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Best WooCommerce hosting – top picks for your online store

This article spotlights the top WooCommerce hosting options in the market and helps you decide which hosting provider is most suitable for you.

Ever had the chance to come across the WooCommerce plugin? You could say that it’s probably one of the most well-known plugins out there. Downloaded over 80 million times, it’s loved by online business owners and is run by the same people behind WordPress.

But, if you haven’t heard of it, here’s a crash course.

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin designed for WordPress. In order to run it, all you need is a hosting service and a WordPress site. The plugin basically transforms your typical WordPress site into a veritable eCommerce machine.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a catch.

Since the plugin receives so much praise, everyone wants to use it. As a result, a lot of hosts claim that they offer the best WordPress WooCommerce hosting. So it can be difficult to figure out who’s telling the truth and who’s using the plugin’s popularity as a marketing strategy.

That’s why I put hosting providers to the test and made a list of hosts that actually do offer top-notch WooCommerce hosting.

Best WooCommerce hosting: ranked

  1. Hostinger – best WooCommerce hosting overall
  2. SiteGround – feature-rich managed WooCommerce hosting
  3. Bluehost – beginner-friendly WooCommerce hosting
  4. DreamHost – fast and reliable host for WooCommerce
  5. GreenGeeks – highly secure WooCommerce provider
  6. ScalaHosting – affordable fully-managed VPS hosting for WooCommerce

You can use this list to quickly check out a specific provider. At the end of this article, I also detailed the main factors to keep in mind when selecting a WooCommerce hosting provider for your online store. Just click here to jump straight to it.

1. Hostinger – overall best WooCommerce hosting

FeaturesFree SSL, 7 data centers, LiteSpeed, caching
Best forPerformance-focused cheap WordPress plans

Hostinger snags the top spot because it’s one of the cheapest WooCommerce hosting services around. From just $1.99/mo, you get managed WordPress hosting along with very generous resources and features. Plus, its solid performance with 100% uptime and fast response time is certainly a pull, too.

WooCommerce is available on all of Hostinger’s shared plans but the provider also has WordPress-optimized plans that offer more resources and are a better fit for WooCommerce.

Here’s what to expect from WordPress-optimized plans:

  • Generous resources with far more storage and bandwidth than you’d get with standard shared hosting.
  • The full stack of security measures, including free SSL certificate, weekly/daily backups, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection.
  • Performance-enhancing boosts, such as LiteSpeed web server technology with caching, ability to select from 7 server locations, and the latest PHP versions.

Overall, Hostinger WooCommerce solution proves that you can get high-quality services with rich well-rounded resources and features at virtually any price point.

Hostinger pricing

Hostinger has 4 WordPress hosting plans, ranging from $1.99/mo to $11.59/mo, that are perfect for WooCommerce hosting. All of the plans include a free SSL certificate, automatic backups, email accounts, and LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress.

Here’s how the plans differ from each other:

  • Single WordPress ($1.99/mo) – 1 website with 30GB storage, 100GB bandwidth for approximately 10,000 visits per month, and 1 email account.
  • Starter WordPress ($2.99/mo) – 100 websites with 100GB storage, unlimited bandwidth for 25,000 monthly visits, 100 email accounts, and a free domain for a year.
  • Business WordPress ($3.99/mo) – 100 websites with 200GB storage, unlimited bandwidth for 100,000 monthly visits, 100 email accounts, daily backups, free domain for a year, and free CDN.
  • Pro WordPress ($11.59/mo) – everything in Business, except the plan can accommodate 300 websites and 300,000 monthly visits.
Best value

For WooCommerce hosting, the Business WordPress hosting plan offers the best value. At a cheap $3.99 per month, you get plenty of storage and freebies, such as CDN and daily backups. Additionally, your site can support 100,000 monthly visits.

Hostinger performance

Hostinger absolutely aced it when it comes to performance. Despite only having the standard 99.9% uptime guarantee, my site maintained a flawless uptime of 100% over a few months. No outages, no downtime, nada.

Hostinger response time

Meanwhile, the response time had some ups and downs (literally) but was very consistent and lingered mainly between the 400ms to 600ms marks. They eventually averaged out to a fast 511ms. If you want to see more performance testing results, you can check out our Hostinger review.

Speedy and extremely reliable, Hostinger’s solid performance is exactly what you want to see in a WooCommerce host.

