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NordPass vs Bitwarden: Which One's Better?

NordPass and Bitwarden are both highly-rated among password managers. They are excellent guardians of your passwords that will remember your credentials, autofill them, and keep protected from online threats.

These password managers are equipped with strong security tools, like strong encryption and multi-factor authentication, or useful features as password generator and password health reports. And they offer all this for a fantastic price that doesn’t even reach 2 bucks.

However, here we meet the dilemma: which one’s better? Is it NordPass or Bitwarden?

That being said, here, you will meet features, security, and prices comparison. Therefore, this review will help you to find out which password manager you should go for.

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🔒 Encryption:XChaCha20AES 256-bit
🖥️ Platforms:Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
🌐 Browser extensions:Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and SafariChrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera

NordPass or Bitwarden: which one is more secure?

It’s undeniable – these competitors are tough nuts to crack for hackers. Whether you go with NordPass or Bitwarden you get your password vault encrypted. Meaning, even password managers themselves won’t see what you store in your vault as by the time your information reaches their services it’s already encrypted.

With both of them, you protect your sensitive data with a master password that only you would know. In addition to that, you can enable two-factor authentication, so your security layer only builds up.

And yet, NordPass manages to take over Bitwarden as it uses advanced encryption, its country of jurisdiction doesn’t require collecting logs, and the overall privacy policy is a bit friendlier to a customer.


Bitwarden has implemented AES-256 encryption which is used even by the military. What does this mean? Well, with it, your passwords, login items, credit card information, and other sensitive data get top-level security. If anyone tries to sneak in, it would take ages to do reach your vault.

In the meantime, NordPass chooses to use XChaCha20 encryption rather than using an industry-standard one. By implementing this encryption NordPass manages to encrypt your vault faster, uses fewer device resources, and ensures top-notch security.

What’s also great about these password managers is that they use end-to-end encryption, meaning that even the companies themselves can’t take a look at what you have in your vault or what your master password is.

But coming back to the fact that NordPass provides us with modern encryption which improves not only your security but also the performance of your device makes us give a score to it.

Multifactor security

Not so long ago NordPass offered only email and authentication apps confirmation. Yet, now it supports quite a list of security keys – it includes YubiKey, iPass, MultiPass, ePass, BioPass, apps, and emails. Enabling one of these security keys makes it somewhat impossible to break into your password vault.

Bitwarden also supports a range of security keys to increase your security layer more. With it, you get to choose from Duo Security with Duo Push, SMS, phone call, email, and security keys.

Bitwarden 2FA methods

Overall, it's essential now to go for multifactor security. And both password managers seem to be able to make your vault hacker-proof. Yet, NordPass is determined to offer you more ways to do so.

Data storage

One more aspect of why we love password managers is that they don’t only remember your passwords for you. There’s something more, for example, safely storing your important notes and files.

For this, Bitwarden offers you 1GB storage with a premium plan. If you feel like going for more storage space, there’s a possibility to buy an extra 1GB. Just note that you are allowed to upload only a 500 MB size file or 100 MB if you upload from a mobile device.

Speaking of NordPass, it gets a bit different here. You may store your sensitive notes in its local app, yes. But as for files, you would have to get NordPass company’s extra software called NordLocker which is encrypted storage for files. Although it seems like an awkward workaround, with it you get 3 GB of free storage and by paying additionally you even get 500 GB.

NordLocker webpage

At this point, both password managers have their strengths and weaknesses. Bitwarden offers you local storage but with a tighter capacity. And NordPass basically tells you to get its additional app, yet there you have more storage. We call it a draw.

Privacy policy

While being online we prefer staying secure and private. Therefore, the privacy policy is one of the main details we pay attention to.

NordPass is Panama based company, meaning they don’t have to collect your data. However, there is some information that is collected. It includes your email address, payment method, and IP addresses that were used to log in to your vault.

