Secure software development solutions

Over the last couple of years, outsourced software development services have quickly gained traction, with many companies popping up offering custom-built software or no-code development solutions. As more businesses seek to digitize their operations, outsourcing software development not only saves time and ensures security, but also enables businesses to have access to experts at a lower cost than in-house development.

However, secure software development is not an easy process – it requires significant investments and encompasses various time and resource-consuming stages such as planning, design, and maintenance. Most importantly, a well-designed app or software must not only satisfy certain goals and demands but also be impenetrable to cybercriminals.

As a result, a number of companies began flooding the market with tools and solutions to help automate and secure various development processes. Yet, with hundreds of options available, choosing the right service may be challenging.

That being said, we have compiled a list of the finest secure software development solutions to assist you in incorporating security from any development stage as well as provide you with valuable resources.

Best Secure software development solutions: our detailed list

Custom software development is becoming increasingly important as it helps businesses differentiate themselves from competitors, and become more competitive while also enhancing customer experience, and bringing more feature-rich and inventive goods to the market.

If you're also considering implementing any new technology into your development process, have a look at our recommendations below.


Rezilion image
Features/servicesDynamic SBOM, vulnerability validation, prioritization, and remediation
ResourcesLibrary, guides, blog, tools
Free versionYes (demo)

Rezilion, powered by Dynamic SBOM technology, automatically secures your stack, making it easier to detect, prioritize, and remediate software vulnerabilities.

By choosing this provider, you get a whole bunch of features, allowing you to:

  • Compile an inventory of all the software components in your environment with the aid of dynamic SBOM.
  • Know which of your software vulnerabilities may be exploited through runtime analysis with vulnerability validation.
  • Understand which vulnerabilities are actually a risk to your unique environment so you can prioritize your remediation efforts.
  • Automatically execute vulnerability remediation to cluster vulnerabilities and solve numerous issues at once.

By statically analyzing CI/CD pipeline artifacts, Rezilion maintains the correct state for each production instance and ensures that each is performing exactly as designed. Furthermore, it continually monitors hosts, virtual machines, and containers for vulnerabilities, providing full attack prevention without the complexity of traditional systems.


Features/servicesThreat response and readiness, managed intelligence, tailored reporting, curated alerting, request for Information (RFI)
ResourcesThreat intel blog, events, webinars, resource library
Free versionYes

Flashpoint provides access to full intelligence reports, blogs, technical data, and improved vulnerability visibility for development and DevOps teams through a single centralized intelligence platform.

Among many useful services, the provider also offers a wide variety of features like:

  • Dashboard and analytics
  • Knowledge base
  • Actor profiles
  • Finished intelligence
  • Threat actor discussions
  • Technical intelligence
  • Automated alerting

Flashpoint's core purpose is to help clients take rapid actions to protect their assets and stakeholders, so regardless of whether you are still a rookie or an intelligence specialist, this platform will provide relevant intelligence that will help you manage risk and make more informed decisions throughout your organization.


Features/servicesBug bounty programs to secure digital products, integration with Jira to manage bug reports, and guides on how to choose bug bounty programs
ResourcesBlog, FAQs, guides
Free versionNo (demo offered)

HackenProof is a vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform, designed for businesses, especially working in the crypto industry. It connects them with expert ethical hackers located all over the world to help them secure their products.

The primary goal of HackenProof is to help you identify and address security issues in your digital products to reduce the risk of data breaches. It offers a triage service that evaluates and filters bug reports to ensure only relevant and valid vulnerabilities are addressed.

The platform also facilitates knowledge sharing within the community by publishing highly informative and detailed bug tutorials.

The main features of this platform include the following:

  • Helping businesses run custom-tailored bug bounty programs to uncover security issues in their products and applications.
  • Assessing web assets and smart contracts, which are common targets in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.
  • Publishing bug tutorials to share knowledge among the community and help ethical hackers enhance their skills.
  • Offering ongoing vulnerability discovery rather than relying solely on periodic code audits.
  • Especially beneficial for various entities in the crypto industry, including crypto businesses, exchanges, blockchain networks, DeFi projects, and NFT projects.
  • Allowing ethical hackers to participate in high-rewarding bug bounty programs to detect vulnerabilities and submit their bug reports.

HackenProof is a valuable and effective solution for enhancing the security of software and applications, particularly in the cryptocurrency and blockchain domains. It allows businesses to connect with ethical hackers and incentivize the discovery and resolution of vulnerabilities.


Features/servicesXvast (Chrome) browser, HUPlayer, media player for Android and iOS, Haihaisoft PDF reader, eBook reader for Android, PDF reader for iOSDRM-X integration
ResourcesDRM knowledge base
Free versionYes

With nearly 20 years of expertise in digital rights management, Haihaisoft is now the leader in the industry.

