LockBit boasts of breaching SpaceX contractor

LockBit, the most active ransomware gang, claimed it had breached Maximum Industries, a Texas-based company specializing in waterjet, laser cutting, and CNC (computer numerical control) machining services.

LockBit listed Maximum Industries on its data leak site with a message to Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX.

"I would say we were lucky if SpaceX contractors were more talkative. But I think this material will find its buyer as soon as possible. Elon Musk, we will help you sell your drawings to other manufacturers – build the ship faster and fly away." LockBit's blog post reads.

The ransomware gang set March 20 as a deadline for Maximum Industries to pay the ransom.

LockBit claims
Screenshot by Cybernews

The gang said stolen data contains “about 3,000 drawings certified by SpaceX engineers” and they would launch an auction as soon as next week.

While LockBit claimed Maximum Industries is a SpaceX contractor, Cybernews couldn't independently verify the claims before going to press. While the company does offer some services for the aerospace industry, there's no publicly available information on the alleged SpaceX and Maximum Industries collaboration.

A couple of days later, the gang added some documents to its log post to "proof" a cooperation between the two companies.

We've contacted both companies to inquire whether any of LockBit's claims about the alleged ransomware incident and the companies' collaboration have any ground. We received no reply before going to press, but will update the article if and when we know more.

Last week, LockBit claimed Japanese audio equipment manufacturer Audio-Technica as a victim. According to the dark-web monitoring platform, DarkFeed, LockBit is the most active ransomware gang, with a total of 1500 victims and counting.

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