IMF reports cybersecurity incident

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it was investigating a “cyber incident” that compromised 11 organization email accounts.

The IMF said the breach was detected on February 16th. A subsequent investigation carried out with the assistance of independent cybersecurity experts determined the nature of the breach, and “remediation actions were taken,” the organization said.

The 11 IMF email accounts that were compromised during the breach were re-secured following the probe. “We have no indication of further compromise beyond these email accounts at this point in time,” the IMF said in a statement.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. “The IMF takes the prevention of, and defense against, cyber incidents very seriously and, like all organizations, operates under the assumption that cyber incidents will unfortunately occur,” the organization said.

It added it had “a robust cybersecurity program in place to respond quickly and effectively to such incidents.” Cybernews has reached out to the IMF for more details.

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