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How a VPN can help with bot lobbies in Apex Legends

Like most FPS multiplayer games, Apex Legends has a substantial skill gap. So, it uses skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) – pairing you with players on a similar level.

Unfortunately, SBMM doesn’t always work. Matching with far more skilled players isn’t uncommon. But even when it does work, you’re constantly challenged by similar-skilled opponents – making it difficult to practice.

To stand a fighting chance, you can play in Apex bot lobbies, where enemies are easy-to-beat bots, or in lobbies with low-level players

How to get bot lobbies in Apex Legends using a VPN

get bot lobbies with VPN
  1. Subscribe to a trusted gaming VPN – NordVPN is our top recommendation, now 72% OFF
  2. Set up the VPN with your router, or install it on your PC
  3. Connect to a server with lower competition, such as Japan or Sao Paulo
  4. Create a new account with Apex Legends and start playing in bot lobbies
  5. Otherwise, connect to a low-level server for easier competition

Can a VPN help you get bot lobbies in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is exploding in popularity for a reason, but like most games, it has flaws. Although a VPN will not directly get you bot lobbies for Apex Legends, it can dramatically improve your gaming experience in numerous ways, such as:

  • Get better speeds. Some ISPs throttle your network, slowing down your internet. Using a VPN prevents your broadband provider from doing this, allowing you to enjoy Apex Legends lag-free. Some gamers have even reported reduced ping when they use a VPN nearest their chosen game server.
  • Access less crowded or lower-level servers. If you’ve used all your attempts in bot lobbies, you can still utilize a VPN to access servers with less-skilled opponents to practice. low level players
  • Improve protection. Playing multiplayer games without a VPN exposes your IP address. If you’re playing against a tech-savvy opponent, they could sabotage you with malicious practices – such as a Distributed Denial-of-Service attack (DDoS). A DDoS overloads your network with traffic, making it impossible to play. But, with a VPN, you can avoid this problem entirely.
  • Create more new accounts. To play in beginner lobbies, you need to keep creating new accounts, and you might have to use different emails as well. Some sites use IP addresses for security purposes and restrict you from creating multiple accounts in a short amount of time. VPNs prevent these limits, making it easier to play in bot lobbies.

How to get into bot lobbies in Apex Legends without another account?

Apex Legends bot lobbies are only available to new players who have played less than five games. If you want to join a bot lobby without creating a new account, you need to invite a friend who’s new to the game to play with you.

Some people claim if you exit the games before they end, they don’t add to your game total – so you can keep your account “new” forever. But when we tested this, the games we exited early still counted.

There are other ways to get easier opponents in Apex Legends, but the only way to guarantee a real bot lobby – with AI bots – is with a new account or a new player joining you.

Other methods of accessing bot lobbies in Apex Legends

Below, you’ll find all the methods on how you can access bot lobbies or low-level servers in Apex Legends to be able to avoid experienced players and practice your shooting.

1. Create a new account (smurf)

Normally, you're paired with inexperienced players and bots when you use a new Apex Legends account. It’s not against ToS to have multiple accounts, and registration doesn’t take long. It’s a popular strategy – commonly known as “smurfing” amongst experienced gamers – but there are some problems that come with it.

Creating a new account every five games is tiring. You don’t gain XP or rise through the ranks when you play on burner accounts.

2. Join a friend who’s playing with a new account

If you want to play Apex Legends bot lobbies on your existing profile so you can increase your level, you can invite a friend with a new account to join. This is the only other way, aside from creating a new account, to get real bot lobbies.

There are other means to get lower-competition lobbies, but there are no bot guarantees.

3. Switch game server

Skill levels vary from country to country, and countries where Apex Legends is less popular tend to typically have a lower competition level. Switching servers to another country is easy, but you’re not going to get easier opponents every time.

Some gamers claim that Japan, Sao Paulo, and Singapore are good servers to try out.

4. Play ranked

Play badly on purpose, and Apex Legends pairs you with worse players – because it thinks your skill level is lower than it really is. Simply, let yourself die at the beginning of the game, and your kill-to-death score drops. It won’t guarantee bots in your lobby, but it does increase your chances of playing with less skilled players.

The downside is that your stats are getting messed up in the process, and it might take some time to get back to normal.

5. Use game development tools

Some game development engines have built-in tools that make creating bot lobbies easy. You need some game development knowledge or tech know-how to figure it out. There are a lot of YouTube guides you can use to figure it out – just double-check ToS before you start modding

Does using a VPN affect Apex Legends' performance?

It depends on the VPN you choose. Some lower-quality VPNs are cheap or free for a reason. Bad VPNs limit your network speeds, keep logs of your online activity, or lack key features like simultaneous device connections. So, VPNs can slow down your game and make account hijacking more likely due to security limitations.

But a premium VPN won’t affect Apex Legends performance negatively – thanks to blazing-fast network speeds and advanced security features. Top-tier VPNs usually have IP addresses that are less used, too. This reduces the risk of you getting flagged when creating new Apex Legends accounts to get into bot lobbies.

How to get bot lobbies in Apex Legends – the final word

Apex Legends is a great game overall, but SBMM issues can ruin your experience and make it unplayable. Avoiding this problem is easy – join Apex bot lobbies.

There are only three ways you can guarantee getting into bot lobbies – using a new account (less than five games played), inviting a friend with a new account, or using game development tools. You can also try to mess up your rank or switch to a less competitive country server – if you simply want easier opponents.

To further enhance the game, you can use a premium VPN for better speeds, improved security, and an easier time getting into bot lobbies. For optimal results, our top pick for Apex Legends is NordVPN.VPN week


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