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Best VPNs for Netflix in 2021

Best VPN for Netflix

So, the movie you waited for so long has finally arrived on Netflix. There’s only one problem – it’s not available in your region. Luckily, you can still watch it with the help of the best VPNs for Netflix.

It’s true – the right Virtual Private Network will be able to bypass geo-blocking and let you access the content you want. However, Netflix constantly blocks VPN traffic, making it difficult to find a VPN that works with this streaming service.

To help you find the best Netflix VPN that works, we tested dozens of VPNs and compiled a list of the services that are actually able to deliver. Get ready for some binge-watching!

The 5 best VPNs for Netflix:

  1. NordVPN – the best VPN for Netflix and other streaming services
  2. Surfshark VPN – the cheapest VPN for Netflix
  3. VyprVPN – most inexpensive Netflix VPN in the long-term
  4. ExpressVPN – Netflix VPN with high speeds for ultra HD
  5. CyberGhost VPN – Netflix VPN with the longest money-back guarantee

Quick guide: how to use a VPN for Netflix

Once you choose a suitable VPN, unblocking Netflix becomes a piece of cake. Here’s how you unblock Netflix with a VPN:

  1. Install the VPN of your choice (currently, NordVPN is our best pick for Netflix)
  2. Choose the country whose Netflix library you want to unblock and connect to the server
  3. Open your browser and go to Netflix (or open your Netflix application on your phone or tablet)

That’s it. Pick a movie and have a great time!

If, by any chance, Netflix doesn’t show the content you need (or worse – displays an error message), there may still be some hope left. 

You might still make the VPN work by tweaking a few things here and there, like disabling IPv6 connections. In any case, you can always contact the customer support of your VPN and get the advice and instructions you need.

See our tips for more VPN use cases here.

Best VPNs for Netflix – our detailed list:

In total, we tested 30+ VPN services and their ability to unblock Netflix. Unsurprisingly, we were left with only seven titles, as the rest weren’t great at bypassing the strict geo-blocks of this popular streaming service.

We used a number of different devices (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS) and tried out various features (like SmartDNS) that enhance your streaming experience.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for Netflix

Based in:Panama
Devices per subscription:6
Servers/countries:5500+ servers in 59 countries
No. of Netflix Libraries:16

One of the most well-known VPN on the internet, NordVPN truly earns the #1 spot as the best Netflix VPN.

Thanks to its revolutionary NordLynx tunneling protocol, NordVPN offers ultra fast download speed, which lets you watch Netflix with no interruptions. It also has a staggering number of 5,542 servers across 59 countries. Most of the servers are located in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Currently, NordVPN is able to unblock 16 different Netflix libraries. These include the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Japan, and Australia.

Netflix fans will also appreciate the VPN’s SmartPlay technology. This feature helps you bypass streaming media blocks and watch geo-blocked content on smart TVs.

There’s also the possibility to purchase a dedicated IP address that has a much lower chance of being blocked by Netflix. You’ll be the only person who uses it, and that’s why Netflix and other sites won’t detect any suspicious activity.

You shouldn’t forget that NordVPN is great for unblocking other streaming services, too. It lets you watch content on BBC iPlayer, as well Youtube and DAZN (right now, the latter works with the UK server).

NordVPN is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Also, you can use its browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


  • One of the fastest VPNs
  • Huge server selection
  • SmartPlay technology
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Inexpensive
  • Unblocks most streaming sites


  • No router app
  • No free version

2. Surfshark – the cheapest VPN for Netflix

Based in:British Virgin Islands
Devices per subscription:Unlimited
Servers/countries:3200+ servers in 65 countries
No. of Netflix Libraries:30+

Surfshark is yet another great Netflix VPN and other streaming sites. You might have heard about this VPN from various Youtube ads – and for good reason. That’s because Surfshark can unblock a myriad of streaming sites – something that most VPN services fail to deliver.

Try Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Youtube: you will be watching geo-blocked content in seconds. It’s also nice that Surfshark offers a rather big server fleet that consists of 3,200+ servers in 65 countries. The US, the UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, and many other countries are just a click away.

