Best Oppo phone deals in the UK (2024)

If you are looking for the best Oppo phone deals in the UK for 2024, then this is your guide. We’ve tested several Oppo deals and handpicked the right Oppo mobile phone deals for you, based on data allowance, price, etc. So, if you're ready to experience smooth mobile communication without breaking the bank, let's dive right in!

List of Oppo phone deals


Are Oppo phones any good?

Oppo phones combine innovation, style, and performance. Each model offers a flexible phone contract in the UK and a ton of benefits, such as:

  • Advanced camera technology (such as ultra-wide angles and 10x hybrid zoom) for stunning photos
  • Long-lasting battery life (up to eight hours while active or 15 hours when idle) for all-day usage
  • Diverse range of smartphones for every budget
  • Intuitive ColorOS interface for seamless navigation
  • Support for both 4G and 5G connectivity
  • High-resolution displays for immersive viewing experiences
  • Fast and reliable performance for multitasking

Why choose Oppo phone deals

Oppo offers some of the best mobile phone deals in the UK and at flexible prices. If you decide to switch to Oppo phone deals, here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Exclusive discounts and promotions. Oppo deals often come with special offers, discounts, and promotions, providing excellent value for money.
  • Bundled accessories. Some Oppo phone deals include bundled accessories such as cases, screen protectors, or headphones, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Flexible payment options. Oppo phone deals may offer flexible payment options such as instalment plans or trade-in programs, making it easier for users to afford their desired device.
  • Extended warranty and support. Many Oppo deals come with extended warranty periods and dedicated customer support, ensuring peace of mind and assistance when needed.

What are the best Oppo phones?

With so many models out there, you may find it hard to pinpoint the best Oppo phone for you. Check out our list below, as we have summed up the best Oppo phones along with some of their top features.

  • OPPO Find N3. Built-in advanced camera features and high-resolution sensors
  • OPPO A96. Perfect for budget-conscious users
  • OPPO Reno7 Z 5G. Designed for gaming and multimedia experiences with its powerful hardware
  • OPPO Reno8 5G. Best premium smartphone with a high-quality display and fast performance
  • Oppo A57. Great for users who need a budget-friendly smartphone for everyday tasks like calls, messaging, and social media
  • Oppo A16. Beginner-friendly smartphone with basic features
  • OPPO A78. Best for performance and battery life
  • OPPO Find X5. Targeted towards users who prioritise photography and multimedia experiences
  • Oppo F23. Best for multitasking, gaming, and entertainment
  • OPPO Reno11 5G. Best for high-speed connectivity, smooth performance, and advanced camera capabilities

What to look for in Oppo phone deals contracts

When considering the best Oppo contract deal, you must take into account several factors. Below are four essential things to keep in mind in order to make the best decision:

  • Data allowance. Assess your typical monthly data consumption to determine the appropriate data allowance for your needs. Heavy data users may opt for plans with generous data allowances or even unlimited data options, while moderate users might find smaller data allowances sufficient.
  • Contract length. Short-term contracts offer flexibility, allowing you to switch plans or providers more frequently, while long-term contracts typically come with better deals and discounts. Choose the one that aligns with your lifestyle and financial commitments.
  • Model selection. Evaluate the available models to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a flagship device with cutting-edge technology or a budget-friendly option with essential features, ensure the deal offers the model you desire.
  • Price. Set a budget and consider any additional fees or upfront costs. Look for deals that offer competitive pricing without compromising on the features and benefits you require.

What Oppo phone deals are available?

