Cybersecurity analyst disowns threat actor ‘twin’

Vx-Underground is a regular fixture on Twitter, aka X, regularly posting bulletins regarding threat actors. Now, the cybersecurity analyst has had to issue a rather unusual update – disavowing a ransomware group that has poached its name.

“We are aware a Threat Actor is framing us with the name ‘Vx-underground ransomware,’” tweeted (we hope) the real Vx-Underground. “We are not threat actors.”

However, most of Vx-Underground’s indignity seemed reserved for its dark doppelganger’s choice of attack kit, a package known as “phobos.”

“It is insulting that you'd think we'd stoop so low as to use Phobos,” spluttered Legit Vx. “Really? Phobos? Why would anyone use that hunk-of-junk?”

As jocular as its rebuttal may have been, there does appear to be a copycat Vx running around the dark web doing nefarious deeds – the analyst shared a post by the ransomware gang in which it announces: “All your files have been encrypted due to a security problem with your PC. If you want to restore them, write us to [sic] the email [email protected].”

Intriguingly, the ransom gang also includes a Twitter handle, @vxunderground. This is, character for character, the exact same as the real Vx’s platform moniker – suggesting that the intention could be to frame it or besmirch its reputation.

Whatever the truth of the matter, fellow X users were duly amused. “I told u guys vx-underground [sic] is rich!” tweeted Bass. “Guess someone is not happy about your work,” added Anni The Seal thoughtfully. “Perhaps that is the reason they decided to choose this name.”

Perhaps, Anni, perhaps.

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