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LastPass alternatives – TOP-5 choices

LastPass has been causing security concerns and disappointing its customers by limiting certain features. In 2022, LastPass suffered a breach that occurred when a threat actor compromised a company computer and stole source code, technical documents, and other highly sensitive data.

Another breach took place just days after, when the cybercriminal stole a backup containing LastPass’ customer database with unencrypted data. Plus, their free plan was limited to one device only, making it inconvenient for users with multiple devices.

Multiple breaches happening the same week is a major cause for concern, not to mention the free plan changes, so you may be looking for a much safer password manager to replace LastPass. Our research and tests revealed that the best LastPass alternative is NordPass. It follows a zero-knowledge approach, uses advanced encryption, and has never been breached before.

But NordPass isn’t the only great replacement. Continue reading to find out the best alternatives to LastPass in 2023 based on security, features, pricing, and more.

Top alternatives to LastPass in 2023

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We researched and tested various password managers to find the best LastPass alternatives. Ranking included evaluations of providers based on security measures, features, autofilling efficiency, compatibility, price, and more. Keep on reading to find the best alternatives for LastPass:

1. NordPass – the best LastPass alternative in 2023

NordPass logo image
Cloud storage:3 GB (with NordLocker app)
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and Edge
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NordPass has everything you need to keep your credentials safe. And, contrary to LastPass, it has not been hacked once.

To keep your passwords as secure as possible, NordPass uses zero-knowledge architecture, which means that not even the NordPass developers know your master password or decryption keys. This greatly reduces the risk of compromised passwords in case of a breach. Additionally, the next-gen XChaCha20 encryption, biometric logins, and multi-factor authentication further enhance NordPass security.

Here are some of the features we discovered in our review of NordPass:

  • Unlimited logins and other entries
  • Password generator
  • Password health checker
  • Data breach scanner
  • Offline mode
  • Emergency access
  • Password sharing

You can use NordPass for free on your Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS devices, as well as a few browser extensions. There is a free version, however, the paid plans start at $1.72/month, which is a pretty affordable price. You can also make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. 1Password – alternative to LastPass for businesses

1password new banner
Cloud storage:1 GB
Free version:No
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Safari
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For those who’re looking for an adequately priced password manager full of excellent features – 1Password is a rather perfect option. Robust security measures such as industry-standard encryption and authentication, as well as compatibility with numerous platforms and browsers, will ensure your best password-managing experience.

Features of 1Password include:

  • Dark web scanner
  • Travel mode
  • Authentication app
  • Secure item sharing
  • Unlimited devices

If you’re switching from LastPass, importing passwords and other data with 1Password is very easy. It supports numerous file types. 1Password is available on all major operating systems, as well as browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Brave.

1Password prices start at $2.99/month. There is no free version, but 1Password offers a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, read our 1Password review.

3. RoboForm – longtime password managing experience

RoboForm banner
Cloud storage:No
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera
Current deal:🔥 Get RoboForm, save up to 50%🔥

RoboForm has been on the market for longer than most of the other password managers. A respectful number of security features and unlimited password storage will ensure you complete protection and comfort.

With this password manager, you’ll get access to numerous features that will make the management of your credentials especially easy. For example, you can securely share your items with friends and family or audit your passwords and replace them with new, more complex ones.

RoboForm features include:

  • Unlimited logins
  • Secure sharing
  • Password audit
  • Emergency access
  • Applications, forms, and websites autofill
  • Bookmarks management

RoboForm is available on nearly all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Or you can use a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. There is a free plan, but it allows you to use the password manager only on one device. Nevertheless, the paid version is very affordable – it starts at just $0.99/month.

Learn more from our RoboForm review.

4. Keeper – security-oriented password manager

Keeper 1
Cloud storage:5 GB
Free version:No
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer
Current deal:🔥 Get 50% OFF Keeper Unlimited and Family plans! 🔥

One of the most secure password managers on the market is Keeper. With its 30-day money-back guarantee you get plenty of time to experience how secure and easy to use the service is.

Keeper is an excellent alternative to LastPass. It has some features that were never before seen in a password manager and employs a number of security measures to keep all your data safe, including 2FA and advanced encryption.

Here you can see the features you get with Keeper:

  • 2FA
  • Self-destruct feature
  • Password generator
  • Data break checker
  • Password evaluation
  • Safe messaging app
  • Deleted password recovery
  • Offline mode

There are also more features to benefit from. And you can use the app on all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Not to mention browser extensions for the most popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

Keeper’s prices start at $1.46/month, and there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 30-day free trial. What's more, is that you can also use a completely free version to get a feel of the service without commiting.

Find out more about it in our Keeper review.

5. Dashlane – for those who need a lot of features

Dashlane banner
Cloud storage:1 GB
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge
Current deal:🔥 Get Dashlane, save up to 25%! 🔥

Dashlane is one of the most feature-rich and secure password managers. It uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption to protect your passwords. Multi-factor authentication is readily available, or you can also use biometric logins, such as FaceID or your fingerprint.

Features available on Dashlane:

  • Built-in VPN
  • Dark web scanner
  • Password health checker
  • Secure sharing
  • Password importing from browsers
  • Secure notes
  • Password generator

Dashlane is available on most browsers as well as mobile devices. Unfortunately, there are no Dashlane desktop apps.

Dashlane has a free version, but it is pretty limited. The paid version, however, includes everything you could need and more. The prices for Dashlane start at $3.75/month, and there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Find out more details in our Dashlane review.

