Google bringing AI features to Chromebook Plus laptops

New features include the photo editing tool Magic Eraser, a writing assistant, and a gaming dashboard.

A few weeks ago, Google announced a bunch of new AI features at its annual developer conference. Now, some of them are coming to the Chromebook laptop line that the company introduced last October.

All the new updates are available to existing or new owners of devices priced above $350. However, new Chromebook Plus owners are also getting a Google One AI Premium plan for a year, which typically costs around $20 a month. The plan includes Gemini Advanced, 2TB of storage, and Gemini in Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, and more.

One of the new tools coming to Chromebook Plus is Help Me Write. It can generate text from a prompt or rewrite an existing text. After right-clicking on the text on the web, PDF, or other document, users will see a menu with options to rewrite the text, shorten it, add emojis, and do other things.

The company is also adding Gemini on the devices’ screens and adding some fun features, like generating wallpapers and video call backgrounds using AI. Creating wallpapers via prompts will be available for all video conferencing apps.

In April, Google announced new updates coming to Google Photos, including the Magic Eraser, which can now be used on Chromebook Plus devices. Users can tap or circle the object they want to edit, hold and drag to reposition, or pinch to resize it. The app will also offer contextual suggestions to improve parameters like the lighting and background.

The company is also expanding its Chromebook Plus line with several smaller improvements, including automatically saving screen recordings in GIF, accessing Google Tasks with one click, and a new Gaming Dashboard.

Gaming Dashboard allows a player to customize how they play mobile games by mapping on-screen game controls to physical keys on a keyboard. The tool will also enable the recording and sharing of gaming experiences.

In the future, Google plans to add new features, like summarizing websites or PDFs using a right-click, focus mode, or AI-powered hands-free control with face and gesture tracking. The latter will allow a person to compose and send an email, open and use an app, or browse the web without using a keyboard or third-party software.