what you’d hoped for, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit our Hostinger review to learn more about the service.

2. SiteGround – WordPress hosting with best performance optimization tools

SiteGround new
Features:WordPress staging, caching, Ultrafast PHP, backups
Average response time:217ms
Best for:Smaller business-oriented websites
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SiteGround is a popular WordPress-centric host. It’s known for stuffing its plans with the latest technology and in-house tools. Many of these offerings are performance-focused, which explains its exceptionally fast WordPress hosting capabilities.

WordPress speed optimizations.

  • Multiple PHP versions – SiteGround offers the latest PHP version for the fastest WordPress experience. Plus, the host also has a unique in-house developed Ultrafast PHP feature that decreases the server’s response time and improves overall WordPress website performance.
  • SuperCacher – a 3-layer caching tool featuring NGINX Direct Delivery, Dynamic Cache, and Memcached helps to increase loading speed and makes it easier for the website to handle sudden traffic increases.
  • SiteGround Optimizer plugin – this lets you manage cache settings and comes with speed-accelerating tools like image optimizations, lazy loading, and more.
  • Server in 4 continents – SiteGround offers servers in North America (the US), Europe (the UK, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands), Asia (Singapore), and Australia. So you can choose the most optimal location and reach your target audience quicker.

Tested performance. Throughout 2 months of in-house testing with fully built WordPress site with Astra theme and Tech StartUp template, we’ve registered a very reliable 99.99% uptime, as well as a very speedy 872ms LCP and Fully Loaded Time. This places the host among some of the fastest hosting providers in the market.

Average response time:217ms
Fully built site loading time:1.1s
On-site traffic:50VUs

Pricing. SiteGround comes with 3 speed-oriented and WordPress-dedicated plans, which range from $2.99/mo to $7.99/mo. Plus, all plans come with a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, visit our SiteGround review.

3. Liquid Web – advanced speed-focused measures for WordPress sites

Liquidweb banner
Features:Automatic backups, website staging, premium builder for WordPress
Average response time:521ms
Best for:Larger business projects
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Liquid Web is a star player when it comes to fast hosting for WordPress. Its managed VPS hosting is quite popular with experienced users and businesses thanks to its variety of advanced speed-optimizing features.

WordPress speed optimizations.

  • Virtual Private Server infrastructure – Liquid Web’s server infrastructure is so advanced that even the bare bones deliver exceptional speed. If you add performance optimization features, your WordPress site will be even faster.
  • Dedicated IP address – this reduces lag time as the dedicated server handles the traffic only from your site, meaning you won’t have to fight for resources with other websites hosted on the same server.
  • Numerous data centers and Cloudflare CDN – to fight latency, Liquid Web offers data centers in the US and Europe. A free Cloudflare CDN also helps to deliver the pages faster to your target audiences all over the world.
  • Memcached – this makes data retrieval faster by reducing the number of times a database is queried, as well as automated updates for WordPress and various plugins.

Tested performance. In 2 weeks of our in-house testing and monitoring provider’s performance with industry-standard tools like Pingdom and GTMetrix, Liquid Web kept a 100% uptime and demonstrated a very speedy 1s LCP and just 1.2s Fully Loaded Time, which is significantly under the recommended maximum.

Average response time:521ms
Fully built site loading time:1.2s
On-site traffic:50VUs

Pricing. Liquid Web offers 4 VPS plans, with prices starting at $16.00/mo. Now, regardless of which plan you choose, all include a useful 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, visit our Liquid Web review.

4. InMotion Hosting – faster WordPress hosting solution for businesses

Features:Proprietary UltraStack system, NVMe SSD storage, multiple PHP versions
Average response time:759ms
Best for:Speed-oriented business sites
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InMotion Hosting offers decently fast WordPress hosting. The host offers generous resources, a lot of performance-focused rich features, and solid speeds (99.98% uptime and fasts loading times).