In addition, Surfshark is able to unblock a massive number of Netflix libraries – 30, to be exact. They include the US, the UK, Canada, France, India, India, Italy, South Korea, Ireland, and Greece.

Just like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, Surfshark offers a solution for streaming devices that don’t support VPNs: SmartDNS. Using it, you can watch Netflix on your SmartTV or PlayStation. Right now, this feature allows you to access only the Netflix US library, but more libraries should be available in the future.

When it comes to applications, you get the usual bunch: Surfshark has apps for Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. You can also download VPN extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.


  • Unblocks most streaming platforms
  • 7-day free trial
  • SmartDNS feature
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Cheap subscription for 24 months
  • Supports WireGuard


  • Expensive monthly plan

3. VyprVPN – most inexpensive Netflix VPN in the long-term

Based in:Switzerland
Devices per subscription:5
Servers/countries:700+ servers in 70 countries
No. of Netflix Libraries:4

VyprVPN is one of those VPN services that don’t spend a fortune on advertising. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s any worse than the others. In fact, if you’re looking for the best Netflix VPN, VyprVPN might be exactly what you need.

When we tested it on various streaming platforms, it didn’t disappoint us. VyprVPN successfully unblocked Netflix (Canada, the US, the UK, and Germany), BBC iPlayer, and DAZN. The speeds were also great, especially when the WireGuard protocol was selected. However, you should keep in mind that Netflix and other sites might not work with other tunneling protocols. For example, Netflix displayed an error message when we connected with IKEv2.

VyprVPN also offers a feature called VyprDNS.It will help you access geo-blocked content on a lot of different devices. In addition, even though VyprVPN only has 700 servers in 70 countries, each and every server is owned by the company.

You can use VyprVPN with a myriad of different devices. It offers apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, all of which support the WireGuard protocol. You can also set it up with your router or smart TV.


  • Unblocks lots of streaming sites
  • Great connections speeds
  • Supports WireGuard
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Very cheap 36-month plan


  • Limited support for Linux
  • Mixed experience with non-WireGuard protocols
  • Limited number of servers

4. ExpressVPN – Netflix VPN with high speeds for ultra HD

Based in:British Virgin Islands
Devices per subscription:5
Servers/countries:3000+ servers in 94 countries
No. of Netflix Libraries:n/a

ExpressVPN definitely deserves to be listed as one of the best VPNs for Netflix. Similarly to NordVPN, it offers an in-house tunneling protocol called Lightway. It allows for super fast download speeds that are perfect for streaming – you’re likely to be left with 70%-90% of your original speed depending on the server you connect to.

When it comes to unblocking streaming services, ExpressVPN won’t disappoint you. We tested it on the US, Canadian, and UK Netflix libraries and could watch all the shows available only to the users from the corresponding countries. In addition, ExpressVPN also works with BBC iPlayer and Youtube.

Another good reason to list ExpressVPN as a great Netflix VPN is its MediaStreamer feature (a.k.a. SmartDNS). It will help you watch Netflix on devices that don’t support VPNs. You might also like the fact that ExpressVPN has a proprietary router app that eliminates the restriction of five simultaneous connections, allowing you and your family members to use many different streaming services at the same time.

As for applications, there’s a lot to choose from. You can download ExpressVPN to your Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS device. There are also browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


  • Ultra fast VPN speeds
  • MediaStreamer feature
  • Proprietary router app
  • Dedicated IP option
  • Unblocks most streaming services
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Speeds can be inconsistent
  • Higher than the average price

5. CyberGhost – Netflix VPN with the longest money-back guarantee

CyberGhost VPN
Based in:Romania
Devices per subscription:7
Servers/countries:6100+ servers in 89 countries
No. of Netflix Libraries:6

Equipped with its cute logo and hauntingly low prices, CyberGhost VPN is one of the best VPNs for Netflix fans. By offering specialized servers for streaming, it is able to unblock a lot of geo-restricted libraries on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

When skimming through the server list, you’ll see that some servers are good for unblocking a particular streaming platform. For example, you’ll see servers for Netflix, Youtube, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Sky. If you’re only interested in Netflix, keep in mind that you’ll be able to access the geo-blocked libraries of the US, Germany, France, and the UK.

