YouTube users with adblockers experiencing deja vu with new disruptions

Adblocker users report experiencing a range of new issues while watching videos on YouTube. According to complaints on Reddit, YouTube is now skipping videos to the end or muting them if an adblocker is detected.

YouTube has been cracking down on adblocker users for some time now, introducing new measures and intimidating them to either switch to YouTube Premium or disable the adblocker. In a cat-and-mouse game, adblockers are responding with additional filters and measures to block YouTube’s anti-adblocking.

Now, users are observing some new “weird behavior – video automatically skips to the end,” Reddit user SDHD4K shared. No matter whether the video is started anew, replayed, or scrubbed to a particular timestamp, the playback slider jumps to the end of the video after pressing the play button.

The issue seems to impact AdBlock Plus users on Chrome. However, 19 hours after the initial complaints, Cybernews was unable to reproduce the issue using the Chrome browser and the same adblocker or viewing the same video.

In the discussion, other users shared that they experienced similar and additional problems.

“There’s no sound whenever I use an adblocker on YT. You can adjust the volume slider for a second then it goes mute again,” one Reddit user complained in a discussion.

“Yeah, confirmed, mine is muting the audio (Opera AdBlock). Disabled AdBlock then it works fine,” another Reddit user added.

Some suggested switching browsers and adblockers to other brands or waiting a few hours for AdBlock developers to fix the issue.

In December last year, YouTube introduced an anti-adblock feature, which alerts users with pop-ups and interrupts the viewing experience. Firefox users complained that the platform may intentionally slow down video loading times.

Google previously confirmed to Cybernews that viewers with adblockers “may experience suboptimal viewing, regardless of the browser,” and that includes delays in loading.

The tech giant argues that ads are a vital lifeline for creators. In April 2024, YouTube also introduced policy changes, specifying that users of third-party apps may face streaming issues.