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Best over-ear headphones under $100 in 2024

Usually, the better the headphones, the more expensive they are. But what if we tell you that this isn’t always true? Very often, amazing headphones don’t need to cost a lot. At the same time, they don’t sacrifice their quality and features either.

Having this in mind, we decided to show you that many great over-ear headphones cost less than $100. So, let’s go over our guide and see what the best headphones are under $100, how we tested them, and what features you should consider!

Top 5 over-ear headphones under $100 – shortlist

How to choose the best over-the-ear headphones for under 100 dollars?

In order to make the best purchasing decision, you must explore various headphones features. Based on this, here are the most crucial features for over-the-ear headphones under $100:

  • Sound quality. This is the most important criterion when choosing headphones. The sound quality should be clear, balanced, and detailed. It should have a good bass, mid, and treble balance. The headphones should not distort the sound at high volumes.
  • Comfort. If you’re going to be wearing your headphones for long periods, they need to be comfortable. Look for headphones with padded ear cups and adjustable headbands. Lightweight models can also be more comfortable for extended use.
  • Durability. Since you’re investing in a pair of headphones, you want them to last. Look for headphones that are made with high-quality materials and have a sturdy construction. They should be able to withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Noise cancellation. This feature is important if you plan on using your headphones in noisy environments. Noise-canceling headphones can block out background noise, allowing you to focus on your music or podcast.
  • Battery Life. You don’t want your headphones to die in the middle of a commute or workout. So, look for models that offer at least 8-10 hours of battery life.
  • Connectivity. Check the connectivity options of the headphones. If you’re going for wireless, ensure they have the latest Bluetooth version for a stable and long-range connection. If wired, check the length and quality of the cable.

7 Best headphones under 100 dollars – our detailed list

It’s not easy to choose the best headphones for under 100 dollars. That’s why we tested various models and checked their features. We mainly focused on their sound quality, comfort, durability, and noise cancelation. So, here is our detailed list!

1. Sony MDR-7506 – best over-ear headphones under $100 with amazing bass

Main features: Unimatch plug adapter, built-in mic, passive playback
Sound quality:Excellent
Battery life:N/A

If you want a timeless headphones model that has all the necessary features and well-balanced sound, then you should check out the Sony MDR-7506.

Sound quality. The Sony MDR-7506 is intended for studio monitoring and audio mixing, suggesting high sound quality. This is because it has a well-balanced sound with a punchy bass that doesn’t drown out instruments and vocals.

Comfort. These headphones come with large ear cups that fit well around most ears. They also don’t grip your head too tightly, so they won’t get uncomfortable during long listening sessions.

Durability. The Sony MDR-7506 has proven its durability over time, as it has been in use since 1985 and still holds up today.

Noise cancelation. Sony MDR-7506s block out noises like fridge hum, but they provide minimal isolation against mid-range noise.

2. JBL Tune 660NC – best headphones for under $100 with ANC

Main features: JBL pure bass sound, active noise cancelation, hands-free calls
Sound quality:Great
Battery life:44h

JBL never disappoints with its products, so you can expect an amazing listening experience with the JBL Tune 660NC, too.

Sound quality. The JBL Tune 660NC has a decent frequency response curve. It combines extra rumble and punch with clear and accurate voices and instruments.

Comfort. While they’re light and have ear cup hinges with a good range of motion, their headband lacks a decent amount of padding, which may cause discomfort.

Durability. These headphones don’t provide the best quality, as they are made of plastic and can easily break from a harder fall.

Noise cancelation. The JBL Tune 660NC has active noise canceling (ANC) capabilities. The ANC attenuates more noise than you’d expect out of on-ear headphones.

3. 1MORE SonoFlow – affordable headphones with EQ included

Main features: LDAC technology, Hi-res audio, ANC with premium features
Sound quality:Excellent
Battery life:50-70h

Sound quality. The 1MORE SonoFlow headphones offer enhanced sound quality through customizable in-app EQ settings that allow users to fine-tune their listening experience. This feature provides value to the user by allowing them to adjust the sound to their personal preference, enhancing their overall listening experience.

Comfort. The SonoFlow headphones are designed with plush ear pads for comfort. This feature is beneficial for users who wear their headphones for extended periods, as it can help prevent discomfort and fatigue.

Durability. Even though most of the Sonoflow is made of plastic, the build quality is very good. You won’t break them so easily.

Noise cancelation. The 1MORE SonoFlow headphones offer admirable active noise canceling for the price. This feature is beneficial for users in a wide range of environments, from bustling streets to quiet home offices, as it allows them to focus on their audio without being disturbed by background noise.

4. JBL Tune 760NC Wireless – over-ear headphones with voice control

Main features: Voice control, multi-point connection, Google fast pair
Sound quality:Excellent
Battery life:35h

Sound quality. The JBL Tune 760NC Wireless has a well-balanced sound profile with a neutral mid-range that ensures voices are detailed and clear.

