See Tickets exposes payment card information of 300K+ people

See Tickets, an international ticketing services company, has leaked sensitive data, including payment card numbers in combination with security, access codes, passwords or PIN numbers.

Vivendi Ticketing, doing business as See Tickets, notified the Maine Attorney General’s office of a data breach that affected 323,498 people.

The company became aware of unusual activity on its e-commerce websites in May, 2023. It turned out that “unauthorized party(ies) inserted multiple instances of malicious code into a number of its e-commerce checkout pages resulting in unauthorized access to, and acquisition of, certain customer payment card information used to make purchases on the websites between February 28th, 2023 and July 2nd, 2023.”

The company identified the customers who made purchases during the aforementioned period of time, and started notifying them of the breach.

If you purchased tickets during the four-month period, your payment data might be compromised. See Tickets said unauthorized parties compromised the following data:

  • Name
  • Physical address
  • Debit or credit card number in combination with security, access codes, passwords or PIN numbers for the card.

See Tickets has no evidence to suggest the attackers have already exploited the information. However, this doesn’t mean that won’t happen in the near future. The notified customers are given complimentary 12-month credit monitoring service with Kroll, and are encouraged to remain vigilant against incidents of identity theft and fraud.

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