Haihaisoft offers a variety of DRM-related services to its clients, including logo integration and customization of Xvast browser, HUPlayer, and PDF Reader, all of which enable clients to create their own brands and smoothly interact with your website. Using it, you can distribute protected media and PDF files securely over the Internet. In addition to this, their software also contains features such as:

  • Video conference/zoom meeting protection
  • PPT Copy ProtectionLive streaming encryption
  • Live streaming encryption
  • 360° panorama / VR video encryption

Companies in the entertainment, consumer electronics, software, information publishing, and corporate IT industries use Haihaisoft's services to tackle industry-specific difficulties.


Features/servicesContinuous delivery and integration, monitoring, DevSecOps, multi cloud cluster management
ResourcesDRM knowledge base
Free versionYes

Next on this list is Ozone – a sophisticated CI/CD platform that focuses on eliminating the workflow challenges that DevOps teams have to face.

Ozone is designed to be compatible with popular DevOps tools and cloud providers, thus it includes a variety of capabilities such as:

  • Deployment of containerized and decentralized applications across hybrid cloud and blockchain networks
  • Seamless integration with major tools across CI, CD, analytics
  • Automation to support software delivery end-to-end
  • Coding minimization and DevOps team empowerment through a standardized and templated approach to pipeline construction

Ozone orchestrates the delivery of container applications based on Docker or Tekton. This solution overcomes significant difficulties created by outdated technology, making it an ideal choice for Kubernetes cloud providers.


Features/servicesPublic and internal monitoring
Resources Learning center, developer and security resources, white papers, videos
Free versionYes

GitGuardian, the pioneer in secret detection, is committed to offering a comprehensive code security platform while supporting the AppSec shared responsibility model.

Its detection engine consists of 350 detectors that can discover secrets throughout the CI/CD pipeline, both in public repositories and private containers. In addition, the service provides enterprise-grade functionality such as:

  • Code Review
  • Compliance Management
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Response
  • Vulnerability Scanning

In the software development lifecycle, their Internal Monitoring product detects and fixes vulnerabilities in source code. Public Monitoring, on the other hand, uses advanced pattern-matching algorithms to detect credentials that cannot be precisely identified by distinguishing patterns, like unprefixed credentials.

Best DevSecOps Startups

If you're looking for something new on the market, here are a couple of startups making waves in the DevSecOps industry.


Features/servicesSupply chain security platform for DevOps
Resources Blog, docs
Free versionYes

Arnica is a supply chain security solution that uses machine learning-powered algorithms to learn developers’ behavior and understand their usual work patterns. Arnica is then able to identify impersonators who might be using stolen credentials and prevent them from making malicious changes to the codebase.

Besides providing anomalous behavior detection, Arnica also offers these solutions:

  • Developer access management
  • Continuous SDLC compliance
  • Software bill of materials
  • Secret detection and mitigation

The best part about Arnica is that their solutions automate day-to-day security operations and ensure supply chain security without any developer friction, allowing professionals to focus only on their work.


Features/servicesOrchestration and management security
Resources Blog, docs, news
Free versionYes

Jit is a developer-friendly DevSecOps orchestration and management platform, leveraging best-of-breed open-source security tools, making it ridiculously easy for high-velocity engineering teams to add Continuous Security to their CI/CD.

To detect any potential security vulnerabilities, Jit uses these tools:

  • Gosec
  • Bandit
  • OWASP dependency check
  • Gitleaks
  • npm-audit
  • And many more

The platform then gathers all the data from the implemented DevSecOps tools and centralizes the information in one unified dashboard – allowing you to easily monitor your product security posture. Additionally, Jit seamlessly integrates with a variety of third-party products and services, including communication platforms and cloud services.

Best Secure software development solutions: final recommendations

Don’t have a lot of time to read it all? No worries. Using this short list below, you can quickly find providers that interest you.

  1. Rezilion – has a holistic software attack surface management platform, that helps teams quickly manage risk across all environments, throughout the SDLC.
  2. HackenProof – a popular vulnerability coordination platform for businesses to find and address security vulnerabilities in their digital solutions, especially Web3 ones, through bug bounty programs.
  3. Flashpoint – combines data, insights, and automation to identify risks and stop threats for cyber, fraud, and physical security teams.
  4. Haihaisoft – provides professional DRM copy protection products and software solutions.
  5. Ozone – a modern CI/CD solution for DevOps teams.
  6. GitGuardian – is a developers-first solution scanning GitHub activity in real-time for API secret tokens, credentials, and more.
  7. Arnica – supply chain security startup that secures and automates day-to-day developer operations and permissions.
  8. Jit – an orchestration and management security platform that integrates a variety of security tools.


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