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Dashlane Black Friday sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an excellent opportunity to acquire much needed essential products at ridiculously low prices. In this day and age, password managers are critical if you want your online accounts to be as secure as possible. Thus, we recommend utilizing Dashlane Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to ensure your accounts are well-protected.

Dashlane is a well-established and reliable password management tool that offers all the essential features for secure and convenient access to your online credentials. You can use it for free or take advantage of the crazy 25% discount currently available. Don’t hesitate to give it a shot if you’re concerned about your online security.

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Dashlane Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers

Dashlane isn’t skipping this year's Black Friday, and neither should you. While the free version is great, it limits your options a bit, so going Premium is the best option.

And even if you dislike it, you’re not forced to stay long-term. The 30-day money-back guarantee is there for a reason.

Ready to commit? Use our special Dashlane Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts:

Why should I buy Dashlane on Black Friday?

Black Friday deal:Save 25%
Price:From $3.75/month
Best deal:Get Dashlane, save up to 25%!

Don't pass on a Black Friday offer this appealing. Snatch the best deal of the year as it entails:

  • Saving money. You’re getting one of the top tools for an incredibly low cost, way cheaper than any other password manager Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal. And since it comes with unique perks, you’ll benefit from more than just easier login credential creation and handling.
  • Unbreakable passwords. Many online shoppers will be registering accounts at various internet stores and entering their banking information there. Having a proper, strong password is crucial (unless you want to get hacked), and Dashlane is perfect for generating invulnerable ones.
  • Actually secure storage. If you aren’t aware, web browsers aren’t exactly safe, and it’s strongly advised against storing your passwords there. Dashlane offers a much better solution – a vault located separately in your device and encrypted with AES-256 encryption.
  • Anonymous browsing. Dashlane differs from the competition by offering a built-in VPN with the Premium subscription. Based on the well-known Hotspot Shield service, it encrypts your data and hides your IP address, increasing your privacy. With it, online services won’t be able to track you and ruin the Black Friday shopping experience with pesky ads.

What will you get with a Dashlane subscription?

Dashlane Premium comes with lots of features oriented towards more than just password management. We’re talking about:

  • Creation and secure sharing. Eliminate vulnerabilities with Dashlane’s strong password generator. It creates passwords according to your specified criteria. And if there’s ever a need to disclose them with friends or family, share access to these credentials via the Sharing Centre.
  • Quick password changer. Have plenty of insecure passwords, but there’s no time to update them all? Do it all at once with the changer feature – it takes care of this in seconds without you needing to log into each account manually.
  • Dark web monitoring. Unfortunately, data breaches are commonplace, and the dark web is where leaked data ends up. It might’ve happened to you without you ever knowing. Thankfully, this monitoring service actively scans leaked databases to see whether you’ve been compromised.
  • Advanced form filling. Entering personal details by hand gets tiring pretty fast. With the automatic filling feature, there’s no need to do it anymore. It suggests appropriate information for online forms, all you have to do is click to approve.
  • Secure Notes. Need a place to store confidential notes like legal documents, licenses, membership details, ID scans, etc.? Then Secure Notes is for you – you can even attach files and images and share them easily with third parties.

Of course, a premium service such as this one includes other perks as well. Head to our Dashlane review to learn more.

What about Dashlane's Cyber Monday deals?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are focused on providing the highest possible discounts. But there’s a distinction between the two. The former is oriented towards general goods, while the latter deals primarily with cyber products and technology.

Dashlane has deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and they’re bound to be pretty similar in price, as has been the case these past several years. You won’t be missing out, despite whether you’ll be getting this password manager earlier or later as long as you do so during these times.

How much can you save on a Dashlane subscription?

Getting Dashlane Premium on Black Friday or Cyber Monday will save you a hefty sum of cash. Don’t hesitate – get it now!

Black Friday dealRegular price
Price for 1 year$3.75/month

Final thoughts

You’ll likely be creating new accounts and logging into old ones this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure they don’t become a liability by creating secure passwords with the proper management tools.

Dashlane is perfect for the job, and thankfully, you can get it ridiculously cheap for a limited time. Utilize Black Friday and Cyber to get Dashlane’s Premium subscription for 1 year for 25% off. Make your online experience that much easier!


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