WordPress speed optimizations.

  • Proprietary UltraStack system – this feature can be found with all plans and will vary in power depending on which plan you’ll choose. In general, it includes NGINX, Redis, PHP-FPM, and Brotli Compression to handle more requests at high speed.
  • NVMe SSD Storage – this speed-optimized storage is included in all plans except the entry plan for faster read-write speed.
  • NGINX – the software processes millions of requests simultaneously while using less resources than other solutions. So you can expect a speedy WordPress hosting experience.
  • Ability to choose the PHP version – InMotion Hosting allows you to choose any PHP version all the way up to PHP 8.0. Additionally, itself recommends at least PHP 7.4 for good performance.

Tested performance. Using our the modern testing tools (Pingdom, GTMetrix), we have tested providers' performance for 2 months with a fully built WordPress site and in the said time, we’ve recorded 99.98% uptime and an impressive LCP of just 663ms (825ms Fully Loaded Time). Considering that this is shared hosting – the results are that much more impressive.

Average response time:759ms
Fully built site loading time:825ms
On-site traffic:50VUs

Pricing. You can pick from 4 shared hosting plans, all of which are optimized for fast WordPress hosting. The prices start at just $2.29/mo and you also get an extraordinarily long 90-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, visit our InMotion Hosting review.

5. Nexcess – data-driven performance optimization for faster speeds

Nexcess updated banner
Features:Automatic core WordPress updates, multi-layered caching, plugin performance monitor
Average response time:479ms
Best for:Larger managed WordPress sites
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Nexcess is known mostly for offering a range of no-fuss managed WordPress hosting plans to professional users. While it isn’t the cheapest host, Nexcess justifies its higher pricing by offering managed services on cloud infrastructures and delivering very speedy performance – 99.99% uptime and lightning-fast loading times.

WordPress speed optimizations.

  • Automatic core WordPress updates – these prevent outdated versions from slowing down your WordPress site’s loading times. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything yourself – all the updates are done automatically by Nexcess.
  • Multi-layered caching – Nexcess offers built-in server-level caching which also includes NGINX Accelerator. This is especially useful when it comes to making loading times lower and your website faster.
  • Plugin performance monitor – this is an especially useful tool for daily monitoring of plugin or theme impact on the WordPress website’s performance. You’ll have the opportunity to make your WordPress site even faster by making data-based decisions.
  • Data centers in 3 continents – to fight the latency Nexcess offers numerous data centers in the US, the UK, and Australia. Plus, you also get a free CND.

Tested performance. To get accurate performance results, we monitored the host for over 2 months with a fully built WordPress site. During that time Nexcess kept a 99.99% uptime and even demonstrated LCP and Fully Loaded time as low as 846ms and 954ms, respectively (according to GTMetrix in the US locale).

Average response time:479ms
Fully built site loading time:954ms
On-site traffic:50VUs

Pricing. Nexcess has an exceptionally large selection of WordPress-dedicated plans – 7 to be exact. And prices range from $15.83/mo all the way up to $247.05/mo. Plus, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’d like to know more, read our Nexcess review.

6. WP Engine – fast hosting exclusively for WordPress

WP Engine
Features:Custom control panel for WordPress, 3-environment staging, custom caching
Average response time:489ms
Best for:Fully managed and speed oriented WordPress hosting
Current deal:🔥 Get up to 20% OFF WP Engine +4 months free! 🔥

WP Engine is a premium WordPress-exclusive provider. The host is known for its top-notch cloud infrastructure, advanced features, and excellent performance (100% uptime and other impressive results).

WordPress speed optimizations.

