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Best PrestaShop hosting: top-5 web hosts for an online store

Are you looking for PrestaShop hosting for your next project? In this article, we cover the 5 best PrestaShop providers for the job. More so, I have prepared a list of things to consider when choosing your final pick.

If you’re looking to build an online store, PrestaShop is a good place to start. PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce-oriented content management system (CMS).

Now you might be wondering, can’t you just use WordPress to create your eCommerce site? Well, PrestaShop, just like WordPress, is a standalone CMS. However, unlike WordPress, PrestaShop is entirely focused on online stores and comes with many eCommerce functionalities.

Even though PrestaShop is open-source and hence free to use, you still need PrestaShop hosting services. And a good one at that.

So make sure to answer a few questions before making a choice:

  • Does it offer the latest software and hardware solutions?
  • Can you get good server resources for an affordable price?
  • Are the included security features strong enough?
  • How good is the host’s performance?

To help you out with that I tested a bunch of PrestaShop-ready providers to find the best for the job. After comparing their resources, features, price points, and performance, I came up with a list of the 5 best PrestaShop hosting providers.

Best PrestaShop hosting: ranked

  1. Hostinger – best PrestaShop hosting overall
  2. ScalaHosting – powerful fully-managed cloud VPS PrestaShop hosting
  3. HostGator – beginner-friendly and affordable shared PrestaShop hosting
  4. GoDaddy – business-oriented shared PrestaShop hosting solution
  5. InterServer – the most secure PrestaShop hosting provider

If you’d like to know more about PrestaShop hosting requirements, before making up your mind, check out the list of factors to consider.

1. Hostinger

FeaturesFree SSL, email, automated backups, DDoS protection, hPanel, 1-click installer
Best forFast and budget-friendly PrestaShop hosting

Hostinger is a highly performance-oriented hosting provider that offers affordable PrestaShop hosting. Despite the low price, the provider is reliable, easy to use, and comes with many performance-enhancing features.

Here are only a few features you can expect from Hostinger:

  • Emphasis on performance – Hostinger uses LiteSpeed web servers, server-level caching, as well as offers multiple PHP versions to make your PrestaShop site as fast as possible. Additionally, you can choose from 7 server locations all over the world depending on the hosting type you choose.
  • Ease of use – provider uses a very simplistic and well-organized hPanel control panel. This is also where you can find a convenient one-click installation for PrestaShop.
  • Many security features – Hostinger includes all the necessities like a free SSL, DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), 24/7 server scanning, and automatic backups. More so, for an extra cost, you can purchase domain privacy and protection.
  • Numerous scalability options – if your online store has outgrown shared hosting, and you find yourself in need of dedicated resources, Hostinger offers very affordable fully-managed cloud and semi-managed VPS hosting solutions.

All things considered, Hostinger is an affordable, fast and secure provider that can meet any PrestaShop website’s needs.


Hostinger comes with 2 shared and 1 cloud hosting plan suitable for PrestaShop hosting. The prices for said plans range from $2.51/mo to $9.99/mo.

Now talking about shared plans, all come with a free SSL, custom domain, weekly/daily automatic backups, GIT access, and at least 100 email account.

Let’s see what each plan has to offer individually:

  • Premium ($2.51/mo) – comes with the ability to host 100 websites, and includes 100GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, up to 25 000 monthly visits limit, as well as Google Ads credit, and SSH access.
  • Business ($3.99/mo) – connect up to 100 websites, and get 200GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and up to 100 000 monthly visits limit for it. More so, the plan comes with Google Ads Credit, SSH access, daily backups, and a free content delivery network (CDN).
  • Cloud Startup ($9.99/mo) – you can host up to 300 websites, and get 200GB SSD storage space, 2CPUs cores, 3GB RAM, cache manager, free daily backups, and CDN.

As a quick note, despite low prices, the host also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you decide to cancel your subscription within this time, you can get a full refund.

Best Value

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet powerful hosting solution for a small-to-medium-sized online store, consider the Premium hosting plan. Host up to 100 websites, get a free domain, 100GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth for just $2.51/mo, with a 4-year subscription.


When it comes to performance, Hostinger pulls no stops. The host is very reliable and shows good results in terms of speed.

In 2 months of monitoring, the provider kept an impressive 100% uptime. No outages whatsoever.

While such continuous result is hardly possible, the provider does offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. For peace of mind, you know.

Now looking at the average response time, it has averaged at 511ms. While this is a little close to the industry’s average of 600ms, Hostinger still scores a place among the fastest hosting providers in terms of page loading speed.

More so, for the best user experience and even faster load time, opt for the server closest to your audience. Hostinger offers 7 data center locations – the UK, the US, Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lithuania.