Oppo offers several phone deals available. However, you need to consider your preferences and needs to choose the right deal for you. Here are the most popular deals:

  • Oppo pay-monthly contract. Oppo contract deals involve paying a fixed monthly fee for a specified period, typically 12, 24, or 36 months, with bundled allowances for minutes, texts, and data. For example, you might pay £30 per month for an Oppo Find X5 Pro with unlimited calls, texts, and 50GB of data.
  • Oppo SIM-free. SIM-free deals offer the phone outright, with no contract or network tie-in. You purchase the device and are free to choose any network or plan. For instance, you might buy the Oppo Reno7 Z 5G for £399 and use it with a SIM-only deal or existing contract.
  • Oppo SIM-only deal. With SIM-only deals, you only pay for the SIM card and the services it provides, such as minutes, texts, and data, without a phone included. These deals are ideal if you already own an Oppo phone or prefer purchasing the device separately.
  • Oppo deals with upfront costs. Some deals require an initial payment for the phone, followed by monthly payments. This option allows for spreading the phone's cost over time, making high-end devices more affordable upfront. For instance, you might pay £99 upfront for an Oppo A78 and £20 per month for the contract.

What’s the best Oppo phone for you?

In the table below, we compared four of the best Oppo phone models to help you choose the right model based on your preferences.

FeatureOPPO A96OPPO Reno8 5GOppo A57Oppo A16
Display Size6.43 inches6.43 inches5.2 inches6.52 inches
Rear Camera Specs50MP + 8MP + 2MP50MP + 2MP + 2MP13MP 13MP + 2MP
Selfie Camera Spec16MP32MP16MP8MP
Battery Life5000 mAh4500 mAh2900 mAh5000 mAh

Which UK providers offer Oppo phone deals?

In the UK, several providers offer Oppo phone deals, catering to diverse preferences and budgets:

  • Three. Three offers a range of Oppo phones with various contract options, including pay-monthly contracts and SIM-only deals. This comes with generous data allowances and network benefits like Go Roam.
  • O2. Get Oppo phone contract deals with flexible lengths and competitive pricing. Choose from a selection of tariffs tailored to your usage requirements, along with exclusive perks like O2 Priority.
  • Sky Mobile. Sky Mobile offers Oppo phones with customisable plans, allowing customers to adjust their allowances monthly to suit their needs. Benefit from data rollover and free streaming on select apps with Watch.
  • Vodafone. Vodafone provides Oppo deals with inclusive entertainment subscriptions and roaming benefits. Customers can enjoy high-speed 5G connectivity and access to Vodafone's extensive network coverage.
  • EE. EE’s Oppo phone deals deliver super-fast 5G connectivity and access to the UK's largest 5G network. Customers can choose from a range of tariffs with additional perks like BT Sport and Apple Music.
  • Tesco Mobile. This provider offers Oppo phones with flexible pay-monthly contracts and affordable SIM-only deals. Customers can benefit from Clubcard points and family perks like Tesco Clubcard Plus.
  • Virgin Mobile. Get the best Oppo deals with flexible contracts and data rollover. Enjoy data-free messaging on WhatsApp and exclusive rewards with Virgin Red.

How to choose the right provider for Oppo phone deals

Here are five key considerations to help you choose the right provider for Oppo phone deals:

  • Network coverage. Choose a provider with reliable coverage in your area and the places you frequent. For example, if you live in a rural area, choose a provider known for strong rural coverage, like Three or Vodafone.
  • Tariff options. Evaluate the tariff options offered by each provider, considering factors such as data allowances, contract lengths, and inclusive perks. So if you’re a heavy data user, for example, look for providers like EE or O2 that offer generous data allowances.
  • Customer service. Research the customer service reputation of each provider, including their responsiveness, helpfulness, and reliability. Choosing a provider with excellent customer service reviews (such as EE) gives you an upper hand; it means your questions and complaints will be addressed on time.
  • Additional benefits. Look for providers that offer additional benefits such as entertainment subscriptions, roaming perks, and loyalty rewards. For instance, if you enjoy streaming movies and TV shows, a provider like Sky Mobile with inclusive entertainment subscriptions may be a good choice.
  • Pricing and promotions. Compare the pricing of Oppo phone deals across different providers, taking into account any promotional offers or discounts available. Keep an eye out for limited-time deals and bundle offers that can help you save on upfront costs or monthly bills.