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Kenneth Granno, eloomi: “you need to be data-driven if you want to improve your workforce growth”

According to our guest today, taking care of employees and investing in their growth is the key to a successful business.

The sudden arrival of the pandemic forced organizations to look into solutions that would enhance their processes, however not every business aspect gets the upgrade it deserves. Companies continue to automate and secure their digital operations by adopting AI-powered solutions and antivirus software, while the thought of investing in the most important asset – the employees, gets pushed to the background.

To talk about the importance of workforce learning and development, we sat down with Kenneth Granno, VP of Product at eloomi – a company helping employees level up their skills.

How did the idea of eloomi come to life? What has your journey been like?

In many ways, I think we came to the market with perfect timing back in 2015. The companies we talked to were used to working with older and more complex systems. And those who were not already in the process of developing an L&D strategy were looking into expensive implementation processes. With an out-of-the-box solution and with a focus on delivering an ideal learning culture, eloomi was a breath of fresh air on the market. Since then, the entire HR space has been in enormous development, and to a greater extent, we see that it has dawned on companies that their employees are their most important asset. They need to be taken care of, and that is exactly what we see as being the key to our continuous journey.

Can you introduce us to what you do? What are the main problems you help solve?

eloomi is a people development software company that helps organizations around the world to upskill employees, offer engaging training, enable successful onboarding, and have access to the best relevant content. We help HR, L&D leaders, and managers to improve productivity, and engagement to achieve full compliance in the smartest way possible.

What would you consider the main practices companies should follow to strengthen their relationships with their employees?

We believe that developing employees goes hand in hand with offering them inspiring tools to work with. That’s why our eloomi solution is user-friendly and highly accessible from anywhere, so everyone can learn new skills effortlessly. By using eloomi, managers and HR leaders provide their people with another fundamental aspect of development: transparency. You need to be data-driven if you want to improve your workforce growth and align mutual expectations.

How do you think the recent global events affected your field of work?

At eloomi, we felt that our mission was becoming even more critical due to the growing need to connect to employees remotely and maintain motivation at work. We aim to reduce administrative time, optimize processes, and improve transparency so we can offer unique opportunities for companies to be closer to their people and enhance their well-being and development.

What would you consider to be the most pressing issues that new companies face today?

Hiring and retaining talent. That’s why companies need to have attractive profiles in terms of career development and training opportunities. Finding the right employee for the role means knowing the exact skill set required and identifying high potential in new candidates. With eloomi, business leaders can get fundamental data and insights about their organization and understand what’s needed to achieve goals faster, from the very start of the onboarding phase. Additionally, the platform provides employees with continuous engaging learning, helping companies nurture their talent and motivation.

In your opinion, what cybersecurity measures are essential for global teams?

Everything starts from our individual level of awareness and knowledge. Like many institutions have reported, the main threat to IT security comes directly from employees and users. Being fully compliant with cybersecurity or internal policies begins with recurrent and long-lasting training. These days, every employee should know the basics of IT security, from phishing to data leaking and more. Solid software provides us with automation, intelligent reports, and reminders to reduce risks and all possible mistakes at work. eloomi has partnered with the best content providers to make it even easier for our customers to add and assign the validated and trending compliance courses. With eloomi, you don’t just have access to industry-standard content, but you also drive employee engagement and, most importantly, you reach completion goals with instant progress reports. When addressing compliance needs, it’s crucial to automate training and set recurring courses in order to ensure consistency. When organizations get eloomi, they can get off-the-shelf compliance courses from our content library or create and customize their own training modules with the easy-to-use course builder. With all these features, companies can finally reach complete compliance and be sure all topics are covered.

What do you think the average workplace is going to look like in the next few years?

A hub with hybrid-working employees motivated by a sense of community and mutual engagement towards goals. At eloomi, we are already working in this direction. We celebrate small wins and reduce silos with a strong teamwork attitude. Flexibility is also part of our DNA, having multiple teams located in different offices around the world.

Recently, maintaining creativity has been a serious struggle for some organizations. How can companies foster creativity and innovation when the majority of employees are working remotely?

We often organize workshops and brainstorming sessions with our teams and across departments. We do this by getting enough time to talk and check on each other ideas to find a common language and start building new projects. This process gives us constructive feedback and helps us engage everyone more interactively. I think companies should add time for creativity as part of their daily agenda. It’s hard to be innovative without a creative process and motivated people. When working from the same office, it is easy to spar with each other. If you succeed in moving it online, you will be able to maintain a creative organization.

Would you like to share what’s next for eloomi?

Where should I start? We are relentlessly working on upgrading our products and meeting the upcoming needs of organizations around the world. Our teams are focusing on helping managers, and L&D practitioners understand the current skills available in their organization and identify the ones to have in the future. Mapping skills and identifying skills gaps determines how people development gets to the next level. Companies need individual and collective overviews of their workforce to stay competitive and hire and retain the best talent. To drive this, we added our content library that offers infinite possibilities to receive the best training for bridging the skills gap and upskilling & reskilling employees faster. Our mission is to help organizations create an engaging learning culture, enable an HR digital transformation, and unlock their unique business potential.

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