On the other hand, Bitwarden is located in a 5-eyes country – the US. And we must admit that we don’t really appreciate it. Also, Bitwarden claims to collect your name, email address, IP address, the type of device you are using and its OS, and other information that you enter for registration. All of this collected information is more than what NordPass keeps to itself.

Some shortcomings can be solved. With the help of a VPN, you may hide your IP address and if you pay with bitcoin you also increase your privacy.

Overall, with NordPass your privacy is more respected than with Bitwarden.

Third-party security audits

Bitwarden has done its job regarding security audits truly well. It has been audited by Cure53 and Insight Risk Consulting auditing firms. And not only applications got checked but also backend server systems. The issues that were found were only minor ones and they got cleared within a security update that Bitwarden has released.

NordPass also works on proving that its security is legit. It has undergone an independent audit conducted by the Cure53 cybersecurity firm in 2020. The audit took a look at NordPass desktop and mobile applications plus browser extensions and there were no weak points found.

Going through an independent audit allows the company to notice the spots that weaken the software and the user gets to see how secure and trustworthy the product is. Hence, Bitwarden stands on the podium this time as it has undergone more audits than NordPass.

NordPass vs Bitwarden: features overview

NordPass and Bitwarden keep improving their software so that your browsing experience stays comfortable and secure and much as possible. By joining them, you get to know whether you have experienced any data breaches, what passwords are unsafe to use and what you should change them into. And there is even more to benefit from.

But even if you find the similar-looking suite of security across password managers, the most important question here is how well do those features perform? Hence, after testing both of the products, we have come to the conclusion that NordPass manages to fulfill tasks better.

Password importing

If you decide to change your password manager from or to NordPass, it’s an easy task to do. This password manager provides you with a separate section for importing your items from other password managers or browsers. Or you can import your items as a .CSV file.

The program has clear instructions for that and everything is displayed comfortably.

NordPass import

The .CSV file method goes for Bitwarden as well. Otherwise, you can import your logins from other apps and browsers. But with it, it's not that easy as with NordPass as the system isn’t developed well towards this action. Meaning, you would have to import your items manually instead of attaching a file. And there is no clear section where you can pick your previous password manager for importing items from it.

Summing it all up, NordPass is going to cause you less stress while importing your passwords to your new vault.

Account and password recovery

Recovering your account with these two password managers can get frustrating. And for the starters, just keep in mind that master password and recovery code are Very important if you don’t want to lose your passwords.

Once you sign up for your account on NordPass you get to create your master password that no one except you knows (not even the company) and you get prompted with a recovery code (you get it only once, afterward you won’t find it anywhere). A recovery code is meant to recover your account after you forget your master password. In case you lose both the master password and a recovery code you have to reset your account and, poof, your items are long gone.

We find it similar to Windscribe. The differences are that you receive a recovery code after enabling 2FA and if you lose your recovery code and the master password you won’t be able to recover your account at all. So yes, you guessed it right, you would have to create a completely new account for Bitwarden.

Password generator

To avoid reusing old passwords or creating weak ones both NordPass and Bitwarden offer a password generator that guarantees you strong and secure passwords.

Both of the providers allow you to customize the generated password regarding the length of it, whether it’s going to include only characters or symbols (perhaps both). Also, they allow you to generate passwords in phrases instead of a confusing mix of symbols. Those seem easier to remember and they remain safe.

NordPass password generator

Whether you choose NordPass or Bitwarden you get to use a highly customizable password generator that will benefit you with trustworthy passwords.

Password sharing

If your friend uses NordPass along with you, you are able to share your passwords and notes as long as the email address is added to the trusted contacts list. Additionally, you can transfer your rights of an item to your trusted contact, just remember that you would lose some of the rights yourself.

With Bitwarden it’s a bit more limited as you can only share passwords with one user even though you are a Premium user. If you decide to upgrade your subscription into a Family one, then there will be up to 6 users that you can share your items with.

