IKEA to sell smart security sensors for safety and water detection

Furniture retailer IKEA has unveiled three new sensors, priced at less than ten euros each, that are focused on improving home security by detecting motion, opening doors or windows, and avoiding water damage.

The trio consists of a door and window sensor called Parasoll, a wireless motion sensor named Vallhorn, and a water leakage sensor called Badring.

All three smart devices are based on the Zigbee software and will work either connected to the IKEA Home smart system or standalone. The company promises that the products will be updated to offer more features and options over time.


IKEA’s venture into a new category of home security products will strengthen its smart home ecosystem by enabling “customers to manage and monitor their homes from anywhere in the world.”

The affordable and easy-to-use smart sensors will be able to deliver real-time notifications whenever activity is detected, giving users more control.

IKEA motion sensor

“Door and Window Sensor is designed for discreet mounting on windows and doors. This sensor notifies users when these access points are opened or closed, making them aware of any unexpected entries,” the press release reads. “Wireless Motion Sensor can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It activates lights upon detecting movement and offers personalized lighting with adjustable color and intensity settings.”

The water leakage sensor, when placed near areas of water usage, will notify users if it detects leaks by sending notifications or activating the built-in alarm.


“Our research in the latest Life at Home Report found that people prioritize comfort and security in their homes,” says Stjepan Begic, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden. “We believe these products can provide our customers with peace of mind and a greater sense of control and comfort."

Connected to IKEA’s Digihera hub, the smart sensors will be able to trigger other smart devices and, for example, adjust lights. The Digihera hub is not yet upgraded to support Matter, therefore it has no HomeKit compatibility.

Priced at €9.99 in Germany, the door/window sensor and the wireless motion sensor will start selling from January 2024, followed by the leak sensor in April 2024. The pricing in other markets may differ.

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