Wizpr Ring: interact with AI over a microphone on your finger

Tech company VTouch has presented a smart ring with an AI-powered microphone. This innovation expands the ways in which AI can be used in everyday life.

A smart ring might not seem such a revolutionary idea, with similar products already available on the market.

Nevertheless, current devices are limited to being able to track everything that there’s to know about our bodies: temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep, etc. Meanwhile, Wizpr Ring operates as an AI assistant.

So, how is it activated, and what exactly does it do? As the name suggests, once it’s on a finger, all a user has to do is whisper a command into the ring. What makes it easier to use is the fact that no additional commands are required to activate the device.

Owners of a Wizpr Ring can read and reply to messages, receive calendar alerts, get directions when traveling, monitor various smart home appliances, and enjoy many more AI-generated functions.

According to the creators of the ring, no private data is collected or stored – this information can only be found on the user’s smartphone. So, in case the ring is lost, all important data is still secure.

Wizpr Ring is a creation of the VTouch company. While the ring is not yet for sale, information about the device and the progress made can be found on its Kickstarter page.

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