In the meantime, NordPass allows you to have an unlimited number of trusted contacts for its premium users. Undoubtedly, that’s going to be more convenient than having only one buddy on your password manager.


In terms of NordPass autofill feature, we could say that it gets faster and easier to use compared to Bitwarden. As soon as you click on the box to fill in your credentials, you get prompted with already saved passwords or with the suggestion to save new ones. Hence, you don’t need to do 3 clicks – one is already enough. And to make it clear, NordPass auotfills your credentials on all popular browsers.

NordPass autofill feature

Although it seems that there could be nothing complicated with this feature, Bitwarden has proved it wrong.

Bitwarden autofill feature

Whenever you need this password manager to autofill your credentials it might take more than one click. In fact, you would need to right-click in the box, click Bitwarden’s icon, and then hit autofill. But despite the slow process, this password manager offers you a decent autofill that is capable of filling your passwords on various browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

NordPass vs Bitwarden: which offers better value for money?

At first sight both NordPass and Bitwarden offer a quite similar suite of features whether it’s a free plan or a premium one. However, NordPass proves us wrong by providing more.

Just the fact that Bitwarden’s paid plan is almost three times cheaper than NordPass’s makes us want to hop on Bitwarden’s deck.

Check pricingCheck pricing

If you decide to pick a free version, it’s going to be severely limited with each of these password managers.

NordPass allows you to have only one active session at the same time but you still have the possibility to use your account on different devices. And with Bitwarden you get unlimited password storage across unlimited devices but, obviously, restrictions are included. That being said, you lose quite a number of privileges.

Bitwarden or NordPass: Free

Maximum number of allowed passwordsUnlimited passwordsUnlimited passwords
Devices count1 deviceUnlimited devices
Sharing optionsNot availableOne-to-one sharing

At this stage, we can assume that Bitwarden Free is a more acceptable option for those who wish to have a decent password manager for free.

Equally, these password managers allow their users to store unlimited passwords to their free vaults. Nevertheless, that was the only equality between these two regarding the free app version.

NordPass gives you somewhat compromise – you are able to have only one active session at a time but log in to your account on unlimited devices. Meanwhile, Bitwarden offers you unlimited access.

What’s also great is that with Bitwarden Free you are able to share your items with one trusted contact (just as with the premium plan). It certainly smells here like more freedom to us.

Bitwarden vs NordPass: Paid

Here you should carefully weigh your needs. If we take a look at the quality of features that NordPass offers or other extra benefits as unlimited sharing or adequate account recovery method, you might think twice.

Even though the suite of features looks pretty similar in both of the password managers, we detect differences in another way. For example, Bitwarden’s less easy to use as you have to attempt multiple steps to autofill your password, in the meantime, NordPass eases your browsing life by letting you reach your goal within a click.

Also, NordPass seems to be more advanced as it uses XChaCha20 encryption and that’s a quite serious advantage if you honestly care about the overall performance of a password manager. Yet, Bitwarden offers you built-in encrypted storage without the need to install extra software.

All in all, these password managers have their own strengths in different forms. Consequently, they are equal players here.

Platforms, interface, and ease of use

It’s no secret that password managers should ease your life – starting from the setup and ending with ease of use. And we all know how frustrating it can get if the software gets too complicated.

Unfortunately, Bitwarden is a program that should’ve been effortless to use but ended up as a surprise that demands more than expected. Compare to that NordPass’s extremely intuitive and dedicated for everyone to comfortably use.

Desktop apps

Starting using Bitwarden or NordPass on your desktop requires you to only navigate to their official websites and download the app that fits your OS. Afterward, you create your account and the password manager is ready to ease your browsing experience.

Whether you are using Windows or macOS you get a graphical application, for Linux users, it gets different since they don’t get the graphical app.

Also, if you have been using Bitwarden’s browser app, then you won’t notice a drastic difference in the desktop app. It remains quite comfortable, yet with certain glitches that may get you confused. For example, not all functions are clearly presented.