2. SiteGround – feature-loaded managed WooCommerce hosting

FeaturesStaging, caching, free SSL, daily backups
Best forBusiness websites

A household name in the industry, SiteGround proves its mettle by offering rich features to simplify and boost all aspects of your online store. The provider also has the fastest performance amongst the candidates.

For starters, all of its shared hosting plans are capable of hosting WooCommerce. However, the entry-plan will suit only small stores. If you opt for its WooCommerce hosting, here’s what to expect:

  • Managed services so that you can focus solely on selling. The WooCommerce plugin is already pre-installed, so you can go ahead and jump right into listing your products.
  • Tons of WordPress-optimized features like caching, staging, on-page optimization, and automated WordPress updates.
  • SiteGround goes all out on security measures, too. The plans include an SSL certificate, real-time monitoring, WAF, AI anti bot system, automatic backups, and a security plugin.

In brief, SiteGround will shower you with boatloads of features that enhance your online store – especially if you subscribe to its WooCommerce hosting plans.

SiteGround pricing

SiteGround has 3 WooCommerce plans, ranging from $3.49/mo to $9.99/mo.

The trio comes with unmetered traffic, daily backups, and WordPress-focused features, such as auto-updates and migration. The freebies that come with the plans include an SSL certificate, CDN, and email accounts.

So, what sets them apart from each other? Well, let’s take a look:

  • StartUp ($3.49/mo) – 1 website, 10GB storage, and up to 10,000 monthly visits.
  • GrowBig ($5.99/mo) – Unlimited websites, 20GB storage, and can receive up to 100,000 monthly visits. Also comes with on-demand backup copies and staging.
  • GoGeek ($9.99/mo) – Unlimited websites, 40GB storage, and can fit up to 400,000 monthly visits. Plus, you get on-demand backup copies, staging, and priority support.
Best value

Most WooCommerce businesses would find the GrowBig hosting plan to be the best deal. For a few extra bucks, it can host multiple websites and offers far more resources and features than the StartUp plan.

SiteGround performance

SiteGround’s performance is both extremely reliable and fast. To start, SiteGround promised a 99.9% uptime but blew that out of the water and actually maintained a 99.99% uptime for months.

That’s a huge plus for online stores knowing that downtime of a store equals no conversion.

SiteGround  response time

Speed-wise, SiteGround is the fastest WooCommerce hosting provider on this list. Its response times mainly flirted between 200-250ms and eventually evened out at an incredibly fast speed of 217ms.

On top of that, its maximum response time never even breached the 300ms mark. I can say that I was truly satisfied with the results.

If you want to learn more about this hosting provider, read our in-depth SiteGround hosting review.

Overall, I believe that SiteGround sets a very high bar for all WooCommerce hosting providers out there with its great reliability and amazing speed.

3. Bluehost – WooCommerce hosting for beginners

Bluehost Linux hosting
FeaturesFree SSL and domain, staging, CDN
Best forEase of use and functionalities

Bluehost does the heavy-lifting and makes it extremely easy to start and run your WooCommerce store with its many handy features. The provider should top your list if your goal is to get your store up as soon as possible or you’re searching for a beginner-friendly WooCommerce solution.

Bluehost allows WooCommerce on all of its standard shared plans. However, its WooCommerce hosting plans should be your pick if you want to start selling quickly and successfully.

  • The plugin is preinstalled in the plans so you don’t have to worry about getting it. But, if you still feel lost, Bluehost also has multiple customer support options, including a 24/7 live chat, phone, email, and ticketing to help facilitate onboarding.
  • Bluehost’s plans have some convenient eCommerce-related features in its arsenal. This includes pre-installed store-front themes, allowing an unlimited number of products, one-click payment processing installation, and the ability to collect real customer reviews.
  • Security measures aren’t very advanced but cover the whole shebang. An SSL certificate, DDoS protection, firewalls, and automated backups are all included in the plans.

Overall, Bluehost’s beginner-friendly WooCommerce hosting will appeal to newbies and entrepreneurs looking for a fuss-free and easy online-selling experience.

Bluehost pricing

Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting plans are the most ideal solution for the plugin. There are 2 plans for WooCommerce: Standard ($9.95/mo) and Premium ($12.95/mo). Meanwhile, its standard shared hosting plans can support WooCommerce but they lack the resources and features to fully maximize the plugin.

