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Best ad blockers according to Reddit recommendations

Reddit stands out as a unique and influential platform in the vast landscape of online communities. It's not just the diversity of its content that captivates millions; it's its users' authenticity and collective wisdom that makes Reddit a go-to source for reliable advice.

Redditors' insights are highly valued, especially regarding tech solutions like ad blockers. These users don’t just discuss the effectiveness of these tools; they delve into the nuances of user experience, privacy features, and compatibility across different browsers and devices.

Our journey to compile the best ad blockers of 2024, as recommended by Reddit, was extensive. We sifted through countless subreddits and evaluated hundreds of user comments to understand which ad blockers stand out in the Reddit community.

As we transition to the heart of our findings, get ready to explore the top 5 best ad Blockers according to Reddit. These aren't just popular choices; they're the tools that have earned the trust of one of the internet's most discerning communities.

Top 5 best ad blockers according to Reddit in 2024 – shortlist

Key factors Reddit users rely on when choosing the best ad blocker

Reddit users are discerning when selecting the best ad blockers, emphasizing a blend of functionality, user experience, and trustworthiness. Here are the key factors they consider, summarized in bullet points for clarity:

  • Effectiveness. The ad blocker must be robust in blocking various ads, including pop-ups, banners, and video ads. Reddit users look for ad blockers that are efficient without being intrusive.
  • User experience. Ease of installation and configuration is crucial. The ad blocker should not significantly slow browsing speeds or cause website loading issues.
  • Privacy protection. High importance is placed on the ad blocker’s ability to prevent tracking and ensure user anonymity online.
  • Compatibility. The tool must work seamlessly across multiple browsers and platforms, offering wide-ranging applicability.
  • Customization. Flexibility in settings, allowing users to adjust the level of ad blocking according to their preferences, is highly valued.
  • Cost. The price point is a consideration, with a preference for ad blockers that offer a balance of quality and affordability, including free versions.
  • Support and updates. Reliable customer support and regular updates to keep up with evolving ad technologies are critical.
  • Community feedback. Positive reviews and recommendations from fellow Reddit users often sway decision-making, as these reflect real-world user experiences.

These factors serve not just as a guide to choosing an effective tool, but also reflect the collective wisdom of a community known for its technical acumen and candid reviews.

The best ad blockers by Reddit – detailed list

We analyzed Reddit threads to select the best ad blockers, focusing on upvotes and user comments. Our criteria prioritized both popularity and performance. This careful selection brings you the most recommended ad blockers by the Reddit community.

1. uBlock Origin – best ad blocker by Reddit

uBlock Original banner
Based in:N/A (open-source)
Free version:Yes
Supported platforms:Firefox and Chromium browsers
Current deal:-

uBlock Origin, highly regarded on Reddit, epitomizes excellence in ad-blocking. This 100% free and open-source software allows complete user freedom without needing any financial contributions, a principle it upholds by refusing donations.

Reddit comment

Reddit users particularly appreciate uBlock Origin's comprehensive features, including dynamic filtering, element zapping, and effective WebRTC blocking. This browser add-on, compatible with Firefox and Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers), is celebrated for its user-friendly interface and remarkable efficiency.

Its lightweight nature, with a minimal impact on system resources, is another highlight emphasized by Reddit discussions. The ad blocker employs community-developed blocklists, such as EasyList, Peter Lowe’s Ad server list, and EasyPrivacy, to filter unwanted traffic, allowing users to import custom lists and manage whitelists.

2. AdGuard – preferred by Redditors for cross-platform functionality

Adguard banner
Based in:Cyprus
Free version:Yes (Android, iOS)
Supported platforms:Windows, Mac, Android, Android TV, iOS, browsers
Current deal:-

AdGuard emerges as a top contender on Reddit for its expansive cross-platform functionality. Renowned for its simple interface and effectiveness, AdGuard efficiently blocks ads across various browsers without compromising device speed.

Comment on Reddit

Reddit users appreciate AdGuards' comprehensive features, including browsing security, parental controls, phishing protection, and Stealth Mode. Notably, AdGuard's compatibility extends across Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Yandex, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Reddit discussions highlight AdGuard's ability to block YouTube ads and its impressive scores on ad blocker testing websites. Despite some challenges in interpreting ad-blocking statistics, its overall performance, especially in saving data and enhancing browsing security, makes it a favored choice.