In addition, the VPN offers SmartDNS that lets you unblock Netflix US, Netflix UK, and Hulu UK on various devices like PlayStation, Xbox, Samsung SmartTV, Roku TV, routers, and the Wii.

Currently, the server fleet of CyberGhost VPN consists of 6,100 servers in 89 countries. The large number of countries will be useful if you want to watch Netflix content available in different regions of the world. Right now, the VPN lets you access the following Netflix libraries: US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan.

However, when it comes to speeds, CyberGhost should step up their game: even though the VPN offers WireGuard, our tests didn’t show stellar results. In fact, the IKEv2 protocol worked better and offered more stability.

You can download CyberGhost for your Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS device. Just keep in mind that its Linux version is not the most convenient one.


  • Unblocks Netflix and other platforms
  • Specialized servers for streaming
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • SmartDNS option
  • Cheap 3-year plan


  • Disappointing WireGuard performance
  • Mediocre Linux support

6. Windscribe VPN – free Netflix VPN solution

Windscribe VPN
Based in:Canada
Devices per subscription:Unlimited
Servers/countries:480+ servers in 60+ countries
No. of Netflix Libraries:4

Windscribe VPN is yet another useful VPN service for movie buffs. Offering a bunch of specialized servers for streaming (called Windflix), this bad boy can help you access geo-blocked content from the UK, the US, Canada, and Japan. These servers can also unblock BBC iPlayer, DAZN, and Youtube.

When it comes to tunneling protocols, Windscribe VPN supports a few of the fast ones, like WireGuard, IKEv2/IPsec, and OpenVPN UDP. Unfortunately, WireGuard is available only on the Android app of Windscribe – you’ll have to use something else on other applications.

Even though Windscribe doesn’t offer the SmartDNS option, it has something else to give you, which is a feature called Time Warp. It spoofs your timezone so that websites would be less likely to spot that you’re using a VPN. To use this feature, you’ll have to download one of the Windscribe’s browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Aside from browser extensions, you can download Windscribe onto your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

One downside of this Netflix VPN could be the selection of server locations, which is very small: Windscribe offers only 480+ servers in 60+ countries.


  • Unblocks Netflix and other services
  • Specialized servers for streaming
  • Option to build a personalized plan
  • Timezone spoofing
  • Free version available


  • Small selection of servers
  • WireGuard only on Android
  • No SmartDNS
  • Unstable speeds

7. TunnelBear VPN – Netflix VPN service for beginners

TunnelBear VPN
Based in:Canada
Devices per subscription:5
Servers/countries:1800+ servers in 26 countries
No. of Netflix Libraries:3

TunnelBear VPN is the most fun VPN you’ll see thanks to its irresistible mascot (which will make you shed a tear or two if you try to uninstall the program).

However, there’s also a ferocious beast hiding underneath all the fluff. According to our tests, it’s actually one of the best VPNs for Netflix and streaming in general. We managed to unblock the American, German, and Canadian Netflix libraries, as well as a few other platforms like DAZN and Youtube.

When it comes to geographic locations, TunnelBear VPN offers 1,800 servers in 26 countries. Even though this number is lower than what other VPNs like NordVPN and Surfshark can offer, the server fleet of TunnelBear is growing – we may witness a much wider coverage in the future.

And of course, the paid version of TunnelBear offers unlimited bandwidth and data.

As for the applications, TunnelBear offers native apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You can also get browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. However, Linux users only get limited support.


