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Max not working with a VPN: steps to fix it (2024)

Max is attracting viewers from all over the world who want to enjoy its diverse content offerings. As Max is only available in the US, some European countries, the Caribbean, and Latin America, many viewers try to unblock it with a VPN to access more content by changing Max regions.

However, most VPNs are powerless against Max's VPN detection skills, resulting in errors. To solve this issue, you just need to use the right VPN.

In this article, we'll address why VPNs fail to work with Max and provide 6 easy ways to fix them. Our research team tested 42 VPNs and identified a few that work seamlessly with Max, bypassing its VPN detection.

VPNs that don’t unblock Max
Mullvad VPN
Private Internet Access VPN

With its effective unblocking features, extensive global server network, and reliable IP leak prevention, NordVPN is the best recommendation for accessing Max from anywhere. However, if you still encounter issues, don't worry. Our research team has compiled 6 easy fixes to address any problems you may encounter with Max not working with a VPN.

Why does Max block my VPN

There are several reasons why Max is unavailable and gives you an error message. For example, your VPN can’t unblock the platform or your IP address leaks.


Here are the most common issues VPN users encounter while accessing Max:

  • VPN is not streaming-optimized. The best streaming VPNs offer SmartDNS and server obfuscation technologies to bypass geographical restrictions. Max will likely detect the ones that don't. For example, completely free VPNs most likely won’t be able to unblock Max due to a low server count.
  • IP address leak. An unreliable VPN might leak your original IP address and expose an actual geographical location to Max. However, if you subscribed to a trustworthy VPN, your IP address might leak because you didn’t enable leak protection features, such as a kill switch.
  • Max blocked the VPN server. This streaming service continuously hunts down VPN servers and blocks them, and you may have stumbled upon a blocked one. This may also be the case if your VPN has a tiny server fleet.
  • Slow speeds. If your selected VPN is slow, it may result in an error message.

VPNs that will work with Max

Our research team tested 42 VPNs and discovered the ones that excel. They effortlessly bypass geo-blocks, maintain anonymity, and unlock Max from any location, resolving any Max errors.

Max VPN not working: 6 easy steps

It's always a cat-and-mouse game regarding streaming sites and VPNs. If your Max VPN is not working, thankfully, there are easy ways to bypass error messages and enjoy your favorite shows without issues. Here are six steps to regain access and make Max VPN work again.

1. Verify IP address

Go to a website like whatismyip, and if it displays your original IP address, you have an IP leak. You can fix it by enabling a kill switch feature to prevent future leaks and reconnecting to another server. After you complete that, you can verify your address once again until it displays the VPN server IP address.

2. Switch VPN servers

Is Max still not loading even if you verified the IP address? It may happen because you’re using a VPN server that Max blocked. You can try reconnecting to another server in a country where Max is available to regain access. Remember that Max can block entire batches of VPN servers, and seldom it can take a few tries until a successful hit.

3. Clear the browser's cache and cookies

If you encounter Max not working again, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies is your next step. This streaming platform stores personally identifiable information in the browser cache, including the original IP address. Once you clear the browser's cache, reconnect to a VPN server, and head to Max (keep its credentials close as you will need to log in again.) Here's an example of how to clear your browsing data on the Chrome browser. Navigate to chrome://history/ and click the "Clear browsing data" button.


4. Choose another VPN service

Ensure you are using a reliable VPN capable of granting access to Max. Some VPNs, especially completely free ones, are usually not optimized for streaming or have a low server count, causing issues accessing Max. Therefore, You should subscribe to a VPN known to work well on this platform or use a VPN free trial to test it out before committing.

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5. Update VPN software

VPN updates include essential cybersecurity and quality-of-life patches. Therefore, you should apply them immediately to bypass Max geo-blocks. An older VPN version might leak an IP address or expose VPN traffic, failing to avoid Max detection.

6. Turn off an ad blocker

Turning off an adblocker is one more step to make Max work. Once you do it, refresh the page to verify the error's gone. As frustrating as ads are, you may have to see a few if Max is not working after all the steps above. Sometimes adblockers disable critical JavaScript elements or interfere with content loading. Therefore, disabling it may help.

How to fix other common Max errors

If Max isn’t working and displays an error code, it doesn't necessarily mean that your VPN is at fault. Here are common Max errors unrelated to VPNs:

  • Error code 321. This error means there are troubles with the Internet connection. Verify that your Internet is working fine and restart the router if there are troubles. If there are no issues at your end, verify Max servers are up and running on the IsItDownRightNow website.
  • Error code 905. A laggy Internet connection may cause this error code to appear. Make sure that your Internet connection is working fine. If you use a VPN, switch to another nearby server and refresh the Max website.
  • Error code 420. Max sometimes displays this error when viewing content unavailable in your geographical region. Use one of our listed VPNs, such as NordVPN, to bypass the geo-block and say goodbye to error 420.

Final thoughts

Like most viral streaming services, Max can sometimes block VPN connections. That’s why you should always opt for a reputable VPN, like NordVPN, the best Max VPN with SmartDNS technology. It comes with a large speedy server fleet, ensuring you will always find a working one for a lag-free experience.

However, if Max is not working with a VPN, you can look at our 6 steps list to make the platform work again. For example, enable leak protection features, switch to another server, or change your VPN service to a more reliable one.


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