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Best Black Friday password manager deals in 2024

Numerous shopping enthusiasts eagerly await Black Friday and Cyber Monday, slated for November 24th and 27th in 2023. The last Fall weekend entails mind-blowing deals and discounts on various products people have been eyeing all year.

But before you go all-in on these offers, we recommend getting one of the best password managers to ensure your shopping experience isn’t tainted by cybercriminals.

A secure password manager allows you to conveniently create strong and unique passwords for all your accounts, thus minimizing the risk of cascading data leaks. You’ll be able to swiftly log into any online storefront without having to remember any login details. So, ensure your shopping spree is cybercrime-free using one of our recommended password managers and their Black Friday deals.

Top 5 password manager deals for Black Friday

Top 10 Black Friday Password Manager deals for 2023

There are countless features that make a great password manager, and with so many services to choose from, we compiled the 10 best ones in the market. Let’s take a detailed look at the password managers you should go for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. NordPass – excellent password manager with a 52% discount

NordPass banner
Cloud storage:3 GB (with NordLocker app)
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and Edge
Current deal:🔥 Get NordPass, now 52% OFF and 1 month FREE! 🔥

From the people who brought you NordVPN comes NordPass – our favorite password manager. Now, with a special Black Friday deal, it's cheaper than ever: with up to 52% off for personal, family, and premium plans.

NordPass is easy to use and employs a master password to protect your password vault, and you can also enable Touch ID or Face ID (iOS only).

NordPass’s user-friendly features include a password generator, password importer, autosave and autofill functions, and a Data Breach Scanner that checks if any of your details have wound up on leaked databases.

The app includes handy organizational features, so you can file your data into easy-access folders. You can scan info from documents, photos, and credit cards directly into the app using OCR (optical character recognition). There’s even offline mode so you can access your vault without an internet connection.

NordPass has an apps and extensions for practically everything – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and Edge.

Convenient packed with features, available for most platforms – NordPass is a great pick for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday password manager bargain.

For more information, visit our NordPass review or you can check NordPass deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

2. RoboForm – even cheaper, now at 60% off

Cloud storage:No
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera
Current deal:🔥 Get RoboForm, save up to 60% 🔥

RoboForm keeps your password vault safe with 2FA authentication and has useful features to make your life easier. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, it's also way cheaper. You'll find special 60% discounts for all individual or family plans. This means Roboform now starts at only $0.99/month!

Its password generator offers several variables that you can edit yourself, and there’s a one-click login feature in place of autofill which makes logging in faster.

If you’re working with a team and need to share details, RoboForm makes this a breeze, thanks to shared folders and credentials. Its password checker gives you detailed reports on the state of your existing passwords, so you can quickly find out if any have been compromised. All data uploaded to RoboForm is protected by cutting-edge AES-256 encryption, making your information unreadable to outsiders.

For more information, visit our RoboForm review or you can check RoboForm deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

3. 1Password – easy-to-use password manager with 50% off

1Password banner
Cloud storage:1–5 GB
Free version:No
Browser plugins:Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge
Current deal:🔥Get 50% OFF 1Password!🔥

With unlimited simultaneous connections, 1Password is ideal for families and businesses. So, there’s no better time than Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to get it!

1Password has the regular master password included, but you can also opt for fingerprint login, face ID, or 2FA through your phone.

Its standout features include Watchtower, which is essentially its version of a dark web scanner, and Travel Mode, which hides all your important info when you’re away. So, if you lose your device, your details will remain secure.

Autofill takes the hassle out of filling in online forms and you can sync it up over all your devices, too.

With apps for all major platforms, 1Password is ideal for multiple users, especially when you can have unlimited connections. And on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can get it all for as little as $2.99/month.

For more information, visit our 1Password review or you can check 1Passwords deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

4. Keeper – exclusive 50% Black Friday discount

Cloud storage:5 GB
Free version:No, 30-day free trial
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer
Current deal:🔥 Get 50% OFF Keeper Unlimited and Family plans!🔥

Keeper has a huge range of features, making it ideal for people wanting as many functions as possible. The special Black Friday "Cyberweek" deal also makes it as cheap as possible! This means up to 50% off for Keeper Unlimited and Keeper Family plans.

