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Hive adds French sports firm to list of victims, local media claims

French leisure brand Intersport has been hit by ransomware group Hive, which leaked records of its customers’ personal data, including passport details, according to local media reports.

The sports goods maker was allegedly breached by the notorious ransom gang in November, but details were only made available on the dark web – a murky part of the internet popular with hackers good, bad, and indifferent – on December 5, said French-language media outlet Numerama.

The report adds that Intersport was handed a same-day deadline to pay the undisclosed amount but added, “it is possible that the gang is giving the company a little more time to pay, or that negotiations are under way.”

A sample file allegedly leaked on the dark web by Hive and scrutinized by Numerama contains passports, payslips, and other information pertaining to Intersport customers. This is common practice for ransomware gangs, which typically lock or encrypt all data stolen in a company breach before threatening to reveal it online if their financial demands are not met.

Numerama said it appeared from stores named in the leaked files that Intersport customers in the northern Hauts-de-France region were the primary victims but added that other areas, including the central Île-de-France, had also been hit. The company has more than 700 outlets, according to its own figures.

Russian-linked gang Hive is regarded in many circles as the most notorious of the ransomware outfits and is said to have breached more than 1,300 organizations during its nefarious criminal career to date.

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