Pro-Trump banner held by Taylor Swift at Grammys is fake

A video of artist Taylor Swift holding a pro-Trump banner has begun circulating on X after the Grammys.

Swift can’t seem to catch a break as more false images and videos appear on the popular platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

Now, she appears to be the target of pro-Trump supporters or satirists who have superimposed a banner onto a video of Swift on the red carpet.

The video shows Taylor Swift holding a sign that reads, “Trump Won, Democrats Cheated” at the Grammys.

The statement “Trump Won, Democrats Cheated” is in response to the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump, the former US president, won the presidential election but was subsequently cheated out of the presidential position in 2020.

At first glance, the video looks convincing, but when you look closer, you notice that “Swift’s” hands are motionless even though she is constantly moving.

The hands and the banner glitch a few times and the illusion is lost.

Behind the poor craftsmanship is a bigger issue as deepfake imagery continues to find its way onto social media platforms, and big tech doesn’t seem to be doing much about it.

That was until recently, with the musician becoming a target of nonconsensual deepfake pornography, which appeared on X in late January.

The ‘Swift effect’ is real – apparently, it alone can spur tech companies and lawmakers into instituting AI protections.

Yet more false images continue to appear on X, despite a call to action for tech companies and lawmakers to enforce regulations surrounding AI and deepfakes.

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