In short, performance-wise Hostinger is very reliable and fast. Just what you need a hosting provider to be.

In conclusion, Hostinger is an affordable hosting solution that supports PrestaShop even on its shared hosting plans. The provider is very performance-oriented and takes your site’s security seriously, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Want to learn more about Hostinger? Check out our full Hostinger review.

2. ScalaHosting

FeaturesFree SSL, domain, email, daily backups, DDoS protection, dedicated IP, SShield, SPanel, 1-click installer
Best forFully-managed and highly secure PrestaShop hosting

If you’re looking for a powerful solution with dedicated resources for your PrestaShop hosting, ScalaHosting has just that. While the provider offers shared plans, its fully-managed cloud VPS hosting is the showstopper. A great mix between affordable and powerful.

Here are a few factors that make ScalaHosting suitable for PrestaShop hosting:

  • ScalaHosting offers affordable cloud VPS solutions with no additional cost. For just $29.95/mo, you get all the essentials like a free domain, an SSL, and email accounts. More so, you get dedicated resources, meaning you don’t have to share them with other users like you would with shared hosting.
  • To help you manage your website quickly and effectively, ScalaHosting offers SPanel – a faster, lightweight control panel for your site. This is where you’ll find Softaculous with a one-click installer for PrestaShop.
  • The provider does not cheap out in terms of security. All the essentials like automatic daily and on-demand backups, server-level firewalls, an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP, SShield cybersecurity protection, malware scans and removal, are included with all plans.

ScalaHosting is a great pick if you are looking for managed PrestaShop hosting. Dedicated resources, raw server power, and a high level of security will benefit any online store.


ScalaHosting offers 4 managed VPS plans with prices going from $29.95/mo up to $179.95/mo.

No matter which plan you opt for, all are fully managed and include a free domain, and SSL, a dedicated IP, daily automatic backups, unmetered bandwidth, and a control panel with one-click app installations.

However, what does differ is the amount of server resources you get. Depending on the plan, they range from 2 to 16 GB RAM, 1 to 8 CPUs, and 50 to 320 GB storage.

Best Value

For the best value to money ratio consider the Start plan. The plan comes with a free domain, an SSL, and enough server resources to host a medium-sized PrestaShop site. To secure the lowest monthly rates, opt for a 36-month subscription.


ScalaHosting does not play when it comes to performance. The provider is very reliable and fast, with the possibility to be even faster.

In around 2 weeks of testing, the host kept a perfect 100% uptime, which meets its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Now the average response time of 443ms is well under the industry standard of 600ms. Very good results on a bare server, add a few optimizations and you might see even greater speed. No performance issues in sight.

One more thing to note, ScalaHosting offers 3 data center locations – Texas (US), New York (US), or Bulgaria (EU) data center. For the fastest performance, opt for the location closest to your audience.

In short, ScalaHosting comes with great reliability and load time for trustworthy and fast PrestaShop hosting.

Overall, ScalaHosting is an affordable managed PrestaShop hosting solution that guarantees fast and secure online store hosting.

Want to find out more about ScalaHosting? Check out our in-depth ScalaHosting review.

3. HostGator

FeaturesFree SSL, domain, email, DDoS protection, cPanel, 1-click installer
Best forBeginner-friendly online store hosting

HostGator is another well-known provider great for PrestaShop hosting due to its affordable prices, resource-rich plans, and ease of use. Even better yet, it allows hosting PrestaShop sites on its shared hosting plans.

To get a better idea, let’s take a look at what HostGator has to offer:

  • HostGator is very beginner-friendly. The host uses a popular cPanel control panel for all its management tasks. The interface is very well organized and includes functionalities like domain, email, SSL management, as well as a 1-click PrestaShop installer.
  • The provider comes with resource-rich plans. All the necessities like a free domain, an SSL certificate, and email accounts are included with all plans. More so, you can expect unlimited storage and bandwidth too.
  • If you ever find yourself needing help, HostGator has a very knowledgeable and fast customer support team. The agents are friendly and always ready to help and give you expert advice. Available 24/7, the support can be reached via live chat and phone.

For beginners and experienced users alike, HostGator offers affordable plans with excellent hosting features. This makes HostGator ideal for small and medium-scale eCommerce website owners.


HostGator offers 3 shared hosting PrestaShop-ready plans starting at $2.75/mo.

Each of the plans comes with free domain registration, unlimited email accounts, SSL certificates, and unlimited disk space with bandwidth.