How we selected these LastPass alternatives

We took into consideration various factors when picking the best LastPass alternatives. Here are the most important steps we examined:

  • No prior reputational issues. We only chose services that haven’t experienced breaches before.
  • Password sharing. We made sure the password managers included have password sharing options for convenience.
  • Multi-factor authentication. Safety comes first, and two-step authentication is important for ensuring no threat actor can get ahold of your account, even if they guess the master password.
  • Encryption. It’s important that a password manager uses modern encryption ciphers. We only included services that use either AES or XChaCha20 encryption.
  • Password generator. This feature ensures that you use unbreakable and non-repetitive passwords, making it impossible for threat actors to guess them.
  • Compatibility. Password managers are useful on all devices that you use, be it a computer or phone. So we made sure to include services that offer apps for mobile and desktop, or at least browser extensions.
  • Price. Password managers aren’t generally expensive, but we looked for services that ensure the best value for your money.

How to choose the best LastPass alternative

When choosing a reputable LastPass alternative, make sure your preferred provider includes these features:

Security features:MFA, dark web monitoring, complex password generator, password health checker
Encryption: AES-256, XChaCha20
Import and export:To and from all major PMs (LastPass including)
Cross-device functionality:Works on all popular OS and browsers, allows multiple simultaneous connections
Customer support:24/7 live chat, email or phone support
  • Features. A high-quality password manager must include various multi-factor authentication methods for extra security. Plus, look for a unique password generator that would always think of unbreakable passwords for you. A password health checker is also useful to check your password strength.
  • Security. A password manager encrypts your data, but you should make sure it uses modern ciphers, such as AES-256 or XChaCha20 encryption.
  • Importation options. You have to pick a password manager that allows importation from other password managers, specifically LastPass.
  • Compatibility. Choose a password manager that includes apps or browser extensions on devices that you most frequently use. That can include your computer, mobile, or both.
  • Support. In case you run into trouble, you should be able to contact customer support. Pick services that offer 24/7 options.

Video review

If you're more interested in watching a video than reading, check out our LastPass suggestions on YouTube:

LastPass alternatives compared

To ease your journey toward choosing the best LastPass alternative we have put all the most important information of our listed providers to a one place. So, compare and see which one is the best for you.

Free versionYes14-day trialYesYes, and a 14-day trialYes
Biometric login
Multi-factor authentication
Business plan
Open-source✅(Android and iOS apps)

How to export passwords from LastPass?

If you’re worried about the LastPass migration process, don’t be. Exporting passwords to another password manager is not that difficult - simply follow the instructions and you’ll be using your new service in no time.

Keep in mind that the very first step will always be the same - you have to export your data from your LastPass account as a CSV file. To do this, simply:

  1. Log into your LastPass account and go to your Vault
  2. Click on Advanced Options and select Export
  3. Type in your Master Password (if needed) and click Continue
  4. Name your file and save it as a CSV document

That’s it - now you can use this file to migrate your passwords to LastPass alternatives.

Export LastPass to NordPass

Once you have your LastPass passwords as a CSV file, it will be a piece of cake to change LastPass into NordPass:

  1. Log into your NordPass application
  2. Go to Settings and select Import/Export
  3. From the list, select LastPass
  4. Upload the CSV file

You may be asked which items you want to import (passwords, secure notes, and credit card credentials). Select the items, and your data will be instantly migrated to your NordPass account.

What happened to LastPass free?

The changes to the free version of LastPass have caused a lot of confusion among its users, so let’s make things clear.

It will still be possible to use LastPass for free on an unlimited number of devices. However, you’ll need to choose whether you want to protect your passwords across all of your mobile devices or computers.

In other words, if you desperately need to use LastPass free on your iPhone, you won’t be able to use it on your laptop anymore. However, you’ll be allowed to add more mobile devices to your free LastPass account.

For some people, this won’t cause any inconvenience. However, those who actively use lots of different devices will have to choose between two options:

  • Change LastPass to another free password manager
  • Buy the subscription of LastPass for $3.00/month (or $36 a year)

If you’re on a tight budget and are not ready to spend money on a password manager, you can simply migrate LastPass to another service.

Best alternatives to LastPass by Reddit

Reddit users are known for being brutally honest, and that’s why many trust their reviews. For starters, we found that Redditors enjoy NordPass as an alternative for LastPass due to efficient and functional features, simple password migration, and more.

NordPass as LastPass alternative Reddit

But NordPass wasn’t the only praised option. Multiple users also mentioned 1Password and its great security measures, including the Secure Key, and its feature functionality, as we highlighted in a separate review where we compared 1Password and LastPass.

1Password as LastPass alternative Reddit

Meanwhile, there were also users who switched to Keeper because of the useful feature array.

Keeper as LastPass alternative Reddit

Overall, the recommended LastPass alternatives are very similar to our provided list. Reddit users find security and feature functionality the most important factors to consider.


LastPass was a widely-popular password manager to use. However, the latest security breaches put user passwords at risk and shot the trust in the service down. Considering that this wasn’t even the first LastPass breach, it really puts the security of the app in question. For many, this is the call to switch to more secure LastPass competitors.

Our favorite secure password manager NordPass allows you to store an unlimited number of items that are secured using next-gen encryption, multi-factor authentication, and a strict zero-logs policy. With it, you can easily autosave and autofill your credentials and generate new complex passwords. What’s more, NordPass has never been breached, and has passed an independent security audit that ensured its utmost safety.

4.9 /5
Special deal
-42% OFF
4.8 /5
Special deal
-50% OFF
4.6 /5
Special deal
-50% OFF

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