Comfort. These headphones have a comfortable design but can feel tight, especially if you have a large head.

Durability. JBL Tune 760NC are pretty durable headphones for the price, as they are built from strong materials that prevent easy damage.

Noise cancelation. While they have ANC, they don’t have the best performance, so they aren’t ideal if you work in a busy office.

5. Superlux HD 681 – over-ear headphones under $100 with superb audio experience

Main features: Consistent audio, natural soundstage, adequate bass
Sound quality:Excellent
Battery life:N/A

If you want great sound quality with clear vocals, then Superlux HD 681 is right for you. They are also pretty comfortable.

Sound quality. These comfortable over ears have a neutral sound, ensuring vocals and instruments are clear and natural in mixes. They can deliver sufficiently thumpy rumbly bass, but sibilants like cymbals are piercing. This sound quality provides value to the user as it ensures a balanced and natural sound, enhancing the listening experience.

Comfort. These comfortable over-ears are suitable for long listening sessions. This provides value to the user as it allows for extended use without discomfort.

Durability. However, their build quality reflects their wallet-friendly price; they feel plasticky and not very durable. This might be a concern for users looking for a long-lasting product.

Noise cancelation. Unfortunately, they’re not designed to block out a lot of background noise, which can be a disadvantage for users in noisy environments.

6. Razer Opus X Wireless – budget-friendly headphones with EQ presets

Main features:Quick attention mode, built-in microphone, custom-tuned
Sound quality:Decent
Battery life:68h

Razer Opus X Wireless provides good value for your money. With decent sound quality and wireless connectivity, you will have a pleasant experience.

Sound quality. The Razer Opus X Wireless has a sound profile with extra boom and punch in the bass range, but mixes can also sound muddy. They lack more robust sound customization features like an EQ, but you can choose between a few EQ presets in the companion app, which gives you some control over the sound profile.

Comfort. The Razer Opus X Wireless comes with a comfortable fit for most people. This is beneficial for users who wear headphones for extended periods, as it can prevent discomfort and fatigue.

Durability. These headphones are not easily breakable, so you will not have to worry whether you’ll damage them while working out, traveling, etc.

Noise cancelation. The Razer Opus X Wireless has an ANC feature, but it doesn’t perform very well, as it struggles to block out bass-range noise like rumbling engines.

7. Logitech G433 – over-ear headphones under 100 dollars with well-balanced soundstage

Main features: Detachable mic, compatible with consoles, carrying case
Sound quality:Excellent
Battery life:N/A

Sound quality. The Logitech G433 has a well-balanced sound profile that can be customized with a graphic EQ and presets in the headphones companion software. They also support virtual surround sound, which can help make your audio more immersive.

Comfort. The Logitech G433 has a decently well-built, comfortable design. This ensures that the user can wear them for extended periods without discomfort, making them ideal for long gaming sessions or listening to music.

Durability. They are made of cheap materials that don’t make them very durable. Still, they don’t break so easily.

Noise cancelation. The Logitech G433 is not designed for use in noisy places, as it only blocks out a little ambient sound. This might be a disadvantage for users in noisy environments but could be suitable for users in quieter settings.

Comparison of top 3 over-ear headphones under $100

Now that you’re familiar with what the best over-ear headphones offer let’s make a brief summary of the top 3 affordable ones:

Model Sony MDR-7506JBL Tune 660NC1MORE SonoFlow
Sound qualityExcellent Great Excellent
Battery lifeN/A44h50-70h
Main features
  • Excellent passive playback
  • Punchy bass
  • Unimatch plug adapter
  • Hands-free commands
  • Balanced bass and voice clearness
  • Excellent active noise cancelation
  • Superb audio quality
  • Customizable listening experience
  • Impressive noise cancelation

How we selected these over-ear headphones under $100?

To select the best over-ear headphones that cost under $100, we’ve checked out the following aspects:

  • Sound Clarity. We tested the sound quality by listening to a variety of music genres, podcasts, and audiobooks. We also tested the headphones in different environments, such as in a quiet room and a noisy outdoor setting, to see how well they performed. We evaluated the clarity of the sound, the balance between bass and treble, and the overall audio experience.
  • Build Quality. We tested the durability of the headphones by using them in various conditions, such as during workouts and in different weather conditions. We also checked the build quality and the materials used in the construction of the headphones.
  • Bluetooth Connection. For wireless headphones, we tested the range and stability of the Bluetooth connection. We also checked how easy it was to pair the headphones with different devices.
  • Affordability. Finally, we evaluated whether the headphones offered good value for their price. We compared the performance and features of the headphones with their cost to see if they were worth the investment.

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Who makes the best budget headphones?

Sony, JBL, and 1More make the best budget headphones. While they all pay attention to the sound quality and the comfort of affordable headphones, sometimes, they reduce the build quality and eliminate some features.

For example, Sony and JBL don’t come with the best passive isolation. Sony’s budget-friendly headphones come with moderate active noise cancelation, which may not be the best choice if you’re in a noisy area.


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