Keeper’s features include the essentials, such as extensive 2FA options, apps for all major platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS), and a dark web scanner (called Breach Watch). Security Audit usefully evaluates your current passwords and gives new suggestions if they’re not deemed strong enough. KeeperFill is its efficient autofill feature.

Keeper also offers some tools you won’t find on other password managers, such as KeeperChat, its very own instant messaging service that enables sending self-deleting messages and storing private photos and videos.

Keeper is reasonably priced (starting at $1.46/month), but some of its best features like KeeperChat require extra payment. But with Black Friday deals, you can get some excellent additional discounts that make this product super affordable.

For more information, visit our Keeper review or you can check Keeper deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

5. Dashlane – easy-to-use password manager, now at 25% off

Cloud storage:1–5 GB
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge
Current deal:🔥 Get Dashlane, now 35% OFF 🔥

Dashlane’s impressive feature list makes it a solid choice when considering password. And at $3.75/month, Dashlane is on the pricier end of the password manager market, Black Friday is the ideal time to buy it!

It's a deal worth taking – this manager is incredibly secure, thanks to three authentication methods – biometric (Face ID, PIN code), two-factor authentication (2FA), and universal two-factor authentication (U2FA). With all this security, no outsider is getting into your account, even if they somehow got your master password.

A feature we love is Dashlane’s dark web scanner. The dark web scanner works by matching your email address to leaks that could contain your banking details or passwords. It’s an indispensable tool in the fight against data theft.

Dashlane even offers a built-in VPN that you can use to hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic. Overall, at this discount, it's a no-brainer.

For more information, visit our Dashlane review or you can check Dashlane deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

6. Enpass – flexible security, now 25% off

Cloud storage:No
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi
Current deal:🔥 Get Enpass, now 25% OFF! 🔥

Enpass is a minimalist password manager ideal for users who need a simple solution. Don’t forget to make use of Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts to get everything that Enpass offers for only $1.99/month!

As well as passwords, you can also use Enpass for other sensitive online information like credit cards and IDs. Enpass can also evaluate your existing passwords and suggest changes if needed, and if the generator does give you a new password, you can instantly save it to your vault.

Enpass’s servers are encrypted, so you know your data is safe and confidential. You can even add an extra layer of protection with a master key lock.

Whilst Enpass is free for desktop, you’ll need to pay to get access for mobile devices, and since smartphones and tablets are such a huge part of our digital lives, you’ll probably need to. That said, with Black Friday almost here, you'll be able to get the full Enpass experience at a 25% discount.

For more information, visit our Enpass review.

7. Passwarden – unlimited devices password manager with 0% off

Passwarden banner
Cloud storage:No
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera
Current deal:🔥 Get Passwarden! 🔥

Intuitive and feature-rich password manager Passwarden offers plans with unlimited devices. As it supports nearly all major operating systems (except Linux and Chrome OS), you can effortlessly ensure full-house security. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales coming in, you can get the best Passwarden’s deals of the year!

Every Passwarden application includes top-of-the-line encryption, comfortable 2FA or biometric authentication, an encrypted vault for logins, and more.

Moreover, Passwarden allows you to securely share your passwords and access your items even without a network connection.

Even though this password manager does have a great free version, with it, you can only protect up to 2 devices, and there’s no possibility to share your encrypted logins. That’s why we recommend hopping on Black Friday’s deck and purchasing Passwarden for only $1.66/month!

For more information, visit our Passwarden review.

8. TotalAV Password Vault – secure password manager with 80% off

totalav password vault banner
Cloud storage:No
Free version:No
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera
Current deal:🔥 Get TotalPassword, now 80% OFF!🔥

TotalAV’s Secure Password Vault is a feature of the well-known TotalAV antivirus tools. It’s great integration for its users and a reliable password management tool to use if you’re a beginner. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you can purchase it for merely $1.99/month.

TotalAV’s Password Vault has all the essential features – it securely stores, organizes, and retrieves all your login details whenever you need them. Also, it generates unique passwords, which makes you virtually untraceable. All you need to remember is your master password.

In terms of the setup, you’re asked to install the password vault browser extension for Chrome or Firefox – it makes filling your passwords much easier.

