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Best cheap dedicated server hosting 2024: 5 cheapest plans to consider

In this article, you’ll find the top 5 cheap dedicated hosting providers out there – tried and tested. Plus, I’ll also cover the factors you should consider to help you choose the right one.

In an ideal world, you should be popping bubbly and getting the celebration going if you find yourself in need of dedicated hosting. It’s quite an achievement to get to that point where you outgrow shared or VPS hosting – you must be doing something right to see your traffic increasing and your website growing.

After all, dedicated hosting means that you get a server with all of its resources to yourself. No jostling for bandwidth with other websites and no worrying about sharing a server with potential spammers. You get the complete freedom to customize the environment.

Obviously, all this power and flexibility is going to be expensive and costs you a pretty penny, right?

Well, not exactly. I’ve shortlisted the providers that offer dedicated servers for below $100 a month and put them through the paces – cross-referencing prices and features, testing performance, and more. Below, you’ll find the best cheap dedicated hosting providers out there.

Top 5 cheapest dedicated server hosts: ranked

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5 Best cheapest dedicated server hosts - detailed list:

There are many providers out there offering dedicated server hosting. However, the price and the features you get for it vary between different web hosts. To help you find the best dedicated server host for the lowest price in the market, we have tested different providers and picked the 5 best cheap dedicated server hosts:

1. Bluehost

Features:Unmanaged, root access, free cPanel & WHM
Best for:Cheap unmanaged server hosting with cPanel integration
Current deal:🔥Get Bluehost with 44% OFF🔥

Easily one of the most recognized names around, Bluehost offers cheap unmanaged dedicated hosting with plans starting from just $79.99/month. This provider comes with a control panel, which should make things much easier.

To begin with, Bluehost offers unmanaged dedicated hosting. This is important – if you’re a beginner or don’t want to fuss around with server management, you might want to check out the other options instead.

But, if you can overlook that, here’s what you can expect from Bluehost:

  • cPanel & WHM for easier management.
  • Root access for flexibility and customizations.
  • RAID storage – Bluehost offers RAID1, which mirrors your data onto a second drive for better security and protection.
  • Easy storage upgrade – you can increase your available storage in real-time.
  • 24/7 dedicated support.

Besides that, you also get some freebies like an SSL certificate and domain for the first year.

As for plans and Bluehost pricing, the host has three dedicated server plans: Standard ($89.98/month), Enhanced ($119.88/month), and Premium ($139.99/month).

Since we’re on the prowl for cheap server hosting, let’s check out its cheapest plan, Standard. It includes:

  • 4 cores
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2 x 500GB storage
  • 5TB bandwidth
  • 3 dedicated IPs

Naturally, as you scale up, you’ll see more resources. But, overall, the RAM ranges from 4GB to 16GB, storage from 500GB to 1TB, bandwidth from 5TB to 15TB, and from 3 to 5 dedicated IPs.

For your peace of mind, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it doesn’t cover domain fees and add-ons.

Bluehost performance

Bluehost might be cheap, but its performance rivals that of premium hosting. Over a month of observation reveals a flawless uptime of 100% and a decent average response time of 438ms.

bluehost dedicated hosting performance

My site didn’t see a single minute of downtime throughout the whole month – that was a cause for applause. However, you might want to note that Bluehost doesn’t have an uptime guarantee. Hence, there’s no recourse if things go off course.

As for server response times, Bluehost’s average of 438ms is adequate. Also, since this is just a bare server that hasn’t been decked out with speed-enhancing tools/features, you can expect even better results once you’re done with optimizations. Keep in mind that Bluehost will perform best for US-based visitors – that’s where its data center is located.

In brief, Bluehost’s performance is exactly what you want to see: fast and reliable. The only weak point here is its lack of uptime guarantee.

Economical, comprehensive resources and features, and excellent performance – Bluehost is a top-notch option for unmanaged dedicated hosting.

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting
Features:NVMe storage, choice of operating system, Webuzo software installer
Best for:Speed-focused dedicated hosting
Current deal:🔥Get A2 Hosting with 76% OFF🔥

If you’re shopping for powerful yet cheap unmanaged servers, you might want to hit up A2 Hosting. The provider puts flexibility and control at the forefront with full root access and configuration options. Plus, it isn’t frugal when it comes to resources either – even with plans starting at just $105.99/month.

Here’s what you can get with A2 Hosting:

  • Full root access
  • Webuzo 1-Click Software Installer
  • NVMe storage options
  • DDoS protection

Now, A2 Hosting is the cheapest when it comes to its unmanaged servers. It also has managed servers, but they’re more expensive and don’t exactly fall into the category of cheap dedicated hosting.

You’ll find A2 to be a delight when it comes to flexibility and control if you prefer unmanaged dedicated hosting. The provider allows multiple configuration options – including the choice of the operating system. Plus, you can choose between 7 different plans.

