Tesla enables hands-free trunk for oversized cargo

Tesla has just released an update that allows users to automatically open the trunk of their car without using their hands.

In a promotional video from Tesla, a woman is seen holding a giant teddy bear, unable to access the trunk using her hands. The woman stands behind the trunk, which magically opens automatically upon sensing her.

The hands-free trunk mode allows those with a Tesla Model S, Model X made in 2021 or later, or the upgraded Model 3 to open their trunk by standing behind the car. This function can only be accessed when the Phone Key is enabled.

Users can access the trunk with their hands full by standing behind it with the Phone Key unobstructed. The driver should have their Phone Key in their front pocket while approaching the trunk and should stand still upon arrival. Tesla users will then wait for the chimes, and the trunk will automatically open.

To enable the feature, owners of the Model S, Model X, or upgraded Model 3 will need to go to their car, select settings, go to locks, and then apply the Hands-Free Trunk mode.

This function is only available on iPhone 11+ and the Tesla app 4.31.0+, but the feature is planned to be extended to Android users.

Alongside the Hands-Free Trunk mode, there have been other visual updates, as reported by Not a Tesla App.

This includes the User Interface v12, which has immersive full-screen vehicle controls when parked, large playback controls, easy access to your ‘recents’ or ‘favorites,’ and expandable Autopilot driving visuals with a small map in the corner of your screen for guidance.