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VPN speed test comparison

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How to test VPN connection speed?

On the Cybernews VPN connection speed test tool, you’ll see performance data for many of the world’s biggest VPN providers. You can select your VPNs to compare them based on country, testing time period, and see average results to find out the fastest VPN for your needs.


How does the Cybernews VPN speed test work?

For this speed comparison, we get live data from worldwide servers using regular VPN accounts. They are simple user connections you can buy yourself, with no special rights or increased performance.

Then, the speed of connections on OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols is tested using the speedtest.net CLI tool and its worldwide range of servers. This way, we have active connections all across the world, routinely testing all of our providers – and giving us all live data that shows us the latest performance information at all times.


How do we gather our data?

Data for the Cybernews VPN speed test tool is gathered from 10 worldwide locations: Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, USA, Singapore, Sweden, France, and Japan. To get the most accurate results, we consistently cycle through all providers that we are testing on all locations. One provider per location is tested once every 5 minutes. This lets us get a reliable average figure, close to the real-life performance you would be getting.

The location of our VPN speed test servers matches the locations of the VPN servers. By connecting to servers close to one another, we can get the most accurate results, as there are fewer hops the connection needs to make.

Cybernews VPN testing process

This is what our tool does 24/7, once every five minutes:

  1. The VPN speed test requests to connect with the VPN server in the same country
  2. VPN and speed test servers in the same country connect with the fewest hops possible.
  3. The request reaches the VPN’s data center
  4. The VPN server sends back the results right back to us.

The figures are compared automatically, essentially removing the user Internet service provider’s (ISP) influence on the results. Depending on your ISP’s infrastructure, its links, or even the plan that you have, your speeds can be vastly different. By removing this major part of the infrastructure from the equation, it’s easier to compare VPNs with one another. Of course, the figures aren’t all that we need. Here’s what we do to make sure the results are as close to real-life experience as possible.

Getting realistic results

Our tests are crafted to reflect the regular user perspective as much as possible. This means getting the best overall results, using all the top features each provider has to offer. One of the most significant variables here is the connection protocol.

OpenVPN is an industry-standard used by most providers. But now, many VPNs like Surfshark or IPVanish have upgraded to a super-fast WireGuard. Others take it one step further, with their own custom protocols – like NordVPN with NordLynx.

On our VPN speed test tool, you’ll see the highest scores possible from each of the providers – and this is where VPNs offering the latest high-speed protocols will shine. Plus, with your ISP causing no effect on the scores, you can get a clearer look at how the VPNs compare.


How do we select which VPN services to test?

On our VPN reviews, we test dozens of providers. This way, we try to help you choose the best VPN services for your needs. They’re evaluated based on several criteria, including security, streaming and torrenting capabilities, server selection, and user experience. But of course, there’s one thing we still need to determine – speed.

This VPN speed test tool includes our highest-rated providers from all other criteria. We pick up the options offering more than just quick servers and run them through our test. This way, we can help you find solid all-around solutions, perfect for all your online security and private browsing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to test a VPN speed?

To test a VPN speed, you can check out the Cybernews VPN speed test tool, which measures performance of the world’s biggest, best-rated VPNs. Since VPN speeds depend on many factors, it can be quite difficult to do it yourself – making tools like this seriously helpful.

Which VPN is the fastest?

The fastest VPNs are the ones that use modern, high-speed and high-security protocols. Options like NordVPN and Surfshark are regularly topping our fast VPN lists, providing great consistent performance.

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