All 7 plans are well-packed with resources – even the cheapest one. Hyper 1 ($105.99/mo) comes with:

  • 4 cores
  • 16GB RAM
  • 2 X 1TB SSD storage
  • 6TB bandwidth

Naturally, you’ll see some variance if you scale up. The amount of resources ranges from 4 to 20 cores, 16GB to 128GB RAM, 1TB to 960GB NVMe U.2 storage, and 6TB to 15TB bandwidth.

A2 Hosting performance

A2 Hosting performs the best among the providers on this list. A month of monitoring saw a wonderful uptime of 99.99% and a very speedy average response time of 246ms.

a2 hosting performance

Throughout the entire month, my site suffered only one outage of 6 minutes. And, with A2’s 99.9% uptime guarantee in place, I’m not too worried as I know that I’ll be compensated if things went sour.

As for speed, A2 is easily the fastest provider on the list with its powerful servers and average response time of 246ms. And, it’s also worth noting that this is bare metal hosting without enhancements yet – you can speed things up even further with optimizations.

Additionally, all of A2’s bare metal dedicated servers are located in Michigan, US. So, your audience from North America will be able to enjoy peak performance.

Extremely fast and reliable, A2 Hosting shows what excellent performance is all about.

And, as a whole, it’s easy to see why A2 Hosting remains the top pick for many. Not only is the provider’s performance top-notch, but it also offers significant freedom when it comes to configuration and control.

3. HostGator

Features:Managed and semi-managed, root access, control panel included (cPanel/Plesk)
Best for:Fast and reliable Linux or Windows server hosting
Current deal: 🔥Get HostGator with 62% OFF🔥

HostGator is very competitively priced – with plans starting from $89.98/month. A fan of free will, HostGator allows you to choose between full or semi-managed hosting. Beyond that, the provider also allows for plenty of flexibility in configuring your server.

Not to mention, HostGator is really among the most beginner-friendly options available. This hosting provider is especially good for business owners that might want to learn to manage a dedicated server themselves – it has a very intuitive interface that is basically a mix of a customized dashboard and cPanel.

Additionally, you also get to decide between Linux and Windows operating systems to find one that fits you best.

But HostGator’s biggest attraction has to be its generosity. Feature-wise, the host offers:

  • Full root access
  • Control panel (Plesk, Cpanel, Softaculous)
  • DDoS protection
  • IP-based firewall

Not a slacker, HostGator’s also packed its plans with resources. It has 3 dedicated server plans: Value ($89.98/month), Power ($119.89/month), and Enterprise ($139.99/month).

Now, take a quick look at its cheapest plan, Value. The features offered in this plan are:

  • 4 cores
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • Unmetered bandwidth

If you need even more resources, there’s always room for an upgrade. The amount of resources varies from 4 to 8 cores, 8GB to 30GB RAM, and 1TB HDD to 1TB SSD storage.

However, keep in mind that HostGator doesn't offer a money-back guarantee or refunds for dedicated hosting.

HostGator performance

HostGator’s performance also works in its favor. The provider tested very well with 100% uptime and an average response time of 448ms.

hostgator performance

During my month of observation, there were two outages totaling 2 minutes. But that’s negligible, and I’m more than willing to overlook it. Plus, I have HostGator’s 99.9% uptime guarantee to back me up if the server is down for an extended period.

I’m satisfied with HostGator’s 448ms average response time, too. At first glance, you might not think that it’s impressive but remember that this is just a bare server – you can further accelerate your results with optimizations.

Moreover, there’s more good news if your target audience is in the US. All of HostGator’s data centers are in the States, so you should see the best performance there.

Overall, HostGator’s performance is a win in my book – fast and reliable, there’s no cause for concern here.

As a whole, HostGator presents a very attractive option for cheap dedicated hosting with its budget-friendly prices, rich resources, and admirable performance.

4. InterServer

Features:Managed support, free Webuzo panel, DDoS protection
Best for:Highly customizable cheap dedicated server hosting
Current deal:🔥Get InterServer with 65% OFF🔥

With dedicated hosting plans starting at just $44 a month, InterServer is the cheapest out of all the providers. Despite its inexpensive pricing, the provider allows for quite a bit of customization and comes with plenty of features.

Unbeatable with its low pricing, InterServer’s packages still manage to offer a lot of bang for the buck. All the plans come with tons of freebies like:

  • DDoS protection
  • Remote reboots
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Remote KVM
  • IPMI or iLo access
  • Data migration

Partial server management/support is also available and covers things like OS reinstallation, web and mail server repair, and more. Plus, your server will be ready in just 4 hours!

Alas, a control panel isn’t included in the plans, but you can get it for an extra charge – Plesk costs an additional $10 a month, while cPanel & WHM and DirectAdmin cost $15 a month.

