Simulate having a job on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro owners now can pretend to be either working or resting as quirky virtual reality simulation games Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator have been adapted for the novel headset.

Owlchemy Labs launched its flagship games, Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, for Apple Vision Pro. The games, which take players to a future where robots have completely eliminated humans from the workforce, cost $19.99 and $29.99, respectively.

“Bringing Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator to Apple Vision Pro feels like the most natural manifestation of our goals,” Owlchemy Labs CEO Andrew Eiche said, adding that both games were optimized for “the hand- and eye-tracking capabilities of the platform.”

First released in 2016, Job Simulator is set in a future where humans no longer need to work. Meanwhile, the games’ players are humans who want to reminisce on the days when people used to work and can sign up for job simulations such as “gourmet chef” or “office worker.”

“Job Simulator on Apple Vision Pro includes the Infinite Overtime free content update, allowing players to work a never-ending night shift with endless tasks for each job,” developers said.

Vacation Simulator is a sequel launched in 2019. In it, players, who are also characters from the no-more-work future, can discover the meaning of time off. As with the original, players are introduced to the post-human world via witty gameplay twists.