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Best global eSIM plans for June 2024

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, has helped change the mobile connectivity world without having to physically swap the SIM card. Multiple mobile networks can now be easily accessed on your travels, which is ideal when traveling internationally.

However, choosing an eSIM can be daunting, so continue reading to discover the best global eSIM providers in 2024.

Top 5 global eSIM plans – our shortlist

How to use a global eSIM

First, you need to check if you can use data-only eSIM providers. This means that you should check the compatibility of your phone and whether your device supports eSIM functionality. Most newer models offer eSIM support, but it’s best to check to be sure.

Once done, choose the best global eSIM provider from our list, or check out our overall best eSIM providers and purchase a plan that works best for your needs.

How to use a global eSIM on iPhone

First of all, make sure that your device can support the global eSIM. After you’ve done that, purchase a global eSIM plan. Now, onto activating your eSIM card. Click on "Settings," select "Cellular," then go to "Add Cellular Plan." Follow the instructions to install the eSIM profile on your phone (they may vary a little depending on the provider).

Once everything is set up, you are ready to use your global eSIM card.

How to use a global eSIM on Android

Same here as well; be sure to check whether your mobile device supports eSIMs in general. After you’ve checked that and purchased an eSIM plan, follow the needed steps to activate it. Go to device settings and choose "Network & Internet" or "Connections," select "Add carrier" or "Add cellular plan." Follow the further instructions to install the eSIM profile.

After you’re done with the steps and have the eSIM profile on your phone, you’re ready to use it.

The best global eSIMs – our detailed list

Our team of experts tested the most popular global eSIM providers and chose the best. For our global eSIM review, we checked each provider in regard to coverage, pricing, and plans available as well as customer support. Continue reading to find the best global eSIM review for 2024.

1. Saily – best overall global eSIM provider in 2024

Saily esim banner
Supports 5G networks:
Starting price:

Saily is the currently growing and expanding new global eSIM provider, which is already becoming a big contender in the eSIM industry. It offers great solutions for international travelers. This global eSIM provides all the features you might need for a smooth traveling experience and is likely to introduce more cybersecurity-focused features in the future, as it’s created by those behind NordVPN.

Coverage. Saily offers data plans in over 150 countries. You will find all the most popular destinations here. What is more, Saily offers excellent speeds with its mobile data and works with many different mobile carriers to provide the best coverage.

Pricing. Saily's pricing is flexible and varies from country to country. The cheapest 1GB and 7-day plan starts out at only $2.99, though the plan pricing depends solely on the country and the region you’re going to visit. Saily offers 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB plans with a length or validity of up to 30 days. This global eSIM provider is definitely a good option for short trips when 1GB is more than enough.

Customer support. Saily has a help center and FAQ available as well as 24/7 chat support on the app. Furthermore, more detailed inquiries can also be sent via email.

2. Airalo – a first-ever reliable global eSIM

Airalo banner
Supports 5G networks:
Starting price:
$4.50, 1GB of data for 7 days
Countries and regions:
200+ countries and regions options

Airalo global eSIM has been in the industry for quite some time (founded in 2019), and it is reflected in a number of ways. It is affordable in what it offers and provides you with access to quite a number of digital SIM cards. No wonder, as it’s the first-ever global eSIM provider.

Coverage. Airalo offers three eSIMs: local, regional, and global. It has a coverage of over 200 countries and regions that is perfect for longer trips. Due to wide coverage, regional eSIMs and global eSIMs are one of Airalo's main advantages if you’re going on “over the world” trip.

Pricing. Airalo’s pricing plans start out at $4.50 for a 1GB and 7-day plan. Airalo has 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB plans available with the maximum length being 30 days for the local plans. Regional and global eSIM plans start out at a higher price point but also offer a longer validity of the eSIM.

Customer support. Airalo provides a help center, a contact form, and 24/7 support. However, the response time regarding your inquiries may vary as well.

3. Nomad – a good eSIM option for frequent travelers

Nomad banner
Supports 5G networks:
Starting price:
$4.00, 1GB of data for 7 days
165+, 8 regions

Nomad is another great global eSIM provider that has good coverage. Nomad eSIM boasts a quick and easy setup, as you can set up your eSIM in less than 5 minutes.

Coverage. Nomad offers data plan coverage in 170+ countries. It has local eSIMs as well as regional eSIMs available. When it comes to regional eSIMs, the Nomad app will connect automatically to a local mobile carrier as you move.

Pricing. Nomad eSIM has regular plans as well as day plans. Nomad’s cheapest pricing plan starts at $4.00 per 1GB and has the usual 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB plans available too. It also offers day plans – from 1 day to 10 days. Options may vary depending on the country you’re traveling to, as Nomad has a lot of different pricing and data plan options. In general, the pricing plans are flexible and offer whatever you might need for both short and long trips.

Customer support. Nomad provides FAQs, a help center, and you can also fill out a contact form inquiry via email. Moreover, it has a chat available and you can receive messages via push notifications.

