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Best cloud hosting services in 2024

Cloud hosting is the best solution for large-scale projects – it provides easy scalability, speed, and uptime. If you have a quickly growing website or business, the best cloud hosting providers will offer you the generous resources and flexibility that your project requires.

To help you find the best cloud hosting solution that includes all the features and resources you need, we offer our expert insights and hands-on experience with the best cloud hosting services. We tested 48 providers and picked the best based on the pricing, tools, resources, performance, security, and more.

Best cloud hosting services 2024

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is when the hosting provider uses a network of (usually) virtual servers to host websites instead of one physical server. The advantage of cloud hosting over traditional single-server hosting is that if any of the servers experience issues, your site will stay up and running, and its performance will not be affected. Cloud hosting allows to divide the server resources more efficiently across all hosted websites, which results in better overall site performance. Additionally, with cloud hosting, you get your own dedicated IP address.

Who should choose cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is the best option for large websites that get a lot of traffic and rely on good and stable server performance, such as eCommerce and similar sites. For smaller and medium-sized websites, shared hosting is usually enough, and cloud hosting won’t be necessary.

Best cloud hosting providers – our detailed list:

To find the best cloud hosting, we tested and reviewed 48 providers according to what their cloud hosting plans offer, pricing, and performance. Below are brief overviews of the best cloud hosting providers, ranked from best to good. If you want to compare the hosts side by side, including RAM, CPU, storage, and other features, check out our comparison table.

1. Hostinger – the best cloud hosting solution overall

Hostinger banner
Storage:200-300 GB
Storage:2-6 cores
Cloud pricing:From $8.09/month
Best deal:🔥 Get up to 78% OFF Hostinger + 3 months free! 🔥

Hostinger is the best hosting service provider because of its extremely affordable prices (starting at just $8.09/month), servers worldwide, a custom control panel, and tons of resources. You should consider Hostinger if you’re looking for an affordable and powerful managed cloud hosting solution.

Features: Hostinger provides a generous set of features and dedicated resources with its cloud hosting plans:

  • Up to 300 GB of storage space, which is plenty for a large, resource-intensive project.
  • Up to 6 CPU cores to help with achieving and maintaining excellent overall performance and quick processing times.
  • Up to 12GB RAM, which is an adequate amount of memory, however, some providers offer more.
  • Up to 300 websites – no matter the size of your project, you will be able to scale it up and expand as you go with no issues.

Performance: Not only does Hostinger have 8 data centers on 4 continents, but its LiteSpeed Web Server technology is designed to boost your website’s performance. It comes with a built-in caching engine whose sole purpose is to enhance page loading speed. We tested Hostinger by building a large, resource-intensive site to see how it performs. To monitor uptime and average response time, we used the Pingdom tool by SolarWinds, and the fully built site loading time was measured with the GTmetrix tool. To see how well Hostinger’s cloud hosting handles sudden traffic increases, we used the k6 stress testing tool by Grafana Labs. Overall, the performance was excellent on all ends – here’s a summary table:

Average response time:476ms
Fully built site loading time:0.9s
On-site traffic:50VUs

More about Hostinger cloud hosting: Hostinger has fully managed and easy-to-use cloud hosting services, including a custom control panel with easy navigation. The tools you’ll need for efficient management are located in one place to ensure a smooth experience. The provider handles the monitoring and the server uptime while you develop your project. Hostinger also offers plenty of resources at unbelievably low prices, which include free SSL, domain registration, cache manager, free daily backups, a global CDN, and more. With Hostinger, you’ll get 24/7 customer support via live chat. The service is top-notch quality and you’ll be able to get all the needed information. Overall, Hostinger is the best choice for cloud web hosting.

Pricing: For cloud hosting, Hostinger provides 3 plans with prices ranging from $8.09/month to $29.99/month. One thing to keep in mind, these prices are available with a 48-month subscription only. Plus, you can use a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Liquid Web – powerful premium cloud hosting solution

Liquid WEB banner
Storage:40 - 200 GB
CPU:2 - 12 vCPU cores
Cloud pricing:From $16/month
Current deal:🔥 Get up to 74% OFF Liquid Web VPS! 🔥

While Liquid Web offers actual cloud hosting, the prices are more on the premium side. However, the provider has great offers on fully managed cloud VPS, which is just as impressive. With competitive prices and feature-rich plans, Liquid Web delivers reliable performance and efficient management.