The 2 WooCommerce hosting plans allow multiple websites and unlimited products. They also come with the plugin and store-front theme installed, email marketing, and one-click installation for payment processing. Plus, you also get free offerings, such as an SSL certificate, a domain, and Office 365 for 30 days.

Let’s distinguish the two:

  • Standard ($9.95/mo) comes with CodeGuard Backup Basic for the first year and Jetpack Free installed.
  • Premium ($12.95/mo) includes unmetered bandwidth, domain privacy and protection, CodeGuard Backup Basic for the duration of your subscription, and Jetpack Premium. But, most importantly, it has more eCommerce tools, such as enabling the sale of subscriptions, tax management, and appointment scheduling.
Best value

For the most bang for your buck, opt for the 36-month subscription to the Standard plan. It’s the cheapest deal you can get for one of these feature-loaded plans.

Bluehost performance

Over a few months, Bluehost’s uptime stayed at a rather remarkable 99.99% despite having no uptime guarantee. Sure, there were a few outages but the servers recovered in a matter of minutes. Hence, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

As for response times, my site saw a few hikes – especially during the outages. However, they weren’t too terrible and certainly not a dealbreaker. Eventually, the response times balanced out to a very swift 361ms. To see more test results, you can read our Bluehost review.

Overall, Bluehost’s performance isn’t earth-shattering but still excellent.

4. DreamHost – fast and reliable WooCommerce host

FeaturesFree SSL, domain, domain privacy, automatic backups
Best forAffordable and all-inclusive WordPress hosting service

DreamHost lands a spot on the list because it offers a slew of features that simplify the building and management of an online store. Plus, the provider is very fast and reliable when it comes to performance.

This is what you can expect from DreamHost’s WooCommerce hosting:

  • Abundant resources. DreamHost makes full use of the cloud server environment to offer dedicated resources for your online store.
  • Easy setup of your eCommerce platform with its pre-installed WooCommerce, store-front themes, and an SSL certificate.
  • Comprehensive security measures with an SSL certificate, automated daily backups, and one-click restore, domain privacy protection, and Web Application Firewall.
  • Other helpful features, such as built-in caching for enhanced speed and performance, one-click staging, and WP website builder.

As a whole, DreamHost has all the features and tools you need to build your online store and set it up for success.

DreamHost pricing

DreamHost has 3 plans for WooCommerce hosting. Their price varies from $16.95/mo to $71.95/mo.

They all host a single WordPress site and offer unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email, a free domain, on-demand and daily backups, one-click staging, pre-installed WooCommerce, store-front themes, and an SSL certificate.

But, of course, you’ll see some differences among the plans, too:

  • DreamPress ($16.95/mo) can accommodate up to 100,000 monthly visits and comes with 30GB SSD storage.
  • DreamPress Plus ($24.95/mo) is built for 300,000 monthly visitors and includes 60GB SSD storage as well as unlimited CDN.
  • DreamPress Pro ($71.95/mo) supports over 1 million monthly visits with 120GB SSD storage, 24/7 priority WordPress support, and unlimited CDN.
Best value

With its cloud environment as well as free-handed resources and features, most online stores will get plenty of mileage out of the entry DreamPress plan before needing to scale up.

DreamHost performance

DreamHost has one of the best performances among the providers on this list. For starters, it maintained a >99.99% uptime for months.

Some might be repelled because >99.99% is still short of its 100% uptime guarantee but I was perfectly satisfied with the outcome. A one-minute downtime in several months is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Speed-wise, DreamHost isn’t the fastest hosting provider among the 5 WooCommerce hosts, but it came in a close second with a remarkably fast average response time of 231ms. Plus, the provider remained consistently speedy during those months of testing – which speaks volumes about its server health.

You can find out more about the provider in our DreamHost review.

In brief, DreamHost checks all the boxes when it comes to performance. Being extremely fast and reliable, it can truly handle your online store website.

5. GreenGeeks – highly secure WooCommerce provider

GreenGeeks banner
FeaturesFully managed, free SSL, domain, backups, control panel
Best forAffordable and reliable hosting service

GreenGeeks pride themselves on offering a highly secure hosting platform for WooCommerce. The provider comes bearing a variety of useful hosting and security features, affordable prices, and ease of use. Plus, it is an eco-friendly hosting service.