Individual HostGator hosting packages include:

  • Hatchling ($2.75/mo) – supports only 1 website’s hosting.
  • Baby ($3.50/mo) – allows hosting an unlimited number of websites.
  • Business ($5.25/mo) – you can host unlimited websites and get a Positive SSL, dedicated IP, and free premium customer support.
Best Value

If you wish to have a little more freedom and a higher level of security, choose the Business plan. The plan comes with unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth, and email accounts, as well as automated backups, a Positive SSL, and a dedicated IP. To get the lowest rates, pick a 3-year subscription.


Performance-wise, HostGator proves to be a very trustworthy provider. However, its speed, while good, could be better.

The host comes with a typical 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, I found HostGator to be much better than that. In over two months of testing, the provider demonstrated an impressive >99.99% uptime.

Looking at the average response time of 525ms, it also falls under the industry’s average of 600ms. At the same time, this measure could be just a little better. However, it’s not a point of concern.

Lastly, HostGator hosts all its websites in the US exclusively. This means that the best performance result will be visible for US-located clients.

To sum it up, HostGator, despite its affordable price, provides very good uptime and very reasonable speed.

All things considered, HostGator is a highly resource-rich provider that puts simplicity at the forefront. If you’re a beginner or are planning to host an average-sized online store, HostGator has the tools.

Would you like to know more about HostGator? Check out our detailed HostGator review.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy website builder banner
FeaturesFree domain, email, DDoS protection, cPanel, 1-click installer
Best forSmall-to-medium-sized PrestaShop hosting

GoDaddy is a popular name in the hosting industry that also offers eCommerce-ready shared plans for PrestaShop hosting. For an affordable price, you can expect the host to supply you with generous storage, a functional and simplistic cPanel, and many business-oriented tools.

To get more insight on what GoDaddy offers, let’s look at some of its key features:

  • GoDaddy comes with an easy-to-use control panel – cPanel. The cPanel offers simplistic website management with access to features like email management, and backup management, and a 1-click PrestaShop installer via Softaculous.
  • GoDaddy is one of the biggest domain registrars in the market and each of its hosting plan comes with a free custom domain. More so, the domain’s setup is quick and effortless.
  • When it comes to performance, GoDaddy utilizes high-performance servers with support for the latest PHP versions.

Overall, GoDaddy offers an easy-to-manage PrestaShop hosting server, ideal for high-traffic eCommerce websites.


GoDaddy offers 3 shared hosting plans starting at $2.99/mo. All plans come with unmetered bandwidth, a free domain, and a single Microsoft 365 email account for 1 year. At the same time, an SSL certificate is only included with the priciest plan.

Let’s dive in, to explore plans individually:

  • Economy ($2.99/mo) – host 1 website with 100GB storage.
  • Deluxe ($9.99/mo) – host unlimited websites with unlimited storage.
  • Ultimate ($14.99/mo) on top of the Deluxe plan’s offerings, you get a free SSL certificate and a premium DNS.
Best Value

If you’re looking for PrestaShop hosting for an average-sized website, the Deluxe plan offers the best value. By opting for a 3-year subscription, not only do you get the lowest monthly rates but also unlimited storage and the ability to host as many sites as you wish.


In terms of performance, GoDaddy is right up there with other fast and trustworthy PrestaShop hosting providers.

GoDaddy, just like many other providers, gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, in 2 months of examining, the host kept a much better 99.98% uptime.

An even more impressive aspect was GoDaddy’s response time. This has averaged at 341ms, not even a ⅔ of the market’s average time.

To make sure that your clients get to experience these or even better results, choose a data center that’s closest to them. GoDaddy offers servers in Europe, the US, and Asia.

In short, GoDaddy delivers a pretty impressive performance with its uptime being at 99.98% and its average response time at 341ms.

In summary, GoDaddy is a slightly more premium hosting solution that is well fitted for PrestaShop hosting due to its generous storage and streamlined setup/management process.

To know more about GoDaddy hosting, check our detailed GoDaddy review.

5. InterServer

FeaturesFree SSL, automated backups, DDoS protection, InterShield, InterInsurance, cPanel, 1-click installer
Best forA secure and resource-rich online store hosting

InterServer offers no-nonsense hosting, ideal for hosting PrestaShop websites with affordable plans starting at $2.50/mo. The host takes a very simple approach to hosting and comes bearing generous resources, ease of use, and loads of security measures.