Features: Liquid Web’s plans for VPS hosting with cloud infrastructure include:

  • Up to 200GB SSD storage – a good amount of storage for any large site, and for excellent pricing with the most expensive Liquid Web plan.
  • Up to 12 vCPU cores, which is twice as much as Hostinger offers. However, virtual CPU cores are known to be less efficient than physical cores. Nevertheless, your site performance shouldn’t suffer too much.
  • Up to 12 GB RAM, which is a pretty good overall amount, considering the pricing.

Performance: Liquid Web is one of the few providers that give a 100% uptime guarantee. While this is hard to achieve, the provider aims to establish its trustworthiness. If you do experience any downtime, you will be compensated. In our Liquid Web testing, we saw excellent overall performance in all areas. Uptime held at the promised 100%, and the server response time was around the industry’s average (both monitored with Pingdom by SolarWinds). The fully built large site loading time was also exemplary (measured with GTmetrix), and Liquid Web’s cloud hosting servers handled all 50 users with no issues (tested with k6 by Grafana Labs). Here’s a summary of the overall Liquid Web performance metrics:

Average response time:521ms
Fully built site loading time:1.2s
On-site traffic:50VUs

More about Liquid Web cloud hosting: All Liquid Web plans come with a variety of security tools like automatic daily backups, DDoS protection, SSL certificates, server monitoring, and firewalls. The provider offers a guarantee to respond in 59 seconds if you contact customer support via phone or live chat. If you open a ticket, the host will respond within 59 minutes. With Liquid Web, you can also choose a control panel based on what you find easier to use: cPanel, InterWorx, and Plesk are all available.

Pricing: Liquid Web offers 4 VPS hosting plans with prices of $16.00, $26.00, $37.00, and $44.00 per month. These prices are somewhat in line with what Hostinger offers – a little higher, but overall offering a good value with generous resources and excellent performance. Plus, the host also includes a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. SiteGround – reliable cloud web hosting solution

SiteGround new
Storage:40 - 160 GB
CPU:4 - 16 cores
Cloud pricing:From $100.00/month
Current deal: 🔥 Get up to 83% OFF SiteGround + FREE TRANSFER! 🔥

SiteGround is a premium hosting provider with excellent hosting plans on cloud infrastructure and generous resources. The service is fully managed, security is top-notch, and the provider ensures easy scaling for growing businesses.

Features: SiteGround is different from other providers in that it lets you choose how many resources you want, and calculates the plan price based on that. However, you can also go with the preset plans, which include:

  • Up to 160 GB storage with the most expensive Super Power plan. This is less than what Hostinger offers and also costs significantly more.
  • Up to 20GB RAM, which is a good amount of memory space, and significantly more than what you get with Hostinger.
  • Up to 16 CPU cores, which is what allows SiteGround to show such excellent performance – the processing times are reduced to mere seconds.

Performance: SiteGround puts a lot of effort into making its hosting services as fast as possible. The host does not only keep its hardware and software up to date but also offers an Ultrafast PHP setup. This enhances the overall performance and decreases server response time. We tested SiteGround’s performance in-house, and it showed excellent results. Here’s a quick summary:

Average response time:588ms
Fully built site loading time:1.8s
On-site traffic:50VUs

More about SiteGround cloud hosting: While most providers include some security features in their plans, SiteGround goes the extra mile. Together with free SSL, you will get automated daily backups, a real-time monitoring system, a Custom Web Application firewall, and an AI anti-bot system. You also won’t be disappointed with SiteGround’s customer support – it offers 24/7 live chat, phone, and ticket support options. Additionally, with a simple and playful interface and a custom control panel called Site Tools, SiteGround is easy to use and navigate.

Price: As far as plans and prices go, there are 4 options with prices ranging from $100.00/month to $200.00/month. More so, you can also customize a plan yourself.You can use a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.