  • Unblocks Netflix and other services
  • UnBEARably fun brand
  • Limited free version (500 MB)
  • Easy to use


  • No specialized streaming servers
  • No SmartDNS option
  • Fluctuating speeds
  • No WireGuard protocol

How we selected VPNs that work with Netflix:

When making this list of the best VPNs for Netflix, the biggest factor was the app’s ability to unblock the famous streaming site by changing your Netflix account region. However, there were a few other things that we took into consideration:

  • Speed. It’s no secret that poor download speeds can totally ruin your Netflix marathon, causing lags and downgrading video quality. For this reason, we picked only those VPNs that don’t mess with your speed too much. We prioritized the services that offer fast tunneling protocols like WireGuard, Lightway, and NordLynx.
  • Features for streaming. Most of the VPN services for Netflix we listed have features like Smart DNS (that helps you watch Netflix on devices that don’t support VPNs) or dedicated IPs (which can help you unblock content when regular IPs become useless).
  • Country selection. Even though most users want to access the US or the UK libraries of Netflix, it’s not fair to forget all the other countries that also have a good selection of movies and shows. For this reason, we selected the VPNs that have a wide choice of servers.
  • Apps and supported devices. As Netflix is also available as an application for Android and iOS phones, we picked only those VPNs that flawlessly work on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Customer support. When trying to access Netflix from another country, you might run into some technical problems. For this reason, we picked the VPNs with good customer support options.
  • Price. All of the VPN services on this list offer a great feature-to-price ratio, especially if you consider their long-term subscription.

How to choose the best VPN for Netflix

With the abundance of VPN services, choosing the right VPN for streaming Netflix seems difficult, to say the least. Luckily, the list below will help you feel less overwhelmed. So, here’s how you pick the right VPN provider for Netflix:

  • Read VPN reviews. If a VPN catches your attention, do yourself a favor and read a couple of reviews on reputable websites. Usually, VPN experts test out whether the services truly work with Netflix and other streaming platforms.
  • Try out the service for free. Most VPN providers have pretty long money-back guarantees. In this way, you can see whether the VPN of your choice truly unblocks the Netflix libraries that you need.
  • Check out the features. If you have devices that don’t support VPN connections but are good for streaming Netflix (PlayStation, for example), look for a VPN that offers the SmartDNS feature. Alternatively, you might look into a VPN that supports router connections.

Of course, make sure that the VPN offers servers in the country whose Netflix library you want to unblock.

Why is Netflix not working with a VPN?

Best VPN for Netflix proxy error

Each country has its own Netflix library, but that (usually) doesn’t have much to do with censorship. It simply has to do with geographic licensing restrictions.

You see, Netflix has to buy licenses for movies and shows to be distributed in different countries. If the company thinks that a certain piece of content won’t be popular in your country, it simply won’t buy the necessary license. 

To prevent people from using a VPN, Netflix came up with methods that render many VPNs useless. That’s why more and more VPN services struggle to keep up with the restrictions of this streaming giant.

So, using the wrong VPN will result in the Netflix error M7111-5059, stating:

You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.

But how does Netflix know you’re using a VPN service? Here are the two main ways of detecting VPN usage:

  • Blacklisting popular VPN services. Netflix finds lists of IP ranges belonging to certain VPNs and blocks them. This means that you and many other users who fall into the same IP range won’t be able to access Netflix (at least with some servers). In this way, you may get blocked even if you try connecting through a server of your own country. To make things worse, some VPNs have their IP ranges publicly listed.
  • Blocking IP addresses. A website can see how many visitors share the same IP address. And when it detects that the same IP is shared by, say, 1,000 people, this raises suspicion. In this case, Netflix simply blocks the IP address and calls it a day.

How to bypass the Netflix VPN block

If you’ve already bought a yearly subscription to a VPN and it suddenly stopped working with Netflix (while it’s already past the money-back guarantee period), don’t take it very hard. There are a few things you can try before canceling your VPN subscription:

  • Try a bunch of different servers in the same country (as there might be an IP address left that isn’t yet blocked) or simply wait and try again later – you may be in luck this time.
  • Ask customer support for help. A support agent can point out which servers unblock certain Netflix libraries. Or maybe your VPN has launched specialized streaming servers that you can use for an extra buck or so.
  • Buy a static IP address that belongs only to you or a select group of people – small enough not to be suspected as an IP that belongs to a VPN service. Keep in mind that your static IP will be bound to a single country and that it doesn’t guarantee access to geo-blocked Netflix content.