3. Pi-hole – Reddit's selection for network-level ad filtering

Pi-hole banner
Based in:N/A
Free version:Yes
Supported platforms:Linux
Current deal:-

Pi-hole stands out on Reddit as a powerful, network-wide ad-blocking solution, favored for its ability to enhance browsing experiences and improve network performance. It’s trendy among IT professionals, network administrators, and tech enthusiasts for its comprehensive coverage.

Pi-hole on Reddit

Pi-hole is free and operates under the European Union Public License (EUPL), making it accessible to many users, from small businesses to large corporations. Its network-level ad blocking extends to various devices, including mobile apps and smart TVs, offering a versatile and thorough ad-blocking experience.

4. Brave Browser – Reddit's preferred browser with a built-in ad blocker

Brave banner
Based in:USA
Free version:Yes
Supported platforms:Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Current deal:-

Brave Browser has quickly captured the attention of Reddit users for its innovative features and privacy-focused design. Launched in 2016, it's not just a browser but an integrated ad-blocking solution.

Brave browser

Users on Reddit highlight its speed, surpassing that of Chrome and Firefox, and its robust privacy features, including a built-in VPN and ad-blocker. Its adaptability allows users to import settings easily from other browsers, enhancing the transition experience. Brave's privacy-centric approach is evident in its policy of not storing user data or engaging in third-party data sales.

5. Total Adblock – celebrated on Reddit for its ease of use

Total Adblock banner
Based in:USA
Free version:Yes
Supported platforms:Android, iOS, Chrome
Current deal:🔥Get 80% OFF Total Adblock!🔥

Total Adblock is gaining traction on Reddit for its user-friendly interface and effective ad-blocking capabilities. Created by the developers of TotalAV antivirus, it ensures a secure browsing experience by shielding against adware and other malicious threats.

Total Adblock

Compatible with Chrome and available as a mobile app, Total Adblock stands out for its script-blocking technology, which prevents non-essential cookies and blocks various ad types, including pop-ups, banners, and video ads. Its ability to filter contextual and analytic ads and its straightforward setup make it a favorite among Reddit users. You can learn more about this product by reading our complete Total Adblock review.

Ad blockers comparison by Reddit users

To help you navigate the world of ad blockers, we've compiled a comparison table based on Reddit users' discussions. This table contrasts critical features, pricing, and compatibility of the most popular ad blockers, providing a clear overview to guide your choice.

Feature/ provideruBlock OriginAdGuardPi-holeBrave BrowserTotal Adblock
PriceFreeStarts at $2.49/monthFreeFree$1.59/month
CompatibilityFirefox, Chrome, Opera, EdgeChrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, OperaLinuxStandalone BrowserAndroid, iOS, Chrome, Opera
Privacy protectionHighHighHighVery HighHigh
User experienceExcellentEasy to UseAdvancedSimpleUser-Friendly
EffectivenessVery HighHighHighHighHigh
Additional featuresElement Zapper, Dynamic FilteringParental Controls, Phishing ProtectionNetwork Performance Enhancement, DHCP ServerBuilt-in VPN, Tracker BlockerScript Blocking, Pop-up Blocker

Why Reddit user comments matter?

Reddit user comments are invaluable when it comes to assessing the real-world performance and reliability of ad blockers. Unlike traditional reviews, Reddit's community-driven platform offers a rich tapestry of honest, unfiltered opinions from a diverse range of users.

On Reddit, users freely share their personal experiences, technical insights, and practical advice, providing a holistic view of each ad blocker's strengths and weaknesses. This kind of crowd-sourced information is crucial because it comes from actual users who have no vested interest in promoting a product.

Additionally, Reddit's voting system helps to surface the most helpful and relevant comments, making it easier to gauge the consensus about a product. This democratic approach ensures that the most accurate, useful, and popular opinions rise to the top.

In the world of ad blockers, where performance can vary significantly based on factors like browser compatibility, device, and individual needs, Reddit's user comments serve as a crucial guide to making informed decisions. They provide a real-time, dynamic, and comprehensive view of products.

Best ad blockers for streaming according to Redditors

For avid streamers, finding the right ad blocker is crucial for an uninterrupted viewing experience. Redditors, known for their candid opinions and tech savviness, have weighed in on this, highlighting ad blockers that excel in streaming environments.

The discussions often revolve around blockers that eliminate pre-roll ads, pop-ups, and mid-stream interruptions on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming services.