4. HostGator – the cheapest cloud hosting solution

HostGator banner
Cloud pricing:From $4.95/month
Best deal:🔥 Get up to 62% OFF HostGator! 🔥

HostGator has very affordable cloud hosting – it’s mostly suited for smaller sites and projects. It’s the cheapest cloud hosting service you’ll encounter if you want to scale up your project. The resources are decent, the performance is in optimal parameters, and it’s easy to use.

Features: HostGator offers a pretty good suite of resources and features. Its cloud hosting plans include:

  • Unmetered storage and bandwidth, which means that as long as you comply with HostGator’s terms of service, you will not be charged for your storage and bandwidth usage.
  • Up to 6 CPU cores, which allows for good and fast server performance.
  • Up to 6GB RAM, which is twice less than what hostinger offers. Nevertheless, it is still a pretty good deal.
  • 1 to unlimited websites, which is more than any of the hosts on this list offer – that’s a great advantage if you’re looking to build a big project.

Performance: We tested HostGator’s performance over a 2-month period with a large, fully built site. Its performance as a whole is really good, on the level of Hostinger and Liquid Web. The uptime remained higher than promised, and the response time was satisfactory. Here’s our testing results summary:

Average response time:576ms
Fully built site loading time:1.2s
On-site traffic:50VUs

More about HostGator cloud hosting: HostGator’s other resources in the cloud hosting packages include a free domain and SSL. HostGator also has flexible customer support options – 24/7 live chat and phone. For easy site management, HostGator uses the well-known cPanel. No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you won’t have any problems navigating the panel. Overall, the only downside of HostGator is that despite affordable pricing, it offers fewer resources – but if your project is on a smaller site, it should be sufficient.

Price: The provider offers prices as low as $4.95/month due to its reliance on its shared hosting infrastructure. If you’d like to try out the service, make sure to use a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. ScalaHosting – scalable and budget-friendly cloud VPS solutions

ScalaHosting banner new
Storage:50 - 200 GB
CPU:2 - 12
Cloud pricing:From $14.95/month
Best deal:🔥 Get up to 49% OFF ScalaHosting VPS + save an additional 15% with any ScalaHosting plan! 🔥

While ScalaHosting is not among the most popular hosting providers, the host proves to be a worthy choice for cloud hosting. The provider offers fully managed cloud VPS, rather than just cloud. Even if you’re looking for cloud hosting, SalaHosting’s powerful and resource-rich plans, accompanied by very good performance, make it a solid choice for the job.

Features: ScalaHosting provides pretty decent resources with its VPS hosting plans:

  • Up to 200GB SSD storage, which is a little less than what Hostinger offers.
  • Up to 24GB of RAM, which is also more than Hostinger. However, the 18GB RAM comes with the most expensive ScalaHosting plan, which is 6 times more expensive than Hostinger’s Cloud Enterprise.
  • Up to 12 CPU cores, which will ensure top-tier performance, but also come at a very high price with the most expensive plan.

Performance: Overall, during our ScalaHosting testing, the performance proved to be very good – no downtime, fast response time, and quite a few available server locations in the US and Europe to fight latency. Here’s a summary of the testing results:

Average response time:443ms
Fully built site loading time:1.8s
On-site traffic:50VUs

More about ScalaHosting cloud hosting: The provider is very well-rounded in terms of other features – all plans come with free domain, SSL, and email accounts. In terms of support, you can contact ScalaHosting’s agent via 24/7 live chat, email, tickets, and phone. It also offers a knowledge base covering a variety of web hosting management-related topics. ScalaHosting also includes a native control panel called SPanel, and it’s just as easy to use as cPanel. The only major concern is that the pricing plans are almost six times as expensive as Hostinger’s, and while ScalaHosting does offer a bit more resources, the pricing is simply very high.

Pricing: ScalaHosting has 4 VPS cloud plans with prices ranging from $12.71/month to $179.95/month. Additionally, you can use a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, you can use a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the service without any risks.

6. Nexcess – flexible and secure cloud hosting with advanced security

Nexcess updated banner
Storage:15 - 800 GB
CPU:20 - 32 VCPU
Cloud pricing:From $37.20/month
Best deal:🔥 Get up to 55% OFF Hosting! 🔥

Nexcess focuses on managed hosting plans, all of which run on cloud infrastructure, and also offers cloud web hosting plans. Nexcess offers relatively good performance and plenty of cloud hosting resources.

