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AccuWebHosting review: do the years of experience bring quality?

AccuWebHosting has been in the web hosting game since 2003. Despite its long run in the industry, I couldn’t find extensive detailed reviews on this provider. Itself, AccuWebHosting introduces a reputed hosting provider with 18+ years of experience and an over 95% client satisfaction rate.

Frankly, that sounds a little too good to be true and we all know that great talkers are little doers.

And that’s exactly why I did a little research of my own. For this AccuWebHosting review, I’ve researched, compared, and ran extensive tests on the provider — from pricing and performance to security and customer support. And, of course, I come with proof to back it all up.

⭐ Rating:
💵 Price:From $1.99/month
📑 Uptime guarantee:99.9%
⚙️ Hosting types:Shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated, reseller
🌎 Server locations:The US, the UK, Germany, India, Singapore, Australia, and South Africa
👨‍💻 24/7 live support:Yes
🔥 Coupons:Get AccuWebHosting for just $1.99/month!
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Pros and Cons of AccuWebHosting

AccuWebHosting pricing

The most affordable web hosting option offered by AccuWebHosting is shared hosting – starting price is just $1.99 a month. Other options include VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Type of hostingBest for
Shared hostingSmaller websites like blogs and small businesses.
Cloud hostingLarge online stores, web-based applications, and news sites.
VPS hostingFull control over the server for advanced needs.
Dedicated hostingLarge organizations and high-traffic websites.

This provider has many options for both Windows and Linux hosting, and all of them are fairly cheaply priced.

Usually, shared hosting is the most popular and the ideal solution for people – it’s what most of us start with.

For this option, AccuWebHosting has 3 shared Linux hosting plans. The names of hosting options really just state what they’re for: Budget ($1.99/month), Personal ($5.49/mo), and Small Business ($7.49/month) web hosting.

All 3 shared hosting plans have some things in common, like an unlimited number of sites in one account, free website migration, and free SSL as well as DDoS protection. You can choose your server location from 7 options

But of course, there are some differences between these plans:

Budget Includes 25 websites, 10GB of SSD NVMe storage, 25 GB bandwidths, and 25 email accounts.$1.99/mo
Personal Offers 10GB of SSD storage, 500GB monthly bandwidth, and 150 email accounts.$5.49/mo
Small Business Gives you 30GB of SSD storage, 750GB monthly bandwidth, free domain name registration, and 500 email accounts.$7.49/mo

One thing to keep in mind is that AccuWebHosting’s packages differ in price whether you opt for a semi-annual, annual, biannual, or even triannual billing cycle. At the same time, while other plans have different billing options, the cheapest plan only comes with a monthly billing cycle that costs $1.99 for the first installment.

The best part is that the renewal price stays the same as the initial cost, which is extremely attractive budget-wise and not many providers can offer that.

This provider also has a 30-day money-back guarantee – it’s more than enough time to be able to switch out a provider if you ever feel like your hosting is lacking.

Overall, AccuWebHosting offers great affordable options with its good-value plans. For a small budget, these plans are ideal.

Hosting management – is AccuWebHosting easy to use?

Once you create your account, the AccuWebHosting UI is well laid out and nothing is buried too deeply into the system. AccuWebHosting uses cPanel as its control panel. If you have any experience with it, you won’t have any problems with your website and server management.

You shouldn’t have a hard time navigating the control panel – you’ll be spending most of your time here since you won't use the main dashboard much as it's only for billing and cPanel access. It’s straightforward and everything you might need is all in one place.

accuwebhosting control panel

This control panel is the place where you can install WordPress, set up email accounts, add subdomains, access file manager and databases, and even edit your site’s SEO settings amongst other things. There’s something for both complete beginners and advanced users.

cPanel, in general, is very straightforward to use. If you ever have a problem with it, there’s plenty of resources online on how to fix them before even having to contact customer support.

Overall, the AccuWebHosting control panel is easy to use, powerful, has a very familiar interface, and everything you might need for website management. AccuWebHosting offers its users a very simple management experience.

Performance – is AccuWebHosting fast?

Speed and uptime are the first things to look for when choosing a hosting provider. Amusingly enough, many AccuWebHosting reviews rave about those. AccuWebHosting proved itself to be fast with reliable uptime. However, the cheapest plan handled just medium-level traffic.

AccuWebHosting uptime and response time

I monitored AccuWebHosting for a week, and the results here are pretty decent – my site remained online 99.97% of the time, with only 3 minutes of downtime.

accuwebhosting uptime and response time

At first glance, the response time doesn’t look promising, since it is averaging at 1.18s. But it is pretty clear that those few response time peaks made the average look worse than it actually is.

To put it in perspective, the standard industry uptime SLA is 99.9%, which AccuWebHosting complies with as well. Not only that, but overpasses it by a big margin.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the 99.97% uptime and the response time – while they’re not ideal, they’re adequate.

AccuWebHosting speed test

The next test AccuWebHosting had to endure was the hosting speed with an empty WordPress site.

My website is hosted in the US, so it’s no surprise that the best speed results are there – the empty site’s Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) loaded in 719ms. While everything under 600ms is incredible, that doesn’t mean that the 719ms time is bad.

accuwebhosting speed test 1

To get the full picture, I compared what the loading speed would be in the UK and India, and the results there are… not as good.

accuwebhosting speed test 2

But keep in mind that it’s very natural for LCP to increase the further you go from the origin server. It naturally takes longer for the data to travel, well, longer distances. The results from other locations are not that shocking and much expected.

