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IPVanish Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

IPVanish is an awesome choice if you’re looking for a VPN. Not only does it offer some superb security features, but it also has some killer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Read on to find out more about these amazing IPVanish Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

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IPVanish Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers

This year, IPVanish have really cool Black Friday offers that are totally worth looking into. And if you missed the Black Friday sales, don't worry because the killer discounts last until Cyber Monday. Here are the sweet IPVanish Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

Why should I buy IPVanish on Black Friday?

IPVanish is a US-based and very positively rated VPN service provider with some great features, and that is one reason to consider purchasing a subscription plan. But if you need more reasons to buy IPVanish on Black Friday out of all possible days, look no further. Read our reasons to invest in IPVanish:

  1. High-quality VPN service for an exceptionally low price. As a general rule, VPNs are usually a bit pricey. And while IPVanish is a bit cheaper than other VPNs on the market, it would make little sense to miss the opportunity to purchase a great subscription plan for even less than usual. That’s why buying IPVanish on Black Friday is a smart move.
  2. Protect your credit card and other sensitive information while shopping. As Black Friday is dedicated to shopping and a big part of it happens online, it is a fit environment for all kinds of shopping scams. This puts your payment details in danger, especially if you’re using a public wifi network. By purchasing an IPVanish subscription on Black Friday first, you can later ensure total encryption and protection of any sensitive data that has a risk of getting exposed while shopping online.

What will you get with an IPVanish subscription?

IPVanish offers some really cool and beneficial features that help ensure top-tier protection and anonymity of your online escapades. Here are some of our favourites that you can get with an IPVanish subscription:

  1. Encryption - IPVanish VPN uses new generation, military grade 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt all incoming and outgoing traffic, which makes you virtually anonymous and untraceable online. To add to that, the authentication is processed with SHA-512 hash functions, which are constantly changing and therefore can ensure the best possible protection of your data.
  2. Storage - with the SugarSync bundle of IPVanish, you also get a 500GB encrypted storage space for your sensitive files. You can store anything there, from top secret files and bank account details to addresses, notes, and more. No one but you will have access to the information you put there.
  3. Autoconnect - this allows for automatic connection to a VPN whenever you connect to the internet. With this feature, you won’t need to worry about forgetting to turn on your VPN every time while, for example, travelling and encountering unsafe public networks.
  4. Split tunneling - with IPVanish, Android users will have the luxury of routing certain applications’ traffic outside of a VPN. This is useful for activities that require higher speeds (as using a VPN does lower your speed, although not significantly) or such as delivery services that require your real location.
  5. Traffic obfuscation - this feature lets you take your anonymity online to the next level. Obfuscating your traffic can be useful when you really want to mask the fact that you’re using a VPN. This is really important if you live somewhere where governments don’t allow VPN use, for example.

For more awesome features, read our IPVanish review.

What about IPVanish’s Cyber Monday deal?

While Black Friday is a general sale day, Cyber Monday is dedicated to cyber products (such as VPNs) in particular.

With IPVanish offering an awesome Black Friday deal, it is reasonable to expect a similar offer on Cyber Monday. No one misses the opportunity to pitch their very cyber product on a very cyber sale day.

So if you somehow missed the Black Friday sale, the 29th of November would be your second chance to get yourself a killer IPVanish Cyber Monday deal.

Final thoughts

The big sale day is near and IPVanish has some really awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year.

If you’ve been looking for a VPN to buy this Black Friday, IPVanish would be an obvious choice. You’ll get an awesome VPN service which will not only encrypt your traffic, but also help with protecting your sensitive data and give you a safe space to store your files, only accessible to you.

You can get your 2-year IPVanish subscription plan with 73% off now.


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