  • Google Cloud and AWS servers – not only do you get enterprise-level hardware, but you also get to choose a data center location from over 20 options. This together enables you to deliver very good WordPress loading speeds to your target audience, no matter where they reside.
  • WordPress-optimized caching – it also includes the WP Engine proprietary EverCache, which helps boost page speed and reduce the load on the server.
  • Free CDN – a free CDN will enable you to cache your site so that the content will reach every corner of the world faster and easier.
  • Automatic WordPress and PHP updates – all WordPress core and plugin updates happen automatically, and with the aid of AI-powered compatibility testing. The latest PHP versions are also automatically implemented, which means that your WordPress website will always be optimized for maximum speed.

Tested performance. Observing and inspecting WP Engine’s performance for 2 months with a fully built WordPress site and tools like GTMetrix and Pingdom, it returned an outstanding 100% uptime accompanied by an LCP of 938ms and a Fully loaded time at just 1.1s.

Average response time:489ms
Fully built site loading time:1.1s
On-site traffic:50VUs

Pricing. You can take a pick from 3 managed WordPress plans priced between $20.00/mo and $194.00/mo. And if the services are not quite up to your par, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, check out our WP Engine review.

How we picked and tested fastest WordPress hosts

Selecting the right hosting provider for your WordPress website is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and speed. To identify the fastest WordPress hosting providers, we employed a rigorous testing process. Here's how we conducted our evaluation:

  • Performance testing. We initiated a comprehensive performance testing on a fully built WordPress website to measure each hosting providers' ability to handle the WordPress website under various conditions. This involved simulating different traffic loads and monitoring the response times and server performance metrics.
  • Speed testing. We conducted extensive speed tests using industry-standard tools to assess the hosting providers' loading times for WordPress sites. We measured factors such as time to first byte (TTFB), page load speed, and overall website responsiveness.
  • Uptime monitoring. We monitored the uptime of the hosting providers' servers to ensure that they consistently delivered reliable service. An uninterrupted online presence is vital for any WordPress website, and we prioritized providers with exceptional uptime records of 99% or more.
  • Scalability and resource allocation. We examined how each hosting provider allocated server resources and whether they offered scalable solutions to accommodate growing websites. This involved analyzing their plans, server configurations, and the flexibility to handle increased traffic and resource demands.
  • Customer support. We assessed the level of customer support offered by each hosting provider, including response times, technical expertise, and availability of support channels. Quick and efficient support is crucial for resolving any hosting-related issues promptly.

Fastest hosting for WordPress compared

ProviderHostingerSiteGroundLiquid WebInMotion HostingNexcessWP Engine
Average response time:511ms217ms521ms759ms479ms489ms
Fully built site speed:0.9s1.1s1.2s825ms954ms1.1s
On-site traffic:50 VUs50 VUs50 VUs50 VUs50 VUs50 VUs
Data center location:Yes, 8Yes, 7Yes, 3Yes, 1Yes, 3Yes, 20+
Control panel:hPanelSite ToolsInterWorx, cPanel, or PleskNative user interface +cPanelNative user interfaceNative user interface
Free SSL:
Customer support:24/724/724/724/724/724/7
Price range:From $2.69/monthFrom $2.99/monthFrom $16.00/monthFrom $2.29/monthFrom $17.50/monthFrom $20.00/month
Best deal:Get up to 78% OFF Hostinger + 3 months free!Get up to 83% OFF SiteGround + FREE TRANSFER!Get Liquid Web, now 75% OFFGet InMotion Hosting, now 75% OFFGet up to 55% OFF Hosting!Get up to 20% OFF WP Engine +4 months free!

Fastest WordPress hosting: final thoughts

As a whole, there are many fast WordPress hosting providers in the market to choose from. However, choosing the best one is quite a task. While most hosts have numerous WordPress speed-enhancing features, not all are equally good.

That’s why after extensive in-house testing we determined Hostinger to be the fastest WordPress hosting provider. Not only does it cost you the bare minimum, but you get features like automatic WordPress updates, managed WordPress experience, the latest PHP versions, but also LiteSpeed Web Servers, and advanced caching for improved loading speed.

Fastest WordPress hosting FAQs

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