This is what you can expect from GreenGeeks’ WooCommerce hosting:

  • GreenGeeks offers fully-managed WordPress hosting services. This includes additional professional support on managing your site, the latest WordPress updates, best security configurations, and many more that'll help you run a functional online store easily.
  • GreenGeeks offer lightning-fast speeds for websites and web applications, so your WooCommerce business is assured to provide great shopping experiences to your customers.
  • Security is of the most importance. Routine check-ups for zero-day vulnerabilities, customized security rules to provide optimum security, SSL certificates, and daily backups will assure your store's security.

Overall, GreenGeeks is a solid and reliable, eco-friendly hosting provider. It appeals to customers with the offered plans and features and is concentrated on assuring that your hosting runs smoothly.

GreenGeeks pricing

For WooCommerce hosting GreenGeeks offers 3 plans priced from $2.95/mo to $25.95/mo.

All 3 plans come with unlimited bandwidth and databases, managed WordPress convenience, caching plugins, and multi-user access. Additionally, GreenGeeks sweetens the deal with some freebies like an SSL certificate, a custom domain for a year, daily automatic backups, and a CDN.

While there are many similarities, the plans also have quite a few differences:

  • Lite ($2.95/mo) allows to host 1 website, and comes with 50GB storage and 50 email accounts.
  • Pro ($15.95/mo) includes unlimited websites, disk space, and email accounts, as well as on-demand backup and WordPress repair.
  • Premium ($25.95/mo) offers unlimited storage, websites, and email accounts. Additionally, it also includes a free dedicated IP, AlphaSSL, and object catching.
Best value

For WooCommerce hosting, the GreenGeeks Pro plan offers the best value. At just $15.95/mo, you'll get unlimited websites, storage, and email accounts. Additionally, some premium features like on-demand backup and WordPress repair are also for your disposal.

GreenGeeks performance

Over the few weeks of observation, GreenGeeks’ performance didn’t disappoint. It was reliable and, despite a few outages and a couple of minutes of downtime, provided the promised uptime results. GreenGeeks issued a 99% uptime guarantee, and they rightfully provided a 99.98% uptime guarantee. So the results were really pleasing.


And when it comes to server response time, GreenGeeks' results were clearly higher than the market’s average of 600ms. GreenGeeks' response average is 773ms, but the good news is that the response time has improved significantly. To see more test results, visit our GreenGeeks review.

All considered, while GreenGeeks' performance is not the best you can find, it is solid and reliable.

6. ScalaHosting – managed VPS hosting for WooCommerce

FeaturesFully managed, free SSL, domain, backups, control panel
Best forFully managed beginner friendly VPS hosting with control panel

ScalaHosting joins the rank of the best WooCommerce hosting providers by offering fully managed VPS for WooCommerce at very affordable prices. Even though its plans start from just $29.95/mo, the provider doesn’t compromise on features as well as performance.

Here are some highlights of what you can get with ScalaHosting:

  • Cloud servers and dedicated resources for better speed, reliability, and security.
  • The convenience of a fully-managed service – including free migration, one-click installer for WordPress, and 24/7 support.
  • Multiple PHP versions to ensure compatibility as well as boost performance and security.
  • Broad-ranging security solutions for your store, including an SSL certificate, automated daily and on-demand backups, dedicated IP, and SSHield cybersecurity protection package.

Despite its affordable pricing, ScalaHosting stuffed its VPS plans with plenty of features for WooCommerce – landing it a spot on this list.

ScalaHosting VPS pricing

ScalaHosting technically has 4 VPS plans that are ideal for WooCommerce hosting – priced between $29.95/mo and $179.95/mo. However, you can freely configure your servers and tweak the 4 plans.

So, don’t be surprised to see dozens of variations.

Either way, what all plans include is 24/7 management, unmetered bandwidth, a one-click installer, daily backups, and a dedicated IP address. They also include freebies, such as a domain, an SSL certificate, snapshots, and website migration.

Focusing on ScalaHosting’s 4 default VPS hosting plans, here are how they differ from each other:

  • Start ($29.95/mo) comes with 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, and 50GB SSD storage.
  • Advanced ($63.95/mo) includes 2 CPU cores, 4GB RAM, and 80GB SSD storage.
  • Business ($121.95/mo) offers 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, and 160GB SSD storage.
  • Enterprise ($179.95/mo) has 8 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, and 320GB SSD storage.
Best value

For the cheapest steal, subscribe to ScalaHosting’s Start plan for 36 months. For just $29.95/mo, you can enjoy the convenience of fully managed VPS.