Features. Nexcess features for cloud web hosting include:

  • Up to 800 GB storage space. This is quite a good range, and you will be able to host sites with heavy graphics and a lot of content pretty easily.
  • Some smaller Nexcess cloud web hosting plans don’t have a set RAM or VCPU amounts assigned. The plans with more resources have from 20 to 32 GB RAM, and 20 to 32 VCPU.
  • With Nexcess cloud web hosting, you can host from 1 to 250 websites.

Performance: as found in our Nexcess review, it is both very reliable and fast. In terms of performance and speeds, it has resulted in a near-perfect uptime of 99.99% during our tests. The average response time has averaged out at 479ms. Overall, it definitely didn’t disappoint, as you can see in the testing results summary in the table below:

Average response time:479ms
Fully built site loading time:2.5s
On-site traffic:50VUs

More about Nexcess cloud hosting: All Nexcess plans that run on cloud infrastructure come with free SSL, unlimited email accounts, daily offsite backups, and PCI compliance. Nexcess also has multiple customer support options – 24/7 live chat, phone calls, and a knowledge base. The native Nexcess user interface is pretty straightforward, and it also serves as the website management panel. One of Nexcess's downsides is that its plans are certainly very expensive, especially when compared to Hostinger or Liquid Web.

Pricing: Nexcess offers 4 cloud hosting plans – XS ($37.20/month), S ($68.40/month), M ($116.40/month), L ($195.00/month). All of the plans provide free SSL, free email, and a 30-day money-back guarantee option.

7. Google Cloud Web Hosting – an advanced solution for resource-intensive projects

Google Cloud Web Hosting
Cloud pricing:From $300 free credit
Current deal:🔥Check Google Cloud Web Hosting pricing🔥

Google Cloud Web Hosting service is one of the most well-known and widely used providers, and it can be an excellent solution if you’re looking to host very large-scale projects that need a lot of computing power and other advanced resources, such as AI and Machine learning products, and more.

Features: since Google Cloud Web Hosting is not a traditional hosting provider, its features are greatly customizable and can vary depending on what you need. However, here are some estimations of what you could get for 1 to 2 websites for ~$41.00/month:

  • 50 GB of storage, which can be scaled up to whatever your site may need. The price will be adjusted accordingly.
  • From 1 to multiple vCPU cores, which also depends on your project needs.
  • From 2 GB RAM, which could also be scaled up to any amount depending on your requirements.

More about Google Cloud Web Hosting: As one of the most popular cloud hosting solutions, Google Cloud Web Hosting is also the most extensive in what it offers. Besides completely customizing your plans, you can also get advanced developer and management tools, several types of storage, high-tech migration and networking services, and more. While such customization can be seen as a benefit, it also could be a disadvantage if you’re looking for a preset cloud hosting solution with fixed and low pricing and easily determined resources.

Pricing: Google Cloud Web Hosting offers a free version with $300 worth of credit that you can use for 90 days to try out the service and its extensive features. After that, the pricing largely depends on what you need. Luckily, Google Cloud Web Hosting includes a calculator that can help you determine what resources your project requires and estimate the costs.

8. Microsoft Azure Web Apps – good cloud hosting solution for scalability

Microsoft Azure Web Apps
Cloud pricing:From $200 free credit
Current deal:🔥Check Microsoft Azure Web Apps pricing🔥

Microsoft Azure Web App is another advanced cloud hosting service coming from one of the biggest tech corporations worldwide. It is a great solution if you want to build and deploy extremely complex applications that require a lot of resources, easy scalability, and extensive toolkits.

Features: Similar to Google Cloud, Azure Web Apps do not have fixed tiers with fixed amounts of resources. The storage, CPU, RAM, and number of websites depend solely on what kind of project you’re looking to host.

More about Microsoft Azure Web Apps: other Azure Web Apps features include various types of storage ranging from storage for various objects to shareable cloud files. A variety of analytics tools, such as Azure Data Explorer, and Azure Stream Analytics, and tools for experimentation are also included. It supports various databases and offers web-related features such as API management and more. Overall, this solution is highly complex and recommended for increasingly large projects that need easy scalability and a wide range of services.

