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Best VPNs for iPad in 2022

Even though iOS devices are widely known for their security, they’re still not immune to all online threats. An iPad VPN can help you add that extra layer of protection to completely minimize the risks of data leaks, especially when using public wifi in cafés or libraries.

Additionally, premium iPad VPNs are capable of unblocking most popular streaming platforms, like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, HBO Max, and others. So, you can continue watching your regular shows whether you’re traveling for leisure or on a business trip.

Since there are plenty of VPNs on the market, it might be hard to choose one. So, we have carefully selected the best VPNs for iPad that you could not only protect your device but also get other useful perks. Continue reading and you’ll find a detailed list below!

Top 5 best VPN apps for iPad:

  1. NordVPN – top VPN for the iPad
  2. Surfshark – most affordable iPad VPN choice
  3. PrivateVPN – premium VPN to use on the iPad
  4. IPVanish – intuitive VPN app for iPad
  5. Atlas VPN – great everyday iPad VPN

How do I set up a VPN on my iPad?

Using an iPad VPN is easier than you might think. However, if you need any support, here is a simple step-by-step guide showing how to set up a VPN on your iPad device:

  1. Go to the Apple’s App Store and download a VPN, like NordVPN
  2. Open the VPN app and register an account
  3. Allow the app to add VPN configurations on the iPad
  4. Connect to a server and you're all set!

Best VPNs for iPad – our detailed list:

If you’re on a hunt for the best VPN for iPad, we’ve got you covered. Our experts have created a list of premium products that offer strong security features, fast speeds, and are even capable of unblocking popular streaming platforms. Below you’ll find detailed reviews of each suggested option.

1. NordVPN – The ultimate best VPN app for iPad

NordVPN banner
Based in:Panama
System requirements:iOS 11.0 or later
Unblocks Netflix:Yes
Current deal:🔥 Get NordVPN with 68% OFF + 3 months FREE 🔥

NordVPN is ultimately the best VPN for an iPad that you can get. It has a well-designed and modern app. You can connect to over 5500 servers in 59 countries within seconds and enjoy fast speeds with the WireGuard protocol.

This iPad VPN can help you secure your connection wherever you go – public cafés, libraries, or if you simply work from home. It uses AES-256 algorithm to encrypt your data and protect from potential data leaks. There’s also a Dark Web Monitoring feature to notify you if your information has been compromised.

Apart from that, NordVPN unblocks Netflix and all other popular streaming platforms. It even has specialty servers which are optimized for streaming. So, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows on your iPad without any buffering.

What’s also worth mentioning is that this VPN supports 6 simultaneous connections. It works with iPad and other Apple products, like iPhones and macOS devices.

The pricing starts from $3.09/month and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee with every subscription. If the price seems a little too steep, you can always get one of the NordVPN coupons for discounts.

Learn more about the provider in the full NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – Top VPN choice to use on an iPad

Surfshark banner
Based in:The Netherlands
System requirements:iOS 10.3.3 and up
Unblocks Netflix:Yes
Current deal:🔥 Get 82% OFF Surfshark + 2 months FREE 🔥

Surfshark is one of the most affordable iPad VPNs making it a top choice. It has a user-friendly app which allows you to choose from 3200 servers in 95 locations. It also provides native iOS widget support allowing you to quickly manage your VPN connection directly on your iPad home screen.

Additionally, this provider is one of only a few which doesn’t limit simultaneous connections. Since it also supports other Apple products, you can install the VPN app on all iPads, iPhones, and macOS devices in your home.

With Surfshark, you can also access geo-restricted worldwide content, as it unblocks Netflix, Apple TV and other major streaming platforms. The WireGuard protocol allows it to achieve amazing speeds and provide a seamless streaming experience on your iPad wherever you go.

Apart from that, this VPN takes security seriously. It uses AES-256 encryption to protect your data and you even get an in-built kill switch to stop the internet traffic when the VPN connection drops.

