Compare the best Xiaomi phone deals

Xiaomi phones have quickly become the talk of the town. Honestly, the new models have been giving Samsung and iPhone a run for their money! And the best part is that they are much more affordable than the bigger brands at the moment.

But don’t wait too long. As these up-and-coming smartphones become more popular, they’re sure to increase in price too. This is the perfect time to get your hands on a Xiaomi phone, but make sure you grab one of the best Xiaomi phone deals of the week.

We’ve got them all listed below!

List of Xiaomi phone deals


Are Xiaomi phones any good?

Xiaomi is the way to go if you’re looking for a high-performance smartphone at a reasonable price point. The flagship models' performance is comparable to that of the latest Samsung models, even surpassing that of some iPhones. But Xiaomi's advantage is that they’re much cheaper than other premium smartphone brands.

Xiaomi smartphone prices cannot be reduced any further than they are at the moment due to manufacturing costs. Therefore, their profit margins are much lower than Samsung and iPhone — this means more bang for your buck.

Xiaomi also has impressive build quality and cameras, so you won’t be missing out on these areas when opting for a Xiaomi smartphone compared to an iPhone or a Samsung. They run on Android operating systems, which gives users a ton of flexibility and control over their smartphones.

Overall, Xiaomi gets a bad rep because it’s a Chinese manufacturer that’s still new to the market. However, from the latest user reviews and customer feedback, it’s clear that they’re on the right track!

Why choose Xiaomi phone deals?

Even though Xiaomi smartphones are more affordable than premium brands like Samsung and Apple, and can offer some good mobile phone deals, they can still cost a pretty penny. Not everyone can afford to buy a brand-new smartphone paid upfront. That’s why third-party Xiaomi smartphone deals are so popular. These special offers come with some extra benefits to sweeten the deal.

Here’s what you get when choosing a Xiaomi smartphone deal:

  • You can spread the cost of the phone across 12, 24, or 36 months depending on the length of your contract. For most people, this is far more reasonable than paying the full cost of the phone upfront.
  • Going with a Xiaomi smartphone deal also means you’ll get some additional benefits. Having an allowance for monthly mobile data, minutes, and text messages can be a huge benefit. It means you don’t have to spend extra each month topping them up.
  • When you have a contract in place, you often get the option of upgrading your Xiaomi smartphone later on. Essentially, you’ll keep the same costs but get the latest model to replace your old one. No need to get a new contract and go through all the admin whenever you need a new phone!

What are the best Xiaomi phones?

Xiaomi smartphones have become incredibly popular because of their excellent build quality and affordable price tag. Overall, you’ll get great value for the money you’re spending when you buy a Xiaomi smartphone.

One of the biggest attractions that draws in most Xiaomi smartphone fans is their Leica cameras. Unlike Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi works with a third-party company (Leica) that specialises in photography to develop the best possible camera set for their smartphones.

The phones are also known for their fast and smooth operating system which was a dream to work with during our testing. The fast-charging feature is also incredibly handy when you’re in a hurry.

These are the most popular Xiaomi smartphones in 2024:

  • Xiaomi 14
  • Xiaomi 14 Ultra
  • Xiaomi 13
  • Xiaomi 13 Ultra
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro

What to look for in Xiaomi phone deals contracts?

Each contract or “deal” is unique. You need to make sure that you understand what to look for in a smartphone deal so that you get the most out of it. Remember, it’s a long-term commitment - often 12, 24, or 36 months. If you’re locked into a deal that you don’t like, you’re going to feel like you’re wasting your time and money.So, consider these factors when choosing a Xiaomi smartphone offer:

  • Mobile data allowance. Having a data allowance should be high on your priority list. Most deals allow you to customise your plan depending on how much mobile data you get each month. This adds some extra convenience and ease as you don’t have to top up your data manually.
  • Contract length. One of the top benefits of choosing Xiaomi contract deals is that you get to spread the cost of the phone across multiple years. This gives you flexibility, and it makes the purchase a little bit easier on your wallet. Remember, the longer your contract, the lower the monthly payment and vice versa.
  • Model selection. Xiaomi has a wide range of smartphone models on offer. Make sure to find a deal that offers a variety of models. Smaller selection and variety will limit you in your choices.
  • Monthly price. The monthly price that you pay will depend on the model of Xiaomi smartphone you choose and the extras you choose to include (mobile data, call minutes, and text messages). Make sure to choose a plan that’s within your budget, even if you have to go with an older model.
  • Upfront costs. Some Xiaomi smartphone deals might require you to make a small upfront payment, especially for the newer models. This might be a deal-breaker for you, or it might not be an issue.
  • Eligibility for upgrades. Just like Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi is rapidly producing new models of smartphones. Their technology will be updated, the phones will have new features, and they’ll be more desirable overall. It’s a good idea to choose an offer that allows you to upgrade your phone in the future, allowing you to easily keep up with the latest models.
  • Network coverage. Different service providers have different network coverage. Some might have faster networks, and others might have better coverage across different areas. Make sure to do your research on different networks before you commit to a contract.
  • Plan inclusions. Some Xiaomi smartphone offers include some extras to add some additional value to the offer. If you’re looking for something extra, make sure to choose a provider that partners with other companies to give you free add-ons (like music streaming subscriptions for example).
  • T’s & C’s. There’s usually a long list of terms and conditions attached to Xiaomi smartphone deals. It might be a dull read, but make sure to look into it before you commit. There’s always important information you need to know!

