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Ad blocker coupons & promo codes 2024

Save big with our ad blocker coupons! We’ve got the best promo codes and coupons for 2024 to protect you and your wallet. Stop annoying ads, avoid notifications, newsletters, and cookie pop-ups without breaking the bank. Just click on any of the links below, and the ad blocker discount will be applied automatically.

Block ads with the NordVPN Threat Protection feature and enjoy browsing ad-free and safely. This VPN encrypts your data online and blocks malicious sites, ads, and online threats. Get it now with a 72% discount and get get free travel data! The coupon is applied automatically.
Browse without intrusive trackers, ads, and malicious content with Total Adblock. You can now get rid of online interruptions with 80% off! The coupon code is applied automatically.
Browse safely online without malicious and annoying ads with Surfshark CleanWeb. You’ll be protected not only from cookies, trackers, and ads but also from malware threats. Grab this deal and get CleanWeb with an 86% discount and 3 months free. Coupon is applied automatically.
Effectively eliminate online trackers, avoid malicious content, and remove ads with Atlas VPN Shield. Moreover, this reliable ad blocker offers a VPN function to mask your online activities. Save up to 86% with Atlas VPN Shield coupon and get 6 months FREE! Coupon code applies automatically.
Well-performing NetShield ad blocker comes with a Proton VPN and excels in effective ads, trackers, and malware blocking. You can choose what type of content to block with vast customization options. Opt for Proton VPN NetShield with a special 50% discount for a 2-year plan. Coupon code applies automatically.

How to choose the best ad blocker coupon?

Here's what to consider when choosing an ad blocker coupon:

  • Consider why you require the ad blocker. Look through its features and ad-blocking capabilities to match your needs.
  • Set a monthly budget for the ad blocker service. Most coupons here can turn pricey services into affordable ones, so you're in luck if you're on a budget.
  • Check the ad blocker plan durations and any limitations or restrictions. Opt for a free trial, a money-back guarantee, or both for a worry-free experience.

How to apply a coupon code?

Here's an easy guide to apply an ad blocker promo code:

  1. Click the green button on the ad blocker coupon (it will take you to the ad blocker website)
  2. Choose your preferred ad blocker plan Nord TP plans
  3. Go to checkout and make sure the discount has been applied automatically Cybernews code applied
  4. Enter your payment details, check the necessary boxes, and click "continue" or a similar button enter payment information

That's it! You've just snagged yourself a fantastic ad blocker deal!

DISCLAIMER: The prices shown here are approximate examples only. Before making a purchase, please check the exact prices, as well as other terms and conditions, on the provider's website.

Are all of these ad blocker coupons up to date?

Yes, all these coupons are up to date and can be used when buying the ad blockers listed. Keep in mind that they do have an expiration date.

Active promo codes will automatically apply when you enter the provider’s page by clicking on the green button. If your coupon isn't working, it may not necessarily be expired. Double-check if you're using the correct coupon for the product. You can also type the coupon code in manually.

If the issue persists, all the developers of the listed products provide excellent customer support services. Feel free to reach out to them directly through the support page.

Ad blocker coupons & promo codes FAQs