Cybernews podcast #41: what’s OpenAI’s problem?

“When I heard the released demo, I was shocked, angered, and in disbelief that Mr Altman would pursue a voice that sounded eerily similar to mine.” This quote from Scarlett Johansson only scratches the surface of the mess that OpenAI has found itself in this week.

The week was filled with juicy stories involving OpenAI, Microsoft, and Humane AI, which have turned the heads of many for all the wrong reasons. Oh, and a cyber truck carjacking that turned into a very average car chase.

Microsoft Recall – no thanks

The big tech giant Microsoft announced its new ‘Recall’ feature, which snaps screenshots of your desktop and essentially records what you’re looking at on your PC. It's creepy, to say the least.

The worst car chase in history

I know you’re probably thinking, how does someone steal a Tesla Cybertruck and get away with it? Well, spoiler alert, they don’t. Tesla’s “impenetrable” nature can be a blessing and curse for those who find themselves in sticky situations in a Tesla vehicle.

Humane AI, more like HuLAME AI

Arguably one of the worst wearables is making a not-so-gracious exit this week as the creators are looking to sell Humane AI to whatever sucker is willing to buy it. The outrageous asking price, the project's failure, and its equally useless counterpart, the Rabbit R-1, were topics of conversation throughout the Cybernews Podcast.

Alongside these topics, we embarrassed ourselves by guessing which tech mogul said a not-so-famous quote, so check out the Cybernews YouTube channel to see how many we got right.

Can’t spell OpenAI without ‘pain’

OpenAI is a bit of a mess following legal issues and the ScarJo vs OpenAI scandal, and the recent developments have been painful to watch. The company has been unable to retain staff, with many high-profile employees walking out of the OpenAI office for good. Not to mention Altman’s infatuation with Scarlett Johansson’s voice.

Along with the ScarJo drama, OpenAI has recently been involved in various eyebrow-raising “situations” that are making us question its commitment to safe and responsible artificial intelligence (AI).

We discussed all things OpenAI, deepfakes, and whether AI should be welcomed into traditional media.

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Happy listening!