Police gear up to patrol the streets in Musk’s Cybertrucks

One vehicle upfitting company has showcased its latest modifications to Tesla’s Cybertruck, which could be deployed across the US later this year.

We’ve all seen car chases in movies or TV shows, in which police chase an assailant through the streets, thwarting their dastardly plans and ultimately apprehending the culprit.

Now imagine law enforcement performing these high-speed chases in Tesla’s Cybertruck. Well, imagine no more, as UP.FIT a company specializing in modifying and augmenting electric vehicles, has introduced the next generation of Tesla Fleet Vehicles.

One of these vehicles, the Tesla Cybertruck patrol vehicle, has caught the attention of Tesla fanatics and people worldwide.

US law enforcement is already using Tesla’s Model Y and other models in their daily operations. Now, the Tesla Cybertruck has taken center stage and could be ready for deployment as early as this year.

The CEO of Unplugged Performance, Ben Schaffer, said that with direct feedback from police departments that have participated in the development process, he and his team “look forward to deploying these complete UP.FIT vehicles to law enforcement agencies across the nation this year.”

The company claims that using up-fitted Tesla vehicles is cost-effective, reliable, and safe, calling Tesla the “safest police vehicle available globally.”

UP.FIT is a California-based upfitting company that modifies and augments traditional electronic vehicles for specific sectors and industries.

The company offers various services for the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X Tesla vehicles, which can be modified to accommodate law enforcement, government agencies, and fire departments.

“From police and fire departments to military and tactical response agencies, Up.Fit has leveraged its extensive Tesla experience to transform Cybertruck’s revolutionary platform for specialty use,” an UP.FIT spokesperson said.

The Cybertruck looks to be getting a law enforcement facelift. It will have flashing blue and red lights, sirens, a public address system, and radio and computer systems.

UP.FIT boasts its “unrivaled stainless steel exoskeleton, sports-car grade on-road capabilities, and…advanced safety technologies.”

“UP.FIT Cybertruck can be customized for tactical, military, or search and rescue missions with available prisoner partitions, storage for weapons and specialty tools, K9 enclosures, upgraded vehicle dynamics with specialized UP.FIT Forged wheel and tire packages, braking systems, and optional upgrades for extreme off-road usage, as well as Starlink internet connectivity,” the company said.

Despite UP.FIT’S claims that these vehicles are the safest police vehicles globally, Teslas aren’t exactly known for their consistent reliability, particularly when drivers use the self-driving mode.

One instance reported recently was haunting, showing the dangers of Tesla’s self-driving capabilities.

A Tesla owner from Ohio posted a disturbing video clip. His vehicle didn’t notice a passing train until the very last moment, suddenly turning right and crashing into the crossing gate. The owner says this is the second time this has happened at different railroad crossings while the Tesla was in full self-driving (FSD) mode.

In addition to this report, Tesla was forced to recall a large number of its latest Cybertrucks in April 2024 due to faulty accelerator pedal problems.

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