4. Jetpac – comprehensive eSIM coverage for global travel

JetPac banner
Supports 5G networks:
Starting price:
$1, 1GB of data for 4 days

Jetpac offers competitive pricing plans and a dependable global eSIM service. It’s easy to use and fast in its setup, allowing users to get connected in no time. Jetpac covers the top 100 most popular countries worldwide, making it a practical choice for international travelers.

Coverage. Jetpac covers over 100 countries, offering both country-specific and regional eSIMs. This makes it particularly beneficial for travelers needing broad international reach with a single eSIM.

Pricing. Jetpac’s data plans vary from 1GB to 40GB depending on the country, with a validity of up to 4, 7, and 30 days. Plans start at $1 for 1GB of data valid for 4 days, $10 for 3GB (7 days), $25 for 10GB (30 days), $30 for 15GB (30 days), $38 for 25GB (30 days), $45 for 30GB (30 days), and $80 for 40GB (30 days).

Customer support. Jetpac provides excellent customer support through its app, which includes a comprehensive FAQ section and troubleshooting guides. Users can also register for free lounge access in case of flight delays via the app.

5. aloSIM – eSIM that is easy to use

aloSIM banner
Supports 5G networks:
Starting price:
$4.50, 1GB of data for 7 days
170+, 10 regions

aloSIM offers competitive pricing plans and a rather dependable global eSIM service. It’s easy to use and fast in its setup, so you will be using it in no time once you get it. It was founded in 2022 and quickly made its way among the top global eSIM providers.

Coverage. aloSIM has a coverage of 170 countries. The eSIM offers both country-specific and regional eSIMs covering such regions as Europe, Mediterranean, Scandinavia, and more. While it has a few regional options, the bigger part of them seem to put more focus on European countries.

Pricing. Data plans vary from 1GB to 20GB depending on the country, and the validity of the eSIM is up to 7, 15, and 30 days. Plans usually start at $4.50 for 7 days and come with 1GB of data, but as usual, the pricing of the data plan depends entirely on your destination point.

Customer support. aloSIM has a chat available where it provides the answers to the most common questions asked. However, if you’re unhappy with that, you can still use the chat function. It also has an FAQ-style help center.

6. Instabridge – eSIM with additional security features

Instabridge banner
Supports 5G networks:
Starting price:
$3.00, 1GB of data for 7 days
190+, 2 regions

Instabridge global eSIM may not be as well known as the others on this list, but it is definitely not less good than the other options provided. Instabridge boasts its cost-effective data plans as well as additional features like a VPN, data-saving browser and more.

Coverage. Instabridge has coverage across 190+ countries and offers global, regional as well as local coverage. Unfortunately, the only two regions to choose from are Latin America and Europe, when it comes to regional eSIM options.

Pricing. Instabridge offers very competitive prices and is extremely affordable, as the cheapest plan starts out at $3.00 for 1GB, with a validity of 7 days. On the other hand, the plan options are somewhat more limited as it only has 1GB, 3GB, and 10GB available. The validity also varies: 7, 15, and 30-day validity plans are available.

Customer support. When it comes to customer support, Instabridge has a knowledge base full of support articles and FAQs. What is more, you can send an email inquiry or contact customer support directly via the app itself.

What is a global eSIM?

Global eSIM is primarily an eSIM that works all around the world or in most countries where an eSIM provider has coverage. You can access mobile data pretty much anywhere with only a few clicks. An eSIM can be global, local, or regional. Global eSIMs are usually pricier than others but they are a lifesaver if you’re having a multi-country trip where you will need to use different mobile carriers throughout your journey.

eSIM global providers ensure a hassle-free experience, so you don’t need to worry about at least one thing during your trip, especially if you’re traveling through multiple countries. Also, global eSIMs offer remote activation, which provides much-needed flexibility and convenience if you’re planning such an intricate adventure in the first place.

How does global eSIM work?

A global eSIM card works the same way as the traditional physical SIM card. The biggest advantage of it is that you don’t need to physically swap the card, it is built into compatible devices directly and allows users to switch between mobile networks seamlessly. Setting up a global eSIM is done via software configurations in contrast to the physical card that you need to physically change.

A global data eSIM simplifies a lot of processes because you can store multiple eSIM profiles on one device, which allows you to manage and swap them easily and fuss-free.

How to make calls with global eSIM

It’s really similar and as simple as using a physical or traditional SIM card. Once you have your eSIM active on your device, just open the phone app and enter the number you want to call. Surely, you can just call the needed contact if it’s already in your contact list. If you’re making an international call, do not forget to add the country code to the phone number. Most eSIMs do not provide a phone number, but you can also call using a VoIP app (voice over Internet Protocol) that lets you make phone calls over the Internet.

If you have a physical SIM card and an activated eSIM card on your phone, do not forget to choose the line of your eSIM card in the settings. This will help you avoid accidentally using up your roaming and later pay huge fees for the calls. Moreover, this will help make sure that you are using your global eSIM plan to the full effect.


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