Now it’s time to test the fully built website’s speed. During this test, the LCP took 1.7 seconds. I consider this to be a pretty good result, since it’s lower than the Google standard for modern sites, which is 2.5 seconds.

accuwebhosting speed 3

Additionally, AccuWebHosting has data centers across the world – they’re based in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Choose the one closest to your target audience. This way you'll be sure to get the best speed results for them.

AccuWebHosting stress test

Now, it’s time to do the stress test, which is used for determining the reliability and stability of all of your web resources. For that, I’ve sent 50 virtual visitors to my site. 50 visitors is quite a big number, and they were sending numerous requests to my poor site. This puts a lot of pressure on it, which could slow down the server or overwhelm it entirely.

Well, it looks like 50 visitors, after all, were too much for AccuWebHosting to handle completely.

accuwebhosting stress test failed

The response time (blue line) was quite bumpy, not to mention, a lot of requests have failed (red line). To be precise, 777 out of 830 requests have failed.

What we’re looking for is a stable and flat response line (blue line) as the number of visitors (gray line) goes up. Failure (red line) must be scarce, too.

To see if results like that are possible, I lowered the number of VUs and saw if things were looking any better. And at 15 VUs, I had a pass.

accuwebhosting stress test passed

The results are not too shabby, even if you think that 15 VUs is a small number. Generally, if your site gets 15 visitors each minute for a month, that’s some decent traffic. Usually, that’s what you can expect from a small business website.

Overall, AccuWebHosting showed relatively good performance results. It’s quite reliable and pretty fast but is a bit lacking when it comes to handling heavier traffic.

Security – is AccuWebHosting secure?

Security is one of the most important factors to look into when considering a hosting provider. AccuWebHosting did a pretty good job including several security features in its plans – from free SSL certificates to daily backups.

Let’s look at the features offered in greater detail:

  • SSL certificates – AccuWebHosting offers free SSL certificates for all domains hosted under your account. The SSL certificate gets activated automatically within 24 hours once you point your domain to AccuWebHosting’s servers.
  • Backups – AccuWebHosting offers free daily backups. To be fair, it’s common to see weekly backups for shared hosting plans – especially if they’re cheap. AccuWebHosting is admirable when compared to its competition in this regard.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection – AccuWebHosting offers two layers of DDOS protection to user’s accounts.
  • ImmunifyAV – your AccuWebHosting cPanel comes with a free antivirus and security monitoring tool for websites. It does one-click automatic malware cleanups, monitors domains’ reputation, and checks blacklist statuses.

Overall, AccuWebHosting covers website and server security on an adequate level. You’re protected from the most common threats if you choose to enable these features. But as always, for websites that need more security, it’s always a possibility to look into additional security solutions.

Will AccuWebHosting's support help me?

You can get in touch with AccuWebHosting’s customer support team via a few options. This includes 24/7 live chat, phone calls, ticketing, and emails. Besides that, AccuWeb Hosting also offers an extensive knowledge base covering a variety of topics.

AccuWebHosting’s live chat support option receives plenty of good reviews. It’s not a surprise, since they promise to get back at you in under 7 seconds.

This hosting provider also offers a toll-free number for sales/billing and emergency technical issues. AccuWebHosting is going to implement the possibility to get full technical support on the phone line. Currently, the phone support staff is based in the US and Canada, and it offers help from Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 5 PM EST.

If that’s not your preferred option, AccuWebHosting provides a ticketing system for its users – support tickets are documents that record interactions between a customer and a customer support team.

You can also search for help on your own.

AccuWebHosting has a great knowledge base. It’s quite big and comprehensive. If you take a look there, you’ll find articles covering multiple topics such as tutorials, FAQs, security, and web hosting.

accuwebhosting knowledge base example photo

Overall, I was satisfied with AccuWebHosting’s customer support. This provider offers plenty of options, so everyone can receive the help they need in the most comfortable way for them.

AccuWebHosting review – final recommendations

While testing out AccuWebHosting for this review, my overall experience was pretty good.

Here’s a summary of this provider’s services:

Reliable provider for personal use
AccuWebHosting is a mid-range provider with plans starting at $1.99/month. Plan resources are pretty good.
Ease of Use
The cPanel integration is extremely easy to navigate, especially if you have prior experience. It’s intuitive and functional.
AccuWebHosting cheap plans handle moderate traffic, but you can be sure that your website will be fast. The uptime was good too.
AccuWebHosting offers adequate security, which is more than enough to prevent most common threats.
There’s plenty of options like live chat, tickets, and phone support for you to choose from.

I’d definitely recommend AccuWebHosting to beginners and those building small sites. It comes with excellent tools and features, as well as great customer support and incredible ease of use.

AccuWebHosting alternatives

AccuWebHosting is a good web hosting option for the price. But if after reading this review you still feel like there are a lot of things left to be desired, I recommend you to look into some of the alternatives below.


Hostinger is a great alternative on a budget. This provider’s prices start at $2.69month for its cheapest shared hosting plan.

Hostinger is very performance-oriented – you can truly expect only good performance. However, you’ll have to give up cPanel for Hostinger’s native account management panel. But don’t worry – it’s just as easy to use, just a tiny bit different.


HostGator is another cheaper alternative. The cheapest shared hosting plan starts from $3.75/month.

It offers pretty basic security and the cPanel control panel, just like AccuWebHosting. However, this provider is famous for its incredible performance. It also has a pretty good and also easy to use website builder included in all plans.

AccuWebHosting FAQ

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