Pricing: With Microsoft Azure Web Apps, you can get $200 worth of free credit to use in 30 days, and more than 55 free services to try. After that, the service charges you for resource usage that exceeds the free monthly amounts, therefore there are no fixed pricing tiers.

Compare the best cloud hosting providers

Let’s check out how all the cloud hosting providers we recommend compare to each other:

ProviderHostingerLiquid WebSiteGroundHostGatorScalaHostingNexcessGoogle Cloud Web HostingMicrosoft Azure Web Apps
BrandGoogle Cloud Web HostingMicrosoft Azure Web Apps
Storage200-300GB40-200 GB40-160 GBUnmetered50-200GB15-800GBCustomizableCustomizable
CPU2-6 cores2-12 vCPU cores4-16 cores2-6 cores2-12 cores20-32 vCPU coresCustomizableCustomizable
RAM3-12 GB2-12 GB8-20 GB2-6GB2-24GB20-32 GBCustomizableCustomizable
BandwidthUnlimited10 TB5TBUnmeteredUnmetered2-15TBCustomizableCustomizable
Data center locationYes, 8Yes, 3Yes, 7US onlyYes, 7Yes, 8N/AN/A
VPS or Cloud hosting
Control panelhPanelmultipleSite ToolscPanelcPanelCustomCustomCustom
Free SSL
Free domainN/AN/A
Customer support24/724/724/724/724/724/724/724/7
Price rangeFrom $8.09/monthFrom $16.00/monthFrom $100.00/monthFrom $4.95/monthFrom $ 12.71/monthFrom $37.20/monthFrom $300 free creditFrom $200 free credit

How we tested cloud hosting

To offer you the best possible cloud hosting providers, we thoroughly tested and reviewed these products. Here’s a short overview of our cloud hosting testing and review process:

  1. First, we looked into hosting providers that offer cloud hosting plans or similar solutions on cloud infrastructure. We made sure that these hosts offer appropriate resources for hosting large-scale projects and businesses with multiple sites.
  2. Then, we built a large website that requires a lot of resources for appropriate cloud hosting testing. With this website, we tested each chosen host’s performance using tools such as Pingdom by SolarWinds for uptime and server response times, GTmetrix for fully built site loading, and k6 by Grafana Labs for stress testing.
  3. We also reviewed the security features that each host offers. Features such as free SSL, firewalls, DDoS protection, and automatic daily or weekly backups are simply a must when it comes to any website – cloud hosting is not an exception.
  4. Additional and technical features were also taken into consideration. We reviewed and evaluated the ease of use of control panel interfaces, and migration services, as well as additional tools and services such as AI assistants, analytics, developer tools, and customer service.
  5. Finally, we reviewed the price value and ranked the cloud hosting providers by comparing what each provider offers for what cost, as well as by taking into account their overall performance, usability, scalability options, and security.

How to choose the best cloud hosting provider?

When choosing the best cloud hosting provider for your needs, it’s important to consider several key factors. After evaluating how much traffic your project will receive, I recommend doing a simple search and looking into what your provider offers when it comes to:

  • Resources such as storage, CPU for processing power, and RAM. These features are crucial to consider and evaluate to ensure that the host you choose offers the appropriate amounts of resources.
  • Security features, such as SSL, DDoS protection, a firewall, a malware scanner, and more – to ensure that your project will have adequate security against malicious attacks
  • Uptime guarantee, which is a good indicator of what kind of performance you can expect from the host. However, make sure to research some more and look into real uptime, server response time, and site load time tests done by independent reviewers (like Cybernews).
  • Pricing plans and scalability possibilities – look at what kind of cloud hosting subscriptions the host offers and evaluate the price value based on the offered features and your budget.

Best cloud hosting: final recommendations

Choosing the best cloud hosting provider can be tricky, but it should all be smooth sailing as long as you know what you need.

According to our research, the best cloud hosting provider is Hostinger. It offers extremely affordable cloud hosting plans which include plenty of resources – up to 300GB storage, 6 CPU cores, and up to 12 GB RAM for the best performance, not to mention advanced security features and easy-to-use control panel. Whether you’re looking for ways to scale your project or are just starting, Hostinger is the best cloud hosting choice.

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