Finally, you shouldn’t forget that shows and movies are usually available in multiple countries. For example, I accidentally stumbled upon all the seasons of My Hero Academia on Indian Netflix (while my VPN couldn’t unblock the Japanese library, which is the first to spring to mind when it comes to anime).

Unblocking Netflix across the globe

In case you’re wondering which Netflix libraries you can access with a VPN, you might find the table below pretty useful. However, keep in mind that some of the info might differ at the time of reading this article.

VPN providerNetflix libraries
NordVPNUS, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, India, Brasil, South Korea, Finland, Poland, Turkey
Surfshark VPN US, UK, Canada, France, India, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, Poland, Israel, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Argentina, Finland, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland 
VyprVPNUS, UK, Canada, Germany
ExpressVPNUS, UK, Canada
CyberGhostUS, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan
WindscribeUS, UK, Canada, Japan
TunnelBearUS, Germany, Canada

VPNs that don’t work with Netflix

Unfortunately, there are many VPN services that are currently blocked by Netflix. These include some top services, such as:

  • Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN. Despite its huge server fleet, PIA VPN didn’t manage to unblock the US or the UK content of Netflix. However, some user reports suggest that you might have some luck with some of the more obscure servers.
  • Mullvad VPN. Right now, this VPN only allows you to watch geo-blocked content on Youtube. It doesn’t allow you to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or DAZN.
  • TorGuard VPN. TorGuard isn’t the best VPN for Netflix because it can’t unblock this streaming site. However, you won’t get any proxy error – it will still let you watch the content available in your country.

Keep in mind that the situation with VPN services and Netflix is constantly changing. If a VPN can’t unblock this streaming site today, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work tomorrow.

Netflix VPN content

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix?

First and foremost, you have to know that using a VPN for Netflix is completely legal. You won’t get fined or anything like that – Netflix won’t even ban your account, so there’s no reason to get too nervous when you see the proxy error message that scolds you for using a website unblocker.

However, unblocking Netflix is against their Terms of Service:

You may view the Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content.

With that said, it is not a criminal activity comparable to torrenting or otherwise pirating licensed content, and Netflix isn’t known to enforce this clause. You can say that it falls into a grey area, leaving the decision solely to your own conscience.

On the other hand, keep in mind that in some countries the general use of VPNs is downright illegal. You should be especially careful if you’re currently visiting or reside in China, Russia, Iran, or the UAE.

Which country has the best Netflix library?

Even though most users look for the US option when trying to unblock Netflix, there are lots of countries that offer even more content.

So, according to the newest data, the country with the biggest Netflix library in January, 2021 is Ireland (6,379 titles). 

Other countries with the biggest libraries are as follows: Malaysia (6,361), Indonesia (6,264), the Philippines (6,196), Canada (6,162), the Czech Republic (6,129), Singapore (5,960), the UK (5,954), Hungary (5,926), and New Zealand (5,834). 

In total, Netflix owns 13,900 titles. Wouldn’t it be great if they were available all at once?

Which country has free Netflix?

First of all, a full unlimited free Netflix service doesn’t exist. However, there is a limited free version of Netflix available to everyone with no registration and no credit card details. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer much: you can only watch the first episode of a few shows including Stranger Things, Our Planet, and When They See Us.

Some time ago, certain countries offered a free 30-day trial for new users. However, Netflix has canceled this offer for the time being.

Does Netflix work with free VPN?

If you’re already paying for your Netflix subscription, spending extra for a VPN service seems preposterous. Unfortunately, in most cases this is the only way to unblock the libraries, because free VPNs rarely do their job well.

On the other hand, trying a free VPN for Netflix won’t hurt – especially as there are a couple of free services that are occasionally able to unblock certain Netflix libraries – according to our tests and user experience.

Windscribe is a good example of a great Netflix VPN, as its free version might still unblock content for the US audiences. On the other hand, the paid subscription of Windscribe should work with more Netflix libraries.

With all that said, stay away from the fully free (not freemium) VPNs – these have a tendency to do awful things to your privacy or security (or both).

