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The domain of infamous hacker forum RaidForums just got suspended

The popular data marketplace is unavailable due to a domain suspension. RaidForums claims they will not be available throughout October, since an unnamed government reported their content.

RaidForums, known for a steady supply of databases obtained from data breaches, credit card information, and vulnerability exploits, appears to be down. Even though the forum is a frequent target of DDoS attacks, this time seems to be different.

A publicly available WHOIS lookup tool indicates that raidforums.com domain status is set as ‘clientHold.’ Such a status can mean a legal dispute, non-payment issue, or signal that the domain is subject to deletion.

CyberNews researchers noted that RaidForum is still accessible via the Tor browser, meaning forums servers are operational. One of the forums’ admins posted on a Tor site, confirming the website is down because the domain is ‘suspended.’

RaidForums Admin 2

It’s not yet clear why RaidForums got suspended. However, the suspension might have originated from the forums’ service providers and law enforcement agencies.

Media reported last week that RaidForums internal pages, meant for staff members, were exposed to the public in an unfortunate blunder. The forum section that’s usually kept away from public eyes contained tips on day-to-day activities, bans, and other information.

Government interference

RaidForums released a statement this weekend, explaining that the suspension is due to unnamed governments reporting forums' content to the domain name registrar.

"Our main domain raidforums.com was temporarily deactivated aka placed on a "clientHold" due to certain governments reporting content to the registrar, this has never happened before and it only happened because we have recently moved registrar temporarily," reads the statement.

The issue arose when the forum was temporarily moved from CloudFlare to a different registrar in order to create a new, strengthened account.

"The issue with this is that you can only transfer a domain every 60 days meaning that we were unable to transfer our domain back to CloudFlare straight away and have to wait till the end of October to do so," the forum operators claim.

Temporary registrar NameSilo received a complaint from a national government of an unnamed country, prompting the host to deactivate RaidForums' domain. The operators of the forum claim they are currently using a mirror to provide access for users.

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