Here are some of the main features that make InterServer so tempting for PrestaShop hosting:

  • The host takes a no-nonsense approach. By choosing pricier plans you are not paying for flashy additional tools, you are paying for more raw server power. All plans are also equipped with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • The management is easy for both beginners and advanced users. InterServer offers a cPanel control panel that lets you simplify hosting management. This is also where you’ll find the Softaculous 1-click installer for PrestaShop.
  • InterServer is among some of the most secure web hosting providers. The host offers free SSL, server-level and Web Application firewalls, InterShield malware scanning, InterInsurance disaster recovery, and automated backups.
  • Has scalability options. If you’re looking for a more powerful hosting solution, InterServer offers very affordable VPS hosting starting at just $6.00/mo. Even better, there are no increased renewal rates.

Overall, InterServer offers affordable plans with enough resources and security measures to comfortably host an average-sized PrestaShop online store.


InterServer comes with 3 shared hosting plans with prices starting at $2.50/mo. All of the said plans are PrestaShop-ready.

No matter which one you’ll end up choosing, all plans come with unlimited email accounts, storage, and bandwidth, a free SSL, automated backups, InterShield, and InterInsurance.

Now talking about plan-specific features, here’s how server resources vary depending on a plan: from 1 to 4 CPU cores and from 2 to 8GB RAM.

Best Value

The best value hides under the standard plan. With a 36-month subscription, the monthly rates are as low as $2.50/mo. For that price, you get unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth, and email accounts, as well as a free SSL.


Performance is not a strong suit for InterServer. While the host is very reliable, its speed is lacking a little.

In more than 3 months of monitoring, my site has kept a very impressive 99.99% uptime. A significantly better result from the officially issued 99.9% uptime guarantee.

InterServer  responce time

While uptime is well above satisfactory, the response time isn’t, as the InterServer’s average response time of 662ms is slightly above the market’s average of 600ms. A few optimizations could go a long way here.

Now talking about speed, since InterServer has its data centers in the US alone, it is best to run an online store for US-located customers.

Performance-wise, InterServer is trustworthy just not blazing fast. However, the host is more than ready for a smaller online store hosting.

As a whole, InterServer is an affordable and resource-rich provider. Its shared hosting plans come with many security measures, making InterServer that much more suitable for PrestaShop hosting.

If you are curious to know more about InterServer, then check out my detailed InterServer review.

Best PrestaShop hosting: final recommendations

The best hosting for PrestaShop needs to be simple to manage and powerful, yet not break your bank. While many claim to be very well suited for the job, only a few providers can offer quality eCommerce-ready services.

Let’s recap our findings on the PrestaShop hosting solutions below:

  • Hostinger is an affordable and performance-based PrestaShop hosting provider.
  • ScalaHosting is a fast and secure fully-managed VPS PrestaShop hosting provider.
  • HostGator beginner-friendly and resource-rich shared hosting provider for online stores.
  • GoDaddy is a slightly more premium hosting provider with a focus on business websites.
  • InterServer is an affordable and secure no-nonsense PrestaShop hosting provider.

How to pick the best PrestaShop hosting

There are quite a few web hosting solutions for eCommerce website hosting out there. And the choices could be overwhelming. So, do you choose? Consider such factors as technical requirements, server resources, and security measures you’ll need to run an online store.

Technical software and hardware requirements

To run a fast and glitch-free PrestaShop site, you need to make sure that the hosting provider is using the latest software and hardware solutions. At a minimum, PrestaShop requires the following server configuration to run:

  • Linux, Windows, or Unix server systems
  • Apache Web Server – 2.2 or above. Alternatively, you can opt for LiteSpeed web server or NGINX (1.8)
  • PHP – 7.1 or above
  • A minimum system RAM of 256M
  • MySQL – 5.6 or above

Server resources

More often than not an online store is a pretty heavy website that requires a lot of storage and bandwidth. So it’s only natural that you need to estimate your site’s size and choose a plan that can effectively handle your online store.

Running an eCommerce platform requires a lot of storage and bandwidth. That’s because eCommerce sites have hundreds of products to list. These products have their own page where each product has its own set of images and text.

  • On average, any small site (can be a blog or a portfolio) would require storage of 1 GB, along with 5 GB of bandwidth.
  • A slightly larger site requires a minimum of 5-10 GB of storage along with 10 GB of bandwidth.
  • An online store site requires a minimum of at least 15-25 GB of storage along with 20-25 GB of bandwidth. The requirements for storage and bandwidth can grow based on the intensity of the traffic and the number of products on the site.

Security measures

Any online store requires an increased level of security. As you will be dealing with sensitive information such as your clients’ personal and credit card information, you need to make sure that all the needed security measures against online threats are in place.

Hosting providers like InterServer, offer a very diverse range of security tools like an SSL certificate, DDoS protection, a server and application-level firewalls, as well as site recovery services.

Apart from that, hosting should be PCI compliant, or you can use a secure 3rd party payment gateway.

Best PrestaShop hosting FAQs