Free VPNs for Netflix

Bottom line

If you feel that Netflix geo-blocking is unfair, you’re not alone. Millions of people use VPNs every single day to unblock movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Netflix restrictions become especially frustrating when you realize that your country’s library lacks a season or two of your favorite show, leaving you on a cliffhanger.

So, all things considered, getting a Netflix VPN is totally worth it. It’s one of the only methods to access movies and shows legally, letting you stay away from such illegal activities like torrenting copyrighted content.

Of course, it would be much more convenient if Netflix made all their content available internationally. But, for the time being, we have to rely on services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN to make our lives a little bit more interesting.

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What is the best VPN for Netflix?

Right now, one of the best VPNs for Netflix is NordVPN. It unlocks streaming libraries from different countries including the US, the UK, and Canada. It’s also one of the cheapest options out there. ExpressVPN is another great VPN for Netflix, able to unblock a huge number of libraries. However, it’s much more expensive than NordVPN.

How do I change the Netflix region?

To change the Netflix region, you must install a VPN to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Then, select the country from the VPN’s location list. Afterwards, simply open the Netflix website or application and you should be able to see the content you want. If the Netflix region didn’t change, try a different server or a different VPN service.

Can I access my Netflix in another country?

Yes – you can access your Netflix account from any country where Netflix is available. However, keep in mind that the video streaming service will display the content of the country you’re connecting from. As a result, the selection of movies and shows will differ.

In addition to this, there may be some differences in maturity ratings, as well as the selection of current downloaded titles on your device. One last thing to keep in mind is the change in the available languages and subtitles.

Can I share Netflix with family in another country?

Yes. It doesn’t make a difference if your family members are in a different country than you. Still, you should be aware of your Netflix subscription type, as the Basic plan doesn’t support simultaneous connections. To conveniently share your Netflix subscription with family members, you should look into the Standard and Premium plans that allow for two and four simultaneous connections respectively.

How do I get Netflix to not recognize my VPN?

If your VPN can’t unblock the Netflix library of your choice, try connecting to a different server or country, or even buying a dedicated IP address. If that doesn’t work either, you may think about purchasing a different VPN altogether.

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Comments 31
  1. the RT note says:

    can I get my account banned if netflix catches me using vpn to watch stuff from other countries?>.<

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Nope! Your account won’t get banned for using a VPN.

  2. Janet Portillo says:

    I don’t understand how netflix vpn ban works. Do they know VPN IPs and block them? Or do they have another way of detecting VPN traffic?

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hi! You’re right – Netflix keeps track of known VPN IPs and blocks them. They also notice if a single IP is used by a large number of people.

  3. Be fair says:

    Does NordVpn chrome browser extension unblock Netflix?

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hello! Yes, NordVPN extension unblocks Netflix.

  4. Expoth says:

    TimeWarp in Windscribevpn can spoof my timezone which is pretty cool. Do any other vpn services do that? Now that I’m thinking about it, shouldn’t it be an automatic feature in all of them? I mean, my timezone can (approximately) reveal where I am based and also the fact that I’m using a vpn if it doesn’t match.

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hello, thanks for the comment! Actually, all VPNs change the time zone of your browser – just try googling “what is my time zone” when connected to a VPN and the browser will show you your spoofed time zone.

  5. 1932 says:

    hi hi! I’m kind of a film buff, already explored loads of stuff on Netflix, wanna see beyond what my country can offer. I was thinking of setting VPN router for Netflix but not really for anything more, so basically a vpn wouldn’t be active on my regular traffic. Can I do that? Would be amazing.

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hello! What you need is a VPN that offers a feature called split tunneling. In this way, you’ll be able to use the VPN only with the Netflix app (or your preferred browser for watching Netflix). One of the better options for split tunneling is NordVPN, as it allows you to use the feature on both Windows and Android applications. You can access it in the Settings section.

  6. not bill gates says:

    I personally need not only a vpn that lets you watch netflix but a vpn that allows a selection of servers AND still works. I agree with the list order, some are just better for netflix than others:)

  7. xadrian says:

    Sorry, I don’t want to seem dumb but I’m not very good with technology. Could you please explain how to use vpn to get American Netflix?