What Xiaomi phone deals are available?

While you’re browsing through the different Xiaomi deals, you might notice that there are different types of contracts. It’s important to understand the differences between these contracts as they will affect your experience with the provider and the phone.

Remember, most deals require you to commit to a long period of time, so make sure that you fully understand how the deal works and what you get out of it. There’s no “best deal” here - each one is unique, and the best offer will depend on what you’re looking for in a Xiaomi smartphone deal.


PAYG (Pay-as-you-go) is a great way to stay flexible and control your spending. However, your mobile data, minutes, and text messages won’t automatically update at the start of each month as they would with other plans. You need to manually recharge your phone and pay accordingly.

Pay-as-you-go SIM deals are great if you need flexibility and want to stick with a budget. For example, if you know you’ll spend one month using Wi-Fi most of the time, you won’t have to spend as much on mobile data.

Monthly contracts

Paying monthly for an automatic recharge is the most common option that Xiaomi smartphone deals offer. A Xiaomi contract that lasts for a month is the easiest and most convenient option because you don’t need to worry about manually recharging your data, minutes, and messages.

You’ll pay a set amount every month and the recharge happens automatically. If you happen to run out of mobile data, messages, or minutes before the end of the month, you can recharge it manually at a cost.


SIM-free is when you opt to buy your Xiaomi smartphone without going through a cellular network provider. This means you’ll only be paying for the smartphone and not for mobile data, minutes, or text messages.

This is a popular option for those who enjoy travelling overseas and want to use a global SIM solution such as Airalo. You can also get a local prepaid SIM card and load data, minutes, and text messages as needed.

Which UK providers offer Xiaomi phone deals?

There are several reputable providers in the market that offer some very good Xiaomi phone deals. We have listed some of them below.


Three is a popular cellular provider that offers Xiaomi smartphone deals with no data limits. It also has great 5G SIM cards with incredibly fast connection speeds and handy Wi-Fi calling. Additionally, there is a loyalty app with discounts like 20% off Uber Eats and £3 Cineworld tickets. Pre-sale tickets for events and gigs are also available to customers.


O2 has been putting up some great Xiaomi smartphone deals lately. The O2 deal gives you access to concert tickets 48 hours before general release at venues nationwide. Another huge plus for this offer is that you’ll get free roaming in the EU with your new Xiaomi smartphone, plus fast-track entry at O2 venues. Then there’s the six months of free Disney Plus, Amazon Prime or Audible you can use to enjoy your Xiaomi smartphone.

BT Mobile

If you’re a sports fan, BT Mobile is a top choice for you - there are a ton of benefits here. You can get TNT Sports (BT Sport) free on select plans, allowing you to watch sports while you’re on the go. The provider also has excellent cell coverage - the widest 4G range in the UK! And, if you’re already a BT broadband customer, you’ll get massive savings on their mobile plans!


Vodafone has been around for years, and we all know them quite well. But they’re still worth mentioning when it comes to Xiaomi smartphone deals. With Vodafone, you get access to tons of offers, prize draws, and discounts on the VeryMe app. Plus, if you’re a student, you also get a 10% discount, and you can enjoy Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium, or YouTube Premium at discounted rates.

How to compare our best Xiaomi phone deals

This guide aims to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best Xiaomi smartphone offer in your area. Our system will find the best deals based on your location - and it’s incredibly easy to use. We’ve got a quick step-by-step guide below to help you find the perfect deal for your brand-new smartphone:

  1. Enter your postcode in our postcode checker to see which provider deals are available in your area.
  2. Select the Xiaomi smartphone model and contract details you prefer (contract length, data limit, monthly cost, upfront cost, etc.).
  3. Finalise the deal with the provider of your choice.

That’s it! You’re ready to get your brand-new Xiaomi smartphone.