In terms of the pricing, you can already get it for a bargain – just $2.30/month. Yet, if you want to save up more, check out Surfshark coupon codes for even bigger discounts. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind.

Find out more about the VPN features in the Surfshark review.

3. PrivateVPN – Premium VPN for the Apple products

PrivateVPN banner
Based in:Sweden
System requirements:iOS 10 or later
Unblocks Netflix:Yes
Current deal:🔥 Get PrivateVPN, now 85% OFF! 🔥

PrivateVPN is another premium VPN product that works with an iPad and other Apple products. You can use a dedicated app to connect to 200 servers in 63 countries within a few clicks and browse securely everywhere you go. It supports 6 simultaneous connections, so you can use it on all devices in your household.

Apart from that, this VPN provides strong security with the AES-256 encryption and IPv6 leak protection support. So, you can browse safely on your iPad whether you are connected to a public wifi or working remotely at home.

You can also use PrivateVPN to access geo-restricted content while traveling abroad. It’s capable of bypassing Netflix, YouTube, or DAZN location restrictions and you can watch your usual shows even if you’re outside the US.

The pricing of PrivateVPN starts from $2.00/month making it a quite affordable option. Additionally, if you decide to purchase a subscription, you can get a full refund within 30 days just in case you’re not satisfied with the services.

Read more about its features in the full PrivateVPN review.

4. IPVanish – user-friendly VPN app for the iPad

IPVanish banner
Based in:United States
System requirements:iOS 12 and up
Unblocks Netflix:Yes
Current deal:🔥 Get up to 69% OFF IPVanish + Antivirus 🔥

IPVanish has a user-friendly VPN app for iPads which you can install on as many devices as you like. Its interface is quite simple and intuitive, so you can easily connect to 2000 servers in 50 countries.

What’s really impressive is that this VPN has an On Demand feature which allows you to customize your VPN connection preferences. For example, you can set it to automatically enable the VPN when you use your iPad in public places, and disable it when at home or work.

Additionally, you can create Siri Shortcuts to turn on or off the VPN whenever you want. This feature makes it exceptionally easy to manage IPVanish without the need to even open the iPad application.

Apart from the impressive features, this provider also works with popular streaming platforms, like Netflix, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer. What’s even better is that if you have any troubles, you can always get in touch for a quick solution, as this VPN has 24/7 customer support.

However, all of these useful perks come at quite a high price – $3.33/month. But you can always find good discounts with one of the IPVanish coupon codes.

Check out the IPVanish review for more information.

5. Atlas VPN – intuitive everyday VPN for Apple devices

Atlas VPN banner
Based in:United States
System requirements:iOS 13 or newer
Unblocks Netflix:Yes
Current deal:🔥 Get Atlas VPN, now 81% OFF 🔥

Atlas provides great VPN services for iPads and other Apple devices. It also doesn’t limit simultaneous connections and is compatible with iPhones and macOS. So, you can use it on all of your Apple products at home.

With Atlas VPN, you can choose from 750 servers in 37 locations directly on the dedicated iOS app. In case the VPN connection is unstable, it also has a network kill switch feature to stop all internet traffic and protect your data.

Apart from that, this VPN not only uses AES-256 encryption for protection but also an in-built Ad Blocker to remove intrusive and potentially malicious pop-ups that may appear when you browse on your iPad.

Additionally, you get an opportunity to check whether any of your private details have been leaked online. For that, the provider scans dark web marketplaces to find any compromised data related to your email address.

Atlas VPN can also help you watch geo-restricted content on Netflix, BBC iPlayer or YouTube if you’re traveling. The pricing of all of these perks start from $2.05/month, so don’t hesitate and try it out.

Read the full Atlas VPN review to find out more about the provider.