This password management tool being quite expensive, we encourage you to make use of the exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to avoid paying that extra cost.

For more information, visit our TotalAV review.

9. Zoho Vault – ideal for teams, now with 10% off

Zoho Vault banner
Cloud storage:100 MB
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi
Current deal:🔥 Save 10% with 1-year deal! 🔥

Zoho Vault is a password manager that leans more towards business customers. There are some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, so make sure to secure it now.

Zoho Vault’s password-sharing features are really useful for teams. You can share data with time-restricted access and multi-layer filters and instantly approve or revoke access with one click. All team members can also be sent alerts telling them when they need to change their passwords for maximum security.

Zoho Vault supports 2FA, and you can import data from a wide range of browsers and apps. Its autofill works with over 400 sites for fast logins. All data uploaded into Zoho Vault is protected by AES-256 encryption.

If you’re looking to secure your team’s data, Zoho Vault is a great option this Black Friday, costing only $0.90/month.

For more information, visit our Zoho Vault review.

10. LastPass – 0% off all feature-rich plans

LastPass banner
Cloud storage:1 GB
Free version:Yes
Browser plugins:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Edge Legacy
Current deal:🔥 Get 25% off LastPass plans 🔥

LastPass is one of the most well-known password managers. Now, it's also one of the most affordable – with a special 0% Black Friday discount off Premium, Families, and Business products.

Easy to use and installable on all sorts of devices, you’ll find LastPass a solid option whether you’re on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and more. It keeps your data under wraps with multi-factor authentication (MFA) which you can set as a smartphone response or even biometric data like a fingerprint.

LastPass has reliable autosave and autofill features, so as long as you remember your master password, you won’t need to remember any other details.

Its password generator is customizable and you can opt to include only symbols, only numbers, set the length, make it readable, and more.

With a wide range of features and great ease-of-use, LastPass has everything you need in a password manager, so it’s one to look out for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

For more information, visit our LastPass review.

How we curated this Password Manager Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals list

There are few key factors we considered when choosing the best password managers for Black Friday. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Biggest Black Friday discounts. Black Friday is the time to save on desirable products, so the password managers we’ve chosen represent the best deals you can find during the year's biggest shopping event.
  • Encryption. Next-gen AES 256-bit cipher encryption is vital. Add XChaCha20 too and you’ve got a winner.
  • Extra features. Dark web scanner, secure messaging, built-in VPN – these are some of the additional features you’ll find with the top password managers.
  • Functionality. Ease of use, compatibility, browser extensions, range of apps – you need to be able to use your password manager on as many devices as possible.
  • Security. Multi-factor authentication is vital to ensure your credential aren't compromised even if someone steals your master password.
  • Customer support. We all need tech support from time to time. The best services will be on hand to help using 24/7 live chat or phone support.

What to look for when choosing Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal?

Black Friday can help you save a lot on the things you want, so the main thing to look for is massive discounts. When it comes to products like password managers that charge through subscriptions, see if you can save a good chunk of money on a long-term deal (like a discounted year-long subscription) that way you’ll be saving money long beyond Black Friday is gone.

Don’t just settle for any offer either. Everyone gets involved with Black Friday and sometimes it can take a bit of research to find the deal. Instead of just snapping up the first password manager that comes along, make a list of the ones you want and see if you can seek out a Black Friday bargain for your top choices.

What should I know about Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals?

Black Friday is the time when even well-known brands that rarely do discounts offer up savings on their top products, and that includes password managers.

Since Black Friday has such a strong emphasis on online sales, it's likely the only time you’ll see a big discount on digital products that you can’t buy in high street stores.

Those discounts are also likely to be the biggest you’ll get for that product. Every brand wants to cash in on Black Friday and sell more products than their rivals, and that means discounts you won’t find at any other time of the year.

How do I use password manager Black Friday & Cyber Monday coupons?

The last thing anyone wants is to miss on a discount due to a confusing redemption system. Sometimes, digital sales on products sold online will require you to input a special code or click a specific link to activate the discount, so keep an eye out for codes.

As for the discounts in our guide? Don’t worry, we’ve made sure to include the exact link you’ll need to get the Black Friday deal, so all you need to do is click and buy the offer you’re interested in.

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