Tesla’s Cybertruck thief chase cut short by Delaware police

A car thief in Delaware was caught after police used a car tracking app to instantly locate the Tesla Cybertruck that he stole.

In the early morning of May 18th, 2024, Delaware State Police received a report about a stolen vehicle in Lincoln, Delaware. The vehicle in question was a 2024 silver Tesla Cybertruck that had been taken and driven away from private property.

Police officers quickly accessed the data from the victim’s car tracking app, a standard feature provided by Tesla. The Cybertruck was found on a dirt path nearby. The suspect did not respond to the police and tried to flee. After a brief pursuit, the Tesla came to a stop, and the driver was arrested by the police.

The suspect was identified as 41-year-old Corey Cohee of Milford, Delaware, who, on top of charges of theft, had no driver's license in possession.