How we tested these iPad VPNs

In order to help you find the best VPN for your iPad, we’ve tested at least a dozen of different providers. Their products were examined according to the following criteria:

  • iOS client. Since Apple applies strict privacy restrictions, most of the VPN apps for iPads and iPhones are highly limited compared to Android versions. We’ve carefully tested and selected only the VPNs that can offer a full experience on iOS apps. So, you can enjoy all of the useful features just like desktop or Android users.
  • Security. One of the main reasons why users get a VPN is security. These iPad VPNs are all employing military-grade encryption and don't keep logs of your data. In simple terms, neither the third parties nor the VPN provider itself can access your information.
  • Streaming capabilities. Not many VPNs are capable of circumventing location-based restrictions to help users access worldwide content. We’ve made sure that our offered VPNs for iPad are capable of unblocking popular streaming services so that you can watch your favorite shows wherever you go.
  • Performance. One of the main factors determining the performance of a VPN is the tunneling protocol and its implementation. We’ve selected the virtual private network providers that offer the fastest tunneling protocols, like the WireGuard, and looked how they perform in action.
  • Price. Usually, if you want high-quality VPN services, they come at a certain price. Luckily, you can find premium VPN providers that offer their products at affordable prices and even VPN coupons to get discounts.

Why do I need a VPN for my Apple iPad?

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an iPad or another Apple device, there are multiple reasons why you should get a VPN. It can help you hide your IP address and encrypt your data with a military-grade ciphe for increased security. If you need more proof that VPNs are worth using, here are a few others:

  • Ensured privacy. Even though Apple works on upgrading the built-in privacy tools consistently, the iOS is not completely immune to cyber attacks. So, adding an extra layer of security yourself is highly advisable. Robust VPNs can help you prevent websites or your ISP from tracking your browsing activity and obtaining sensitive information.
  • Access to geo-restricted content. Another useful perk that you get with an iPad VPN is the ability to bypass location restrictions. Most of the offered VPNs work wonders with popular streaming services, like Netflix, DAZN, BBC iPlayer and allows you to watch your usual shows when you’re traveling.
  • Ad-free browsing. We’ve all been there when browsing on your iPad becomes unbearable due to intrusive ads. They not only significantly deteriorate the overall experience but can also lead to phishing websites. Luckily, premium VPNs with in-built Ad Blockers can help you get rid of pop-ups.
  • Reduced data usage. Almost all websites use a certain form of web trackers which are supposed to help them improve their site’s performance. However, it takes quite a lot of data to download text, images, and other supporting content. With the VPN on your iPad, you can block those web trackers and reduce your data usage.

How do I watch Netflix on iPad with VPN?

Many of our offered VPNs also are listed among the best VPNs for Netflix and have large server selections. So, you can easily access the most popular libraries, like Netflix US, Japan, and others with either one of them on your iPad.

Top 10 films on Netflix in US

Here is a generic guide explaining how to watch American Netflix:

  1. Download the VPN, like NordVPN, and wait for it to install on your tablet
  2. Register a new account or sign in if you have one
  3. Select the server in the US
  4. Open the Netflix app and you should see the US content

If you want to access a different library, just select a server in a corresponding country to change the Netflix region.

Can I use a free VPN for my iPad?

Yes, you can use a free VPN for your iPad if it comes from a trustworthy provider. For example, Atlas VPN offers a free version for iOS clients that’s safe to use. It doesn’t keep logs of user data and provides strong security solutions. However, some of its features are pay-only, such as unblocking Netflix or other streaming sites.

While there are a few more free VPNs for iPad and iPhone, they also do not give access to the same unlimited functionality as their paid versions. So, if you want to enjoy all of the VPNs features, you should consider using the 30-day money-back guarantee option of premium plans.

You can get either NordVPN or Surfshark and use them for free on your iPad for up to 30 days. Their subscriptions guarantee a full refund within the first month if you decide that you no longer want their services.


Premium iPad VPNs are no less useful than VPNs for iPhone or VPNs for macOS. They can help you to increase your privacy, block annoying pop-ups, and even unblock popular streaming services to watch movies on your iPad wherever you go.

Luckily, you can not only get all of these perks at affordable prices, but also try them risk-free. Our chosen VPNs for iPad have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can always get a full refund within the first month.


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