On the competitor's side, everything goes somewhat similar. Though the NordPass desktop app provides you with more options than the web app and it does sound like a good change, right?

NordPass desktop vault

Plus, it has done its job fantastically by developing a user-friendly interface.

Browser extensions

NordPass supports plenty of browsers, most importantly – the popular ones, like Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Therefore, you don’t have to adjust for the sake of the password manager. Moreover, the interface applies quite the same for each of the browsers and you receive a full package of features.

Overall, NordPass, indeed, strikes by fitting the fact that adding the password manager as a browser extension is the most convenient way to use it.

Bitwarden also offers its browser extension for a wide range of browsers. However, the interface and the experience differ from one to another. If you are an Edge user, don’t get surprised when your Bitwarden extension gets buggy. And Chrome users lose a chance to use a sidebar of the password manager.

Mobile apps

Well, here we truly get an easy task to accomplish. Firstly, applications for NordPass or Bitwarden can be found on Google Play Store or Apple App store. Meaning, these providers support both Android and iOS.

Secondly, both competitors have managed to design attractive programs that you are going to master within seconds.

Now let’s put some cherries on top – with Bitwarden you are able to customize the interface the way you want. Hence, your password manager won’t only be a lifesaver but also a nice platform to spend your time on. As for NordPass mobile app, you have an option to use a dark theme which is also great, especially if you like customizing your apps depending on your mood.

Customer support

Just to make it clear already – NordPass would be the one that’s here for you all day and all night, whether you are feeling like chatting or just typing an email. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about being Premium in case you need help.

This provider clearly cares about its product’s users as you may contact them via a live chat, ticketing system, app stores, and social media platforms. And if that’s not good enough, you can contact them 24/7 which also means that you will get your question answered within a minute or 24 hours (if you chose email support).

NordPass support page

Bitwarden is way behind the quality that NordPass brings over here. If you are a Premium user, you get priority support. The latter sounds like it should be super helpful and fast but that’s a wrong expectation. The only support you get straight from the team is via email which is clearly not lightning-fast. And as a free user, you are left behind even more without not getting so-called “priority” support.

What’s actually great is that both password managers offer very informative FAQs that can be found on their official websites.

Video review

NordPass vs. Bitwarden – which one wins?

Pricing & Plans
Customer support

NordPass and Bitwarden seem to be similar password managers at first but digging in deeper reveals completely different results. Basically, Bitwarden is like an intermediate among password managers, while NordPass fights for the first place.

By choosing NordPass password manager you get a stronger suite of features that are incredibly easy to use. Also, this company is all about the future – they are simply prepared for it as they have implemented next-gen encryption. And if you end up struggling with the app, they are always here for you.

Our hope is that Bitwarden will brace up in the nearest future. As for now, NordPass will be the one that eases your browsing experience.

4.9 /5
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-40% OFF
4.5 /5
Special deal
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Jerry S.
Jerry S.
prefix 5 months ago
Thank you very much for this article. Until now I have been a user of Bitwarden for quite a while. Upon reading this article, it has convinced me to consider NordPass as an alternative. I will try out the free service. if I like it. I will change to it. Currently, I have a paid account at Bitwarden.

I'm not quite sure how the TOTP function within Bitwarden functions. Is TOTP A one time password, which can be arbitrarily applied to any entry in the database? Does NordPass support a similar function? For example, if I log into a website which doesn't support 2FA can I arbitrarily create and make 2FA a requiement to login to that website using TOTP with either Bitwarden or Nordpass?
Thanks again for this well written article and comparative analysis.

Tokyo, Japan
Cybernews Team
Cybernews Team
prefix 5 months ago

We're not quite sure what you mean by "create and make 2FA a requirement to login to that website", as it depends whether the website itself requires/supports it.

As for the TOTP, Bitwarden does have this feature, but it only works with websites that support it, and NordPass uses TOTP only when accessing the app.

We hope this helps!
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