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Does IPVanish work with Netflix?

IPVanish is one of those VPNs that work with Netflix really well. It lets you access exclusive shows and movies from 30 Netflix libraries, no matter where you are. Be it the US, Japan or the UK - Netflix libraries from these and many more countries are just a few clicks away.

And aside from unblocking Netflix, IPVanish offers fast speeds, top-tier encryption protocols, and cool additional features.

In this article, we’ll look into whether IPVanish works with Netflix, and see if you can watch Netflix with IPVanish for free.

Unblock Netflix with IPVanish – our quick guide:

Here’s a quick and comprehensive guide on how to unblock Netflix with IPVanish:

  1. Download and install IPVanish on your device
  2. Choose the country you want to watch Netflix in
  3. Connect to an IPVanish server in that country
  4. Open Netflix app or website

IPVanish not working with Netflix – what to do?

IPVanish is a really good VPN for unblocking Netflix and rarely doesn’t work. However, IPVanish’s servers are used by multiple users at the same time, and this can cause proxy errors and Netflix blocking from time to time.


If you find yourself not being able to access Netflix while connected to one of IPVanish’s servers, here is what you can do:

1. Connect to a different IPVanish server

If your internet connection is alright and you can access other websites or use other applications on your device, connecting to another IPVanish server may solve the problem.

2. Clear your browser’s cache

If connecting to a different server didn’t work, one more thing you can try is clearing your browser’s cache. Sometimes, data saved in your browser exposes your real IP address, and so Netflix’s anti-VPN technology gets activated. In most browsers, you can clear cache by going to Settings > Security and Privacy > Clear Browsing Data.

3. Change your VPN protocol

To bypass Netflix proxy error, you can also try changing the VPN protocol. IPVanish has a pretty big protocol selection: WireGuard, known as the fastest, the IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP/TCP, L2TP, and PPTP. You can change the IPVanish VPN protocol by going to Settings > Connections and selecting your preferred protocol.

4. Contact support

If none of the options above worked, or if you think the problem is related to DNS configurations, and you aren’t sure how to proceed, you should contact the IPVanish support team. You can contact IPVanish support by submitting a ticket via email.

Best IPVanish servers to watch Netflix

Out of 51 countries, Netflix with IPVanish works in 30, which is a little more than half.

However, the trend seems to be that Netflix doesn’t work in most European countries. The few exceptions are Latvia, Moldova, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, The UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, and Slovakia. In these countries, Netflix was working fine and loading all the exclusive titles.

In addition to this, IPVanish unblocks Netflix in countries with the biggest libraries. Here are the best IPVanish servers to watch Netflix with, and the number of titles each Netflix library has:

UK5673South Africa4987

US Netflix with IPVanish

The US Netflix library is the most extensive of all Netflix libraries, and the most sought after. So, it is no surprise that most users, when looking for a VPN, choose the one that can unblock US Netflix and has numerous servers in the country.

IPVanish is the one VPN that boasts 17 server locations in the whole of the US. The number is massive when compared to other VPN providers. On top of that, all of them work with US Netflix, because really, why wouldn’t they?

But which IPVanish US server offers the best Netflix experience? I did some testing with different US server locations.

Here are the top 5 IPVanish US locations that work best with Netflix, regarding loading speed and video quality:

Seattle, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans

How to use IPVanish for Netflix

If you’re not sure how the whole “watch Netflix with IPVanish” thing works, don’t worry, I got you. It’s all verys simple, you just need to follow these steps below:

  1. Install IPVanish app on your device and login.
  2. Go to the server list and choose the country you want to watch Netflix in: ipvanish serer list
  3. Connect to your chosen server: connect to ipvanish server
  4. Go to your web browser’s settings google-chrome-settings
  5. Go to Security and Privacy and select “Clear browsing data”: clear-browser-data-chrome-settings
  6. Check the “Cached images and files” box and click “Clear data”: clear-cached-files-in-chrome
  7. If you want to watch Netflix on your phone or tablet, you’ll need to clear cached files on your device and remove the Netflix app from the app tray.
  8. Go to the Netflix website or app and start watching your favourite show!

Why choose IPVanish for Netflix?

If you're still hesitant to try out IPVanish with Netflix, here are some reasons why you should really consider it:

  • Fast loading speeds. During all the tests I did, the slowest loading time on Netflix was just around 3 seconds, no more. To add to that, I didn’t experience any buffering whatsoever and could enjoy a smooth and pleasurable watching experience. And during our other speed tests, IPVanish’s WireGuard performance was just stellar, retaining around 80-90% of the original internet speed. Thus, if you’re looking for a fast VPN, IPVanish won’t disappoint.
  • High number of US server locations. IPVanish is one of the few VPN providers which has a very high number of US servers and locations to choose from. This is very good news for accessing the US Netflix library, which has the most titles, as you won’t be limited to only one location and will be able to choose the most optimal one depending on your area and internet speed.
  • Compatibility with various devices. IPVanish has clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, as well as a browser extension for Chrome, and is compatible with Amazon Firestick and various routers. With IPVanish, you’ll be able to watch Netflix on whatever device you want, no limits whatsoever. On top of that, IPVanish also allows unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Additional features. Aside from being a fast and reliable VPN for Netflix, IPVanish also has a bunch of additional features that could be useful in your everyday online life. For example, the SugarSync feature offers encrypted storage space of up to 500MB, and the split tunneling feature allows you to route only selected apps through the VPN connection, making your online experience more convenient.

Can I unblock Netflix with IPVanish for free?

You can unblock Netflix with IPVanish for free with their 30-day money back guarantee. Unfortunately, IPVanish doesn’t have a free version or a free trial, but the guarantee that you can get your money back (here's how to get an IPVanish free trial) should put you at ease - you won’t be losing any money if you end up finding IPVanish’s performance with Netflix worse, or just not what you expected and needed.

Besides, the free version would probably come with certain limitations, such as some features like the SugarSync being available only with paid plans, or monthly data caps, which would make binge-watching Netflix originals a bit more difficult.

However, if you’re set on using a free VPN for Netflix, I suggest you check out our best free VPN page, or look into some other VPN providers that have free trials, such as NordVPN and Surfshark.


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