ScalaHosting VPS performance

ScalaHosting’s uptime remained at an impeccable 100% throughout the monitoring period. Of course, it exceeded its industry-standard 99.9% uptime guarantee.

ScalaHosting cloud hosting response time

As for speed, I did see a spike where ScalaHosting exceeded the market average of 600ms and peaked at 689ms. But, since then, the response times evened out at 443ms. Definitely not the fastest provider but absolutely fast enough for your WooCommerce store. For more tests and their results, you can check out our ScalaHosting review.

Extremely reliable and relatively fast, ScalaHosting passed muster when it comes to performance.

Best WooCommerce hosting: final recommendations

Considering the success and popularity of the WooCommerce plugin, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of hosts that cater to it. Choosing the best one of the lot can be overwhelming since your online store’s fate hangs on the choices you make.

So, here’s a quick recap of each of the top WooCommerce hosting provider’s strengths:

  • Hostinger is very cheap and reliable for WooCommerce hosting while also brimming with features.
  • SiteGround is feature-rich and the fastest WooCommerce provider on the list.
  • Bluehost is ideal for beginners and those looking for a no-fuss WooCommerce solution.
  • DreamHost offers extensive resources and features for WooCommerce in addition to being extremely fast.
  • GreenGeeks is a fast, reliable, and affordable WooCommerce provider with a variety of useful features.
  • ScalaHosting provides reliable, feature-loaded, and fully-managed VPS plans for WooCommerce at very affordable prices.

WooCommerce hosting comparison

All of the hosting providers offer great features and quite good speed. But, how do they compare to one another? For a better visualization, I made a comparison table for all of the covered providers:

Data center locationYes, 7Yes, 5US onlyUS onlyYes, 3Yes, 3
Automated backups✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Control panelhPanelSite ToolscPanelCustomcPanelSPanel
Free SSL✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Free domain✔️✔️✔️✔️
Customer support24/724/724/724/724/724/7
Price rangeFrom $1.99/moFrom $3.49/moFrom $9.95/moFrom $24.95/moFrom $2.95/moFrom $29.95/mo
ReviewHostinger reviewSiteGround reviewBluehost reviewDreamHost reviewGreenGeeks reviewScalaHosting review

How to pick the best WooCommerce hosting provider?

When you’re shopping for a WooCommerce hosting provider, you need to keep two things in mind: the type of hosting suitable for the platform and the resources you need to sustain your online store.

Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the best WooCommerce hosting provider:

Step 1. Choose between Shared vs WordPress hosting

Although both shared hosting and WordPress hosting work with the WooCommerce plugin, the WordPress hosting option is more ideal since the plans are optimized for WooCommerce. Most providers enrich their WordPress hosting services with handy features to make the solution ready straight out of the box. For instance, one-click installation and pre-configured security measures. Since everything is done on your behalf, it makes it that much easier and faster to get your store up.

Step 2. Evaluate resources for regular site vs online store

With WooCommerce, you aren’t just running a normal website. Instead, we’re talking about an online store – a heavy site that requires plenty of storage, bandwidth, and security measures.

Here’s what to pay attention to:

  • Storage. Small sites, such as personal blogs or portfolios could get away with 1GB of storage. Meanwhile, mid-sized websites might need a minimum of 5 to 10GB. For online stores, however, these resources might be limited. 50GB can be a good start for an online shop, but if you expect to grow your product base and use more media files, you should expect to scale up.
  • Bandwidth. Small websites should generally be fine with 5GB bandwidth, while larger ones could manage with a minimum of 10GB. Meanwhile, for online stores, you’d do better if you calculated your resource needs using this formula:
Calculate bandwidth

Average page size (GB) x Average number of visitors x Average number of pages visited x 30 (number days in a month) = Bandwidth required in GB.

  • Security features. Regular sites, such as blogs, could skate by with just the basics for protection. Yet, with online stores, you’re handling sensitive payment and personal details. Hence, you’ll need the full security stack to protect your customers, site, and business. This includes an SSL certificate for encrypted connection, DDoS protection against malicious attacks, automatic backups, spam and malware protection, firewalls, and payment card industry (PCI) compliance.

Best hosting for WooCommerce FAQs