According to Reddit users, ad blockers like uBlock Origin and AdGuard are frequently recommended for their robustness in blocking video ads and minimal impact on streaming quality. These tools are praised not just for their effectiveness but also for their ease of use and compatibility with popular streaming browsers.

Using UBlock
Using AdGuard

These insights from real-world users provide a valuable guide for anyone seeking an ad blocker that can handle streaming demands without compromising performance or user experience.

Best gaming ad blockers according to Redditors

Gamers on Reddit often seek ad blockers that can enhance their gaming experience by minimizing distractions and improving page load times. The community's consensus leans towards lightweight ad blockers that do not consume significant system resources, which is crucial for maintaining optimal gaming performance.

AdGuard frequently emerges in discussions for its ability to seamlessly integrate with gaming-related sites and its efficiency in blocking intrusive ads without affecting game load times or streaming quality.

AdGurad Pro

Another popular choice among Redditors is uBlock Origin, praised for its low impact on system resources and effectiveness in blocking ads on gaming websites and platforms.

These real-user recommendations from Reddit provide valuable insights for gamers looking for ad blockers that align with their specific gaming needs and preferences.

Best browser ad blockers according to Reddit users

When selecting the best browser ad blockers, Reddit users offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. They often recommend ad blockers that effectively eliminate ads and ensure a smooth browsing experience.

uBlock Origin is frequently mentioned for its compatibility with multiple browsers and comprehensive blocking capabilities, making it a top choice for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge users.

uBlock Origin

AdGuard also receives notable mentions for its cross-browser functionality and user-friendly interface.

Comment on Reddit

These ad blockers stand out in Reddit discussions for their efficiency, ease of use, and minimal impact on browser performance.

Ad blockers Reddit users don’t recommend

Reddit users, known for their candid feedback, sometimes advise against certain ad blockers due to various issues. Two such examples frequently mentioned are:

  1. Adblock Plus. Often criticized for its "Acceptable Ads" program, which allows certain ads to pass through its filters. This feature has led to discontent among users who prefer a more comprehensive ad-blocking solution.
  2. AdBlock. Despite its popularity, some Redditors express dissatisfaction with its performance, citing increased resource usage and compatibility issues with certain websites.

These examples, highlighted through community discussions, provide insight into the preferences of Reddit users, emphasizing the value they place on efficiency, thoroughness, and transparency in ad blockers.

Best free ad blockers according to Reddit users

Reddit users often share their experiences with various free ad blockers, highlighting those that combine efficiency and user-friendliness. The best free ad blockers recommended by Redditors include:

  • uBlock Origin. Widely praised for its comprehensive ad-blocking capabilities, low system resource usage, and user control over filtering. Redditors appreciate its effectiveness across various websites and its transparency as an open-source tool.
  • Pi-hole. Popular for its network-wide blocking ability, Pi-hole is favored for its robustness in filtering ads across all devices on a network. Reddit users often mention its slightly more technical setup but laud its effectiveness once operational.
  • Brave Browser. Brave is not just a browser; it comes with integrated ad-blocking features. Redditors commend it for its privacy-focused design and built-in ad blocker that doesn’t compromise browsing speed.
  • AdGuard (Free Version). Although the premium version offers more features, the free version of AdGuard is still a favorite among Reddit users for its effectiveness in blocking ads and its availability across multiple platforms.

These free ad blockers stand out in Reddit discussions for their balance of no-cost efficiency and ease of use, making them top choices in the ad blocker community.

Best ad blocker subreddits to subscribe to

For in-depth discussions and updates on ad blockers, subscribing to specific subreddits can be invaluable. Key subreddits include:

  • r/uBlockOrigin
  • r/adblock
  • r/pihole

These communities offer a wealth of information, user experiences, and technical support for anyone interested in ad-blocking solutions.


Reddit users provide a treasure trove of insights when choosing the best ad blockers. Their collective wisdom, based on real-world experiences, highlights the importance of factors like effectiveness, compatibility, user experience, and privacy protection.

From the comprehensive blocking of uBlock Origin to the network-wide capabilities of Pi-hole, each ad blocker has its unique strengths. The discussions on Reddit not only illuminate the top contenders in the ad-blocking realm but also shed light on those less recommended, ensuring users make well-informed decisions.

Whether you're a gamer, a streamer, or just an everyday user seeking a smoother browsing experience, the Reddit community's recommendations are a valuable guide to finding the ideal ad blocker that suits your needs.


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