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hello, Xadrian, thanks for your question! To unblock the American Netflix library, all you need to do is to select the United States in the list of the countries on your VPN app. Then, simply open Netflix and you should be able to see the US library.

  8. brylee says:

    how to bypass Netflix VPN blocker? I know that Netflix can see that when using vpn I would have the same IP address as hundreds of others and if I use popular provider, how come it won’t be blocked if so many people are using it as well?

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hi, Brylee! Some VPN services like NordVPN use certain technologies (like SmartPlay) that let them avoid the problem of being detected by Netflix and other streaming platforms.

  9. Melvyn says:

    What vpn apps for netflix would you recommend? I assume content for mobile is probably a bit different than the list above

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hello, Melvyn! You can try out Surfshark, ExpressVPN, or NordVPN on your phone for unblocking Netflix – they should do the job.

  10. Khai Ani says:

    I wonder what is a top free VPN for Netflix and is really secure and good to use. Don’t want to say anything bad without having your answer, but for now I believe, that free security apps is a bad idea and are not reliable at all.

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hello, Khai!

      You’re right – most free VPN services are unreliable. However, there are a few freemium VPNs that are actually safe to use. You can try Windscribe and Atlas VPN, as even the free versions of these services are usually able to unblock Netflix.

  11. Luka Gaspard says:

    I’ve recently started getting a message in Netflix “You appear to be using an unblocker or proxy”. Is there a way around netflix vpn block ? I’ve tried changing IP address, as I was sure that Netflix uses ports that anti-VPN code have flagged. However, it’s not working.

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hi, Luka! If changing servers doesn’t help, I suggest you try another VPN service altogether (unless you want to try buying a dedicated IP from your current VPN provider).

  12. Kay says:

    It seems that my vpn for netflix not working properly . While it never gives the proxy error it just connects and shows the shows that are available at my default netflix. Is there any fast way to identify if I’m connected to a different country netflix?

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hello, Kay! If Netflix is showing your country’s library, it means that the current VPN server isn’t able to unblock the content you need. Try a different server or country, or look into getting a dedicated IP. However, it’s also possible that the Netflix library you want to unblock is simply very similar to yours. For example, if you want to access Netflix US, check for phrases like “Trending in the US” or “#1 in the US today”. This will indicate whether you’ve actually unblocked Netflix.

  13. Dunlop says:

    I have iPad 2 with iOS 5.1.1. Quite old, but it still works, but I face a lot of incompatibilities. I want to watch some movies , but i don’t know what would be the best iPad VPN for Netflix , that would perform well and not overload SoC and would be compatible with such old iOS version.

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hi, Dunlop! I’m not sure if you’ll find a dedicated VPN app working with your iPad. Fortunately, you can set up a VPN connection manually. Here’s a guide on how to do this with ExpressVPN.

  14. Al says:

    On forums, I often come across primary and secondary Netflix DNS codes and I don’t understand what are they for. Is DNS code a free american vpn code for netflix to unlock the library? Could you clarify on this one please? I live in Romania, and it would be great to unlock the library for free.

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hello, AI! I don’t suggest using free Netflix DNS codes, as doing so can be potentially unsafe. I’d encourage you to invest in an inexpensive VPN instead (for example, you can get Surfshark for as low as $2.49 a month). This would be a much safer solution.

  15. Anna says:

    There are a lot of proxy providers like luminati, smartproxy and so on. According to reviews they are used for scraping and even sneaker buying, so I assume that they should be very fast. What is better VPN or proxy for Netflix? Since, many VPNs are constantly being monitored and their IPs get banned, probably proxies is a better option?

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hi, Anna! Even though some VPNs are blocked by Netflix, our top VPN services like Surfshark easily unblock geo-restricted content and are a more reliable and secure choice than any proxy.

  16. jeff says:

    is there a chance to find a free vpn that netflix cannot detect ? i’ve tried some free providers, but they were easily detected or i did exceed all the free traffic after 1 movie.

    • Rūta Rimkienė says:

      Hi, Jeff! You might as well try Windscribe VPN. It gives you 10GB of free monthly data and offers US servers. It is known to occasionally work with Netflix.

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