Additionally, InterServer is also known for its wide selection of plans. The provider has 12 standard plans (ranging from $44/month to $500/month). For instance, InterServer’s cheapest dedicated hosting plan, Xeon E3-1230 (4 cores) that costs $44/month, and comes with:

  • 4 Core CPU
  • 2HDD or 4SSD RAM
  • 32GB SSD
  • 150TB bandwidth

Plus, you can configure the resources if you need to scale up to meet your needs – 4 to 24 cores, 8GB to 128GB RAM, and 1 to 2TB storage are available. You can even further configure things like OS options – choosing among CentOS, Linux, Windows, and more.

InterServer performance

InterServer’s performance is solid, but it isn’t going to blow your pants off. Over a month of observation reveals an uptime of 99.92% and a decent average response time of 513ms.

interserver dedicated hosting performance

It does appear that most of the downtimes are mainly clustered around a few days. So, this could have been a one-off issue. In any case, you can find comfort in InterServer’s uptime guarantee. Credits are available if the uptime falls below 99.9%

As for the server’s response time, I’d say that its 513ms time is rather good. Sure, I’d have preferred for the response times to be under 400ms, like the first few days of my observation. But, I’m still satisfied with the overall average.

Plus, bear in mind that this is just the buck-naked hardware – without speed-boosting features yet. You can easily optimize it to further speed things up. And, if your target audience is in North America, you’ll see the best performance since all of InterServer’s data centers are in the US.

Overall, InterServer’s performance does pass muster. While both its uptime and average response time aren’t going to set any record anytime soon, they’re still miles ahead of many other providers.

All things considered, InterServer Hosting brings a whole lot of value to the table for dedicated hosting despite its cheap pricing – making it ideal for bargain hunters.

5. InMotion Hosting

Features:DDoS protection, root access, free Ansible Control Node
Best for:Fully customizable server hosting solutions
Current deal:🔥Get InMotion Hosting with 75% OFF🔥

Catering to those who like flexibility and control, InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of unmanaged dedicated server hosting options. Besides that, with prices starting from $99.99/month, the provider is surprisingly relatively considerate with its features and resources.

Here’s what you can expect from InMotion Hosting:

  • Free setup
  • Root access,
  • DDoS protection
  • Remote KVM
  • Free Ansible Control Node
  • 2048-bit encryption SSL certificates

InMotion Hosting has 5 standard unmanaged (or bare metal) plans – ranging from $99.99/month to $499.99/month. But, within these 5 plans, you can configure various aspects to fit your taste – in fact, you don’t even need to use these 5 plans and can opt for its fully customizable plan if you already know what you want.

InMotion Hosting is lavish with its resources – its cheapest plan, Essential Metal ($99.99/month), comes with:

  • 4 cores
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD
  • 15TB bandwidth
  • 5 dedicated IPs

When scaling up, you’ll see an increase in resources. Depending on your plan, you can choose from 4 to 24 cores, 16GB to 192GB RAM, 1TB SSD to 2TB NVMe SSD storage, 15TB to 25TB bandwidth, and 5 to 15 dedicated IPs. The provider lets you know that you’re protected by its 30-day money-back guarantee, too.

InMotion Hosting performance

InMotion Hosting’s performance is best described as mixed. Its average response time is fast at only 414ms, but its uptime is less impressive at 99.93%.

inmotion hosting performance

During the month of monitoring, my site had 2 outages of 31 minutes. While the outages were long, the uptime works out to 99.93%, which is generally better than the industry standard.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, InMotion Hosting did very well with its average response time – coming in at 414ms. Since this is without any enhancements, you should see even faster results with optimizations. Plus, the response times remain steady, fluctuating between a minimum of 400ms and a maximum of 467ms.

All in all, InMotion Hosting’s performance is still one that is in the win column. It’s very fast, and while its uptime is slightly below what’s ideal, it’s absolutely not a dealbreaker at this point.

Highly customizable, resource-rich, and fast, InMotion deserves its spots on this list of cheap dedicated hosting.

Best cheap dedicated hosting: final recommendations

Ultimately, the best cheap dedicated hosting isn’t one with the lowest price tag. Instead, the best option is one that fulfills all your needs and wants while keeping its price affordable.

So, here’s a brief recap to remind you of each provider’s strength:

  • Bluehost offers easy-to-use and reliable unmanaged dedicated hosting with cPanel included.
  • A2 Hosting provides snappy dedicated hosting and allows for multiple configuration options.
  • HostGator offers reliable managed and semi-managed dedicated hosting with rich resources.
  • InterServer offers the cheapest dedicated hosting and comes with plenty of free features.
  • InMotion Hosting is fast and packs its many customizable plans with plenty of features.

Cheap dedicated hosting: what to keep in mind?

When you’re looking for cheap server hosting, costs are obviously important, however, it isn’t always about going with the smallest number. Instead, there are a few other factors at play which you should also consider to ensure that you’re getting the best deal. This includes unmanaged and managed servers, billing, and resources.

Unmanaged vs semi-managed vs managed dedicated hosting

One of the biggest questions you have to answer first is if you’d like to go with managed, semi-managed, or unmanaged dedicated hosting.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting

This is typically the cheapest option where you run the show. You have complete control and are responsible for server setup, maintenance, security configuration, operating system updates, and optimization.

The provider only covers the basics in that it only has to ensure that its infrastructure and hardware work, which explains its economical price tag.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting would best suit advanced users with administration experience, those looking to tweak and customize the server, and those on a strict budget.

Semi-managed dedicated hosting

The middle ground between unmanaged and fully-managed hosting. The host will have to tackle basic tasks – operating system updates, essential security configuration, and troubleshooting hardware and software failures.

However, you’ll still have considerable freedom in customizing and managing your server. If you want to enjoy the flexibility of a dedicated server without all the mundane tasks, this is a good option for you.

Managed dedicated hosting

The name is a huge clue: the provider will assume responsibility for the management of the server. Depending on the provider, this could be an extensive list that includes a range of management tasks like server setup, performance optimization, software updates, backups, and troubleshooting.

Of course, with everything taken care of by the provider, managed dedicated hosting is rightfully in a higher pricing bracket. It could be a great investment for companies that prefer to direct their time, resources, and manpower on other business-focused aspects.

Since the host will do the heavy-lifting, a managed server is also an excellent choice if you need dedicated hosting but don’t necessarily have the know-how or technical skills.

Naturally, if the provider’s involvement is heavier, you’ll have to shell out more – as is the case in managed dedicated hosting. So, take a moment and consider your skills and resources. Do you have the technical knowledge, time, and will to fully manage your server? Or would you prefer to pay the host more in return for convenience and professional help?


When you’re on your hunt for cheap dedicated hosting, bear in mind that pretty much all providers will offer a lower price if you subscribe for a longer period. A long-term or yearly contract is almost always going to be cheaper than if you go for a monthly contract.

For instance, Bluehost’s entry dedicated hosting plan costs $149.99/month if you opt for monthly billing. But, if you commit to a 36-month contract, the price drops drastically to just $79.99/month. That’s almost 50% in savings.

bluehost savings

No doubt, a 36-month subscription is quite a commitment. But, here’s the thing: if you’re looking at dedicated hosting for your site, chances are you’re in it for the long run. At least for the next few years.

If you’re afraid that the host won't live up to your expectation, a money-back guarantee will solve this problem. Be sure to check out each provider’s money-back guarantee, but generally you can expect a 30-day grace period.


Before you pounce on a dedicated hosting plan, take a moment to consider the server resources your site is going to need. Some of the ones that you should keep in mind include:


To put it simply, this is how powerful you want your server to be. More cores mean that your server can handle heavier tasks and run faster. Naturally, the price tag is also higher in that case.

If you usually run heavy and specialized applications, you’ll need about 4-8 cores.


This will determine the server’s efficiency, which in turn greatly affects the loading speed of your site. Most providers will cap their entry plans’ RAM at 4GB-8GB. That should be sufficient for most users.

However, a resource-intensive website will require more RAM. For instance, if you’re running mission-critical applications based on resource-intensive frameworks, you’ll definitely need more than 32GB of RAM. In that case, you’ll need an upgrade.


Just like the other resources, the general rule of thumb here is more is better. If, for example, you’re choosing to implement a dedicated server for your enterprise instead of cloud storage, ideally, you’ll need 1TB or more for storage. On the other hand, for a website 256GB or 512GB will be more than enough.

Then, there’s the matter of the type of storage. A provider could offer either a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD). Both will get the job done but SSD is the preferred option as it’s faster and more reliable than HDD. On the downside, it costs more.


More is always better here, too. If your site has high traffic volume, you’ll absolutely need to go for more bandwidth. The same goes for websites housing HD photos, running scripts, or streaming multimedia content.

If your bandwidth is insufficient, you could run into multiple issues like crashes, bad user experience, high bounce rates, and loss of revenue.

Luckily, with bandwidth, you can estimate the required amount:

[cn-cta-badge header="Pro tip" content="Estimated bandwidth = approximate number of visitors per month x average page size in GB x average page visited by 1 visitor x 30" no_cta='true']

In any case, most providers are quite generous with bandwidth for dedicated hosting. The majority of websites should find the offerings sufficient – even with the cheapest plans.

Ultimately, there’s no point opting for a cheap dedicated hosting plan if it falls short of what you need. Instead, consider your skills, what you’re willing and able to pay, and the resources offered by the various providers before you make